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Exposed nerve in tooth: I was terrified to try most remedies because the ice water remedy was the only one working for me and I didn’t want to risk that not working anymore. I was applying ice water directly to my tooth every 26 seconds but after 5 hours of this I became freezing and exhausted so at one point I clenched my cheek and realized it stopped the pain. Noticing this I thought I might try to suffocate the nerve with something solid. I rolled up a tiny piece of cotton ball and placed it inside my broken tooth and packed it in with a dental tool (or tweezers/toothpick would work). Stopped the pain on contact and Inwas able to finally sleep. Removed it in the morning and it no longer hurt but I’ve been replacing the cotton every few hours to keep debris out it until I can see the dentist this week.


It's 4 am and I'm sitting in bed crying my eyes out cause I have an exposed nerve on my upper left molar. Honestly I'm thinking about calling into work tomorrow, I have a ten hour shift. I no longer have dentil insurance and none of the remedies I've seen have worked on me. Warm water with salt, no pill is helping, I put some wax on it from when I had braces that just made it worse, oils aren't helping, I classed and there's nothing in it I just made my gums bleed really bad. Any suggestions on what I can do?


hi there had tooth ache for weeks now.The only thing I find that helps with the pain is crushing ibuprofen up and rubbing on the gum where it hurts not sure if its bad but helps with the pain.


Hi there. Exposed nerve on my wisdom tooth and the pain has been unbelievable. Due for extraction very soon, thank goodness! Solutions: I soaked a cotton pad in clove oil and put this onto my tooth. Unpleasant but effective, the whole area was numb within minutes. Even more effective, though a little harder to find, is oregano oil - but be prepared, the taste is horrendous. It also has more of a burning sensation than clove oil, so use a little more sparingly. I was using ibuprofen to manage the pain but this stopped working - at this point I was advised by a nurse to switch to co-codemol with paracetamol. This has done the trick and I am pain free at the moment. Hope these tips help.


So about two years ago, i had a molar on my top right break half way off, exposing the nerve. This mo had me crying, not sleeping or eating for 3 days straight. So i googled what kills an exposed tooth nerve and what popped up was clove, or clove oil. So i then proceeded to google what over the counter products has clove in it. Sure enough anbesol popped up and oragel fidntm so i went and bought the anbesol and some q-tips, soaked a crap load of them in anbesol and kept them bad boys on that nerve, changing the q-tip about every 10-15 minutes, and in a day and a half or two- boom! The nerve was dead, a week and a half to two weeks later the rest of the tooth broke and i didn't even feel it, i knew cause i bit down on a piece of it. Now here i am, 2 years down the road with two half molars on the bottom left side and im about to do it again, this pain from both is worse than just that one smfh


No joke i have an exposed nerve at the back of my jaw I had maybe one roll up of weed n it completely vanished


I have been alternating rinsing with warm salt water and rinsing with water & myrrh oil and applying a combination of essential oils to the tooth. The combo includes clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, oregano and wild orange.


Okay, so I'm not here to tout any remedy because none of them that I tried worked. I went through all the ones I could try at 1:30 AM in the last half hour without pharmaceutical supplies, and I got no relief. Clove oil didn't work, onion didn't work, none of the tooth paste brands recommended worked, Listerine gave me exactly 37 seconds of relief before the pain came back, vanilla was a bust, green tea didn't work, tea bags didn't work, both vinegar and apple cider vinegar didn't work, salt water didn't work, gum didn't work, ice cold water was horrible and shocked half my jaw, no tablet has helped in the last NINE DAYS and my additional crying from lack of food, sleep, and extreme pain isn't helping.

I'm a teen and school starts in T-minus six hours, and I can't sleep with this pain. I have a pack of grated frozen coconut on my face which hurts my face despite being swaddled in cloth, and I hope it numbs my jaw enough that I won't feel my tooth at all. So wish me goodluck at ignoring the gaping hole that is 1/3 of my right molar.




I have a giant hole in my back molar, but I can barely pay rent let alone afford any kind of dental care. But the pain is so unbearable, its given me skull crushing migraines (which has been going on a few days now). The root is exposed and I need some pain relief that wont break the bank. Baking soda + Salt infused water relieves the pain for about 2 minutes at a time but I need something that will help a little longer than that.


I have tried everything. EVERYTHING. And this god forsaken tooth is still killing me. Every remedy I've found does not work. The only one that works temporarily, and by temporarily I mean 30 seconds, is shwooshing cold water. I've never been in more pain in my whole life. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm taking pain killers but nothing is helping at all. SOS, folks.

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