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Newborn/infant clogged tear duct with gooey eye:

My two week old daughter had the above problem and our pediatrician said there is nothing that can be done, unless it were pink eye (which it was not). I tried expressed breast milk as an eye rinse, which did not cure the problem. I also kept it clean using a cotton facial wipe with warm water, also did not cure it. My mother recommended warm chammomile tea to clean the eye. I used store bought regular old chammomile tea with chammomile flowers as the ONLY ingredient. I boiled a pot of water, filled a mug and used two tea bags to make it more concentrated. I used a facial cotton wipe, while still warm and dipped the wipe and wiped her eye with it. I did not drip it into the eye, as that is not necessary. I noticed improvement right away. The redness in the corner of her eye went away, and hours later the goo was much less than before. I have since used it again (while cold, since I stored the rest in the fridge) and it still worked. Less and less eye discharge as we speak. Usually after every nap, her eye would be full of gooey mess, but now it is very minimal and I've only done it twice. This was a three day long problem that is already showing improvement. The pediatrician said that her blocked tear duct could last for days, weeks, even years. I am so happy I used this amazing remedy. Chammomile has natural antibacterial properties in it, and it is very safe. If it is safe for them to drink, it is safe in the eye. Good luck!!

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