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5 Home Remedies for Ear and Sinus Pressure


I used to have chronic ear and sinus infections,(usually every 2 weeks). They would begin often as allergies. My gums around my teeth would feel tender, my ears would itch. Within 24 hrs my ears and sinuses would start aching. But all that ended when I started taking Hylands Silica 30X or 30C daily. It is one of the Basic Cell Salts our bodies are comprised of. It boosts your immune system greatly! I only have about 1 sinus infection a year now, usually related to running out of Silica. You can find info on Silica in

"Prescription for Natural Cures", by James Balch/Mark Stenglar, or go to and look up your problem. I used to sell vitamins at a Drug Eporium and MANY customers agreed Silica worked well with Ear and Sinus infections. Hope this helps.


When I get a sinus infection, it invariably produces pressure and pain to my ear, and makes my teeth sensitive. One thing that I try, and this may sound odd but it does relieve the pain, I open my mouth as wide as a can. Oddly enough, it reliefs the pain.


I have severe allergies that cause fluid buildup in the eustachian tubes in my ears, which causes pressure and makes them ring, which in turn causes hearing problems. I went to see a highly recommended ENT for this. He said 'Plug your nose, and blow really hard, like you're giving birth. Then swallow. I want you to do this 10-20 times a day.' I told him I thought it would hurt the ear drums to do that, but he said it wouldn't. And it cleared up the fluid pressure and my hearing got better instantly. Of course, allergies keep it coming back, but I do this on occasion when the ringing and fluid buildup get bad.


2 week headache 2 shots later pain under control but not gone was able to isolate pain in sinuses. Not goingback to Dr. using netty pot nearly every
day.Releif! Still feels/sounds like when you put too much shampoo in your hand and try to suck some back in the bottle in my ears. Allergies most likely. Garlic oil caps squeeze oil into ear for pain relief. not instant it works.along with heating pad a little smelly too.

The Monkey King

Okay -- my right ear was plugged for three days before I was ready to take a leaf blower to it. I tried all the remedies here -- a few helped loosen the congestion (pinch your nose and blow with the clogged ear facing the ceiling was the best). To finally end it, here's what I did. I hope it helped you as immediately as it helped me.

- 800 mg Ibuprofen (that is a medical-grade, prescription strength dose.)

- 120 mg psudoephedrine/Sudafed (you usually have to obtain this from the pharmacist, they don't keep this on the shelf anymore. This is a prescription strength dose.)

- 10 mg loratidine (this is an OTC antihistamine. You DO NOT have to get it directly from the pharmacist, its on the shelf)

Take this with 32 oz. of frosty cold water (carbonated water, if you can handle it).

Within 30 minutes, you will be clear -- ears, sinus, and all.

Good luck.

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