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There are plenty of remedies on here that work. What works for you will mainly be determined by one of two things.. Do you have an exposed root or an infected tooth? What worked for me was improvising since I had none of the better remedies like vanilla or any other alcohol based extract. I am dealing with an exposed root and after scouring the house and almost chewing on a bee sting swab just to see if it would work, I noticed a bottle of Vicks Vapo Steam, Liquid Medication for Steam Vaporizers. A little bit of that on a Q-tip and I have gone from a 10 to a 0 on the pain scale and it has lasted for almost an hour now and while I know it will wear off I am good for now.


So I have tried just about everything for my tooth pain and nothing has worked until I looked at different things on here and came up with my own using things in my spice cabinet... I made a paste with ground cloves oregano flakes and garlic powder and water put it on and bam no pain! such a sigh of relief!


<< Goodbye nerve pain >> This remedy is a must try!! SENSODYNE toothpaste!(around $5.00 a tube) It really is a miracle! Omg I couldnt think , sleep , eat. The pain went from my tooth to my ear to migraine It was hell! Then I rubbed the sensodyne on the exposed area the pain was immediately cut in half then to nothing at all! I havent yet had to reapply but if the pain returns I'm on it!! :) It has been 24hrs since I used this remedy. Hope it works for you cuz tooth pain is the worse, I'd rather give birth ten times than the agony of tooth pain!! Goodluck! <3


Last month my left lower wisdom tooth broke and exposed the nerve. Only recently has the pain gotten severe enough for aspirin and oragel to no longer work. My husband stumbled across this site for home remedies. After reading several pages, he read a post that said applying sensodine to the area could help with the pain. We actually had some on hand so I decided to try it. Instant relief!! Now it's an hour later and the pain is still gone. Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight!


Just go to your family doctor ib profin and trimadols with and antibioctic and it works after u stop takin em and also hurrican get at your local drug store on ten dollars it does wonders

Angels Imput

Im a Certified Dental Assistant! The Best to use on an exposed Nerve is 1st thing Most important get to a Dentist as soon as possible but what to use is called 'DENTEMP' you can get it over the counter around the orajel or toothpaste. It's a putty/ paste like substance in a little Blue cup looking thing that you can pack in the tooth that will harden an set within an hour or until seen by your Dentist. Orajel an Pain relievers work to a certain extent but this WORKS PERFECT!!! An it has natural Nerve relaxers in it;) Hope this Helps, cause there is a lot of childish comments out there on how to get rid of the pain:/


fill the exposed area with; gum, tooth paste, cheese (room temp or your'e gonna scream also stay away from jalapeno Havarti), things like that. anything putty or gummy like that is safe to eat and does not have sugar or spice. Alternatively you may want to try the following... take an entire bottle of pain pills. drink an entire bottle of Vodka. stub your toe and pull out your nose hair so the tooth ache doesnt seem so bad. just kidding. the puuty/paste things helps a lot.

Bernard Albecht

I read through all four pages of this thread, writhing in pain, looking for a solution. I had been using vanilla extract , which barely alleviated any of throbbing pain. I came across the post about filling in the remaining exposed tooth with wax. I then thought to myself, 'Why not gum?' I chewed up a small stick of gum and filled it in. Instant relief. I know this is by no means a long-term solution but it turned out to be a godsend for temporary pain relief. It's been 10 minutes and I no longer feel any pain.


first off i have tried many things. i noticed the brace wax stuff helped alot but it kept falling out on me. then i remember that i used to get canker soars all the time so i already had this stuff lying around for it. basically what this stuff does is like the brace wax. you put it on and it drys. ive had it on for 3 days now and i have felt NO PAIN and i have slept just fine. and i haven't even had to replace the coating yet ( excluding brushing my teeth). what i have is from the bran blistex KANKA professional strength mouth pain liquid. now the little tube thing that is comes with is super hard so i suggest using a q-tip. ive had this stuff for a long time and i have only bough one bottle. its a great way to get relief!


I have a tooth that has a hole in it were the nerve is exposed that hurts me everyday so bad that i cant handle it and i end up teeth is sensitive to cold stuff and air hurts it badly..go to walmart and get the extra strength pain reliever 500 mg and take 2 of them which only cost like 88 cents for a bottle of 12 ,and then pack your tooth with bc powder after rinsing with baking soda...then whats left over of the bc powder go ahead and take it with some warm water ..Trust me i cant handle pain at all and this has helped me so much..this relieved it faster then anything ive ever taken or done..good luck!! Hope it helps u like it helped me..

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