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I'm going on day 6 with a drop you too you're knees exposed nerve toothache... I tried everything and nothing was working until now, I rinsed with salt water and then took some of my mom denture adhesive cream and packed that tooth full of it and within seconds pay free.. Thank God, hopefully it helps y'all...


Ok so after scrolling through like 5 pages of suggestions and not listening to them and doing my own thing I decided to just say f*** it, it cant hurt any worse than it does right now. I suck at explorations so I’m gonna put a list of things I did.

1- I brushed my teeth immediately when I felt the toothache coming on.

2- I took another posters suggestion and tried black tea. I didn’t put the tea bag in my mouth though, I just drank it. That did help take away a little pain.

3- I took 2 Advil tablets instead of my regular one and they didn’t help at all for me.

4- I finally got some vanilla extract and used a q-tip to rub it on my gums (ow) and the exposed nerve and surprisingly this worked. So I got a cotton ball and soaked it with vanilla and left it on the tooth.

After the vanilla extract almost all of the pain was gone but my gum around the cavity still hurt. I ended up getting my heat compress and holding it against my cheek and that took most of that pain away. After this whole ordeal I had a really bad headache so I took a shower and let the hot water run along the side of my face which reduced what little pain was left to a dull ache in my jaw.

The only thing I could suggest that would be new is to remain absolutely calm. Working yourself up really bad will just give you a headache and make the pain worse. I was so close to just pulling the tooth myself because I was so worked up.

Best of luck!!

Clarence J.

I want to say I have had bad teeth all my life and well .... Anyways you may cringe at me when I say this but this is how I stop a root that hurts and show. Ok here we go don't laugh but will work but hurts like hell at first and when your freaking out to the point I'm going to pull it my self well here is how I fixed my problem.

I took a tooth pick like at the dentist office uses but sure something clean and sharp would work. Here we go... Stand in-front of a mirror for this as have to hit directly where it is hurting so mirror is best place and yes you have to look. Take the tooth pick metal and heat it red hot with a litter like red and pock it in their on the root and you will feel a sharp sudden pain hold it their because you will notice the pain becomes faint. Take the pick of after 10 15 secs rinse mouth out with salt water and you will notice pain is gone all you feel until it heals is a thumping with no pain :) TRUST ME IT WORKS I HAVE DONE IT 3 TIMES AND ALWAYS WORK. You kill the root by catheterizing it. Back in the 1800 hundreds is how they did it until they got it pulled. You may forget about the tooth but don't get it pulled as now its dead almost completely.


I suffered from 4:30pm to 12:30am with pain. I tried warm salt water I tried cold water & a ice pack & naproxen but the only thing that worked was Watkins pure orange extract the 2 ingredients are alcohol & orange oil it worked for about 3 1/2-4 hours at a time. Just put it on with a q-tip or your finger put it on the gums front & back of tooth or teeth & on the tooth as well it will burn for a minute but will take the pain away.


Exposed nerve in tooth: I was terrified to try most remedies because the ice water remedy was the only one working for me and I didn’t want to risk that not working anymore. I was applying ice water directly to my tooth every 26 seconds but after 5 hours of this I became freezing and exhausted so at one point I clenched my cheek and realized it stopped the pain. Noticing this I thought I might try to suffocate the nerve with something solid. I rolled up a tiny piece of cotton ball and placed it inside my broken tooth and packed it in with a dental tool (or tweezers/toothpick would work). Stopped the pain on contact and Inwas able to finally sleep. Removed it in the morning and it no longer hurt but I’ve been replacing the cotton every few hours to keep debris out it until I can see the dentist this week.


It's 4 am and I'm sitting in bed crying my eyes out cause I have an exposed nerve on my upper left molar. Honestly I'm thinking about calling into work tomorrow, I have a ten hour shift. I no longer have dentil insurance and none of the remedies I've seen have worked on me. Warm water with salt, no pill is helping, I put some wax on it from when I had braces that just made it worse, oils aren't helping, I classed and there's nothing in it I just made my gums bleed really bad. Any suggestions on what I can do?


hi there had tooth ache for weeks now.The only thing I find that helps with the pain is crushing ibuprofen up and rubbing on the gum where it hurts not sure if its bad but helps with the pain.


Hi there. Exposed nerve on my wisdom tooth and the pain has been unbelievable. Due for extraction very soon, thank goodness! Solutions: I soaked a cotton pad in clove oil and put this onto my tooth. Unpleasant but effective, the whole area was numb within minutes. Even more effective, though a little harder to find, is oregano oil - but be prepared, the taste is horrendous. It also has more of a burning sensation than clove oil, so use a little more sparingly. I was using ibuprofen to manage the pain but this stopped working - at this point I was advised by a nurse to switch to co-codemol with paracetamol. This has done the trick and I am pain free at the moment. Hope these tips help.


So about two years ago, i had a molar on my top right break half way off, exposing the nerve. This mo had me crying, not sleeping or eating for 3 days straight. So i googled what kills an exposed tooth nerve and what popped up was clove, or clove oil. So i then proceeded to google what over the counter products has clove in it. Sure enough anbesol popped up and oragel fidntm so i went and bought the anbesol and some q-tips, soaked a crap load of them in anbesol and kept them bad boys on that nerve, changing the q-tip about every 10-15 minutes, and in a day and a half or two- boom! The nerve was dead, a week and a half to two weeks later the rest of the tooth broke and i didn't even feel it, i knew cause i bit down on a piece of it. Now here i am, 2 years down the road with two half molars on the bottom left side and im about to do it again, this pain from both is worse than just that one smfh


No joke i have an exposed nerve at the back of my jaw I had maybe one roll up of weed n it completely vanished

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