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12 Home Remedies for Cracked Heels


So the sandpaper method is a good one but I just purchased an Amope and love it! Had a coupon which helped the cost but it is so convenient to use. After using input on some cream and now my heals are smooth and don't feel rough at all. Was amazed how much dry skin just came off.


Vicks vapor rub , one application made a huge difference, a visiting home nurse told us about this and she learned it in nursing school.


I tried every cream going to try to soften my heels and stop the deep crevasses forming. Using these along with different heel files and pumices, nothing seemed to work. Then I read somewhere that athletes foot can cause heels to look like this so I started using an athletes foot cream instead. When I finished the treatment my heels were almost back to normal so a bit of filing and some foot lotion later they are now smooth soft and crack free.


If you have got really dry cracked heels and a sander and sandpaper, give it a go. I did, and it's the first time I've had smooth-feeling heels in ages. It definitely doesn't hurt nor would I consider it dangerous. Look on Youtube and you will see others demonstrating. Then you can start treating them with whatever balm etc. you choose to keep soft. I already had the sander so all it cost was $2.50 for a packet of sandpaper. The packet came with various grains so I tried the fine grain to see what happened and all was fine. Will experiment with a coarser grain another time.


What works for me for cracked heals is to soak them and then use vick's vapor rub and socks( i absolutely hate socks but will wear them just for this purpose)it only takes a day or so of doing this overnight and the cracks are as good as gone.


it sounds silly but iv always done it and it really works i use a good scrub brush for exfoliating in the shower and after iv done everything else us ladies do shampooing shaving etc i exfoliate with a brush or loofa i like the brush better because it seems to do a better job but my point is after were almost ready to get out the skin on our feet are good and soft and vunerable so i scrub them last top and bottom really good and as soon as i dry off before i even leave the bathroom while the skin is still soft i sit down and put on CRISCO aquaphor or vasaline but i swear i think the crisco actually works better lol i rub in a generous amount so that even after iv rubbed for a few min theres still a lot on my feet and i put on a pair of socks and sleep with them all night if there really dry they wont even be too oily when you wake up because the skin from the warm shower really absorbs all the moisture its completely safe so you can do it as often as you like this also works on hands**


The best home remedy to remove hard, cracked and rough heels VASELINE..... Just before going to bed place Vaseline on each heel (good amount) and place a sock after so your not slipping and sliding everywhere. Remove in the a.m. with warm water and apply lotion. Repeat daily and SUPER SOFT HEELS.....


I have suffered cracked heels and super tough dry skin on my feet for years. Even after hacking away with a Scholl heel peeler and dowsing in creams the skin would build up in days. in frustration I bought a small Draper DIY palm sander from Wilkinsons for £20 with fine grade Sandpaper and set to work on my feet. The results were immediate and I now have lovely smooth soft feet. The vibration of the sander stimulates the blood in your feet and feels great. Now with a thin film of Vaseline I have cured my problem quickly and easily. It sounds like a drastic measure but now the sander is a permanent treatment for me.Try it.


Flexitol Heel Balm works in about three days. It can repair dryness and cracks around your whole foot and I've even used it on my hands to soften hangnails and on the side of my nose when they get too dry.
It's cheap, too. You can get it at Rite Aid.


I had craked heels because my feet where always dry,then I tried Ingrams camphor cream herbal it helped me a lot.Apply the cream after bathing day time or night time,you must apply the cream in the crakes &wear socks or wear warm shoe.this helped me a lot let's hope it will help u too

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