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3 Home Remedies for Gallbladder Pain


I have a remedy for gall stones. I was diagnosed awhile ago with acute stomach pains which later was found to be something called 'sludge' or a bunch of small gall stones. Pain flairs up every so often that I doubled over in pain and can't sleep, eat, sit or anything. I have a home remedy book and tried one of the treatments for gall stones that worked almost immediately on the pain. It involves a small glass of orange juice and olive oil. Take 1/2 glass of O.J. and put in 1 T. of the oil. Drink it all at once. The pain goes away in about 5-15 minutes. I try to do this at least once a month to keep the gall stones from forming. But if I forget, when I get the pain, I immediately take this and the pain is gone.


Apple cider vinger!!! 1 part acv, 3 part apple juice. I didn't mind the taste but then again Im used to Pennsylvania dutch homemade apple cider. I was in bad shape -I couldn't hold down water. But luckily the ACV stayed down. I could only stomach green beans and applesauce. I felt relief in about 20 mins and I was in a full on attack. I have been feeling so great the past 2 months people ask if Ive had my gallbladder removed. I had a tiny attack and realized since we were traveling I was eating greasy red meat and pulled into walmt to get apple juice and ACV. Gone in 10 minutes and haven't heard from it again!


I forgot the website I read this on but what eased and eventually stopped my gallbladder pain was warm PEAR SAUCE.

I bought 10 pears peeled them (they were not organic) cored and cut them up and cooked them in water until soft about 20 to 40 min. I let them cool and had a bowl of warm cooked pears in their juices. What a relief.

This stopped the initial pain.

I am still recovering and being careful with my diet. I have warm organic apple juice with apple cider vinegar, lots of water with some lemon juice throughout the day. I read apples break up stones in the gallbladder.

It is still the PEARS that keep the pain away. Canned pear may work, I would make sure they are warm.

Good Luck Everyone.

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