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With an exposed tooth nerve there is no oral medication that will relieve your pain, you may think you feel a tiny bit better but that is only the affects of the narcotics working on your brain. You have to cover the nerve, period, that's it. It is exposed and once you cover it it will no longer hurt. That is what the dentist does, they just have more permanent materials. Just be sure to keep the area as sterile as you possibly can and that does include your face and hands and material you're using to shove in the tooth. My partner has been in severe pain from an exposed nerve but is also as stubborn as a.....IDK she's stubborn and refuses to listen to any reason nor try anything because she feels that killing the nerve of this tooth:) is the only option. She is going to put bleach in a tincture then drop one drop on a Qtip and put that on the nerve, I do not recommend this as bleach can strip your teeth and I'm sure will damage the gums but maybe work if she truly only uses one drop and apply's to only to the nerve, we'll see. It's a ballsy move, so for those of you out there who don't want to try and prove how ballsy they are and apply bleach to an exposed tooth nerve in their head or burn it with a hot screw driver or any of the other crazy and dangerous remedies I've read ( also a lot of super helpful ones too, thank you! ) try just simply covering the nerve and call a dentist. If you notice the common denom between most of the posts is just covering the nerve is the answer. From cheese to toilet paper to asprin paste it almost doesn't matter what you use, just cover the EXPOSED nerve. Good luck everyone and may you all enjoy food and beverage of all temperatures any time of day or night!


Chloraseptic cough spray just enough and swish a few times around the tooth with the exposed nerve and it will instantly numb it.


Have a cracked tooth with an exposed nerve. I can tell you I've never been one to cry over pain but I had the worst and excruciating pain I've ever felt. It felt like lightning was traveling through my tooth and jaw, thought my jaw was going to fall off, and was sure I was going to die from the pain. Tried putting orajel severe in the crack (worked for a couple minutes), ibuprofen, ice, EVERYTHING. I ended mixing heatened clove oil and organic coconut oil, syringed it in the crack. Also held a qtip drenched in hydrogen peroxide on the crack and felt no pain. I was able to sleep after that. Going to the dentist today hopefully I'll get a root canal or something, hope this helped someone!!


I just poked a hole in liquid advil and put it in the hole that I have in my wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve and then I put some of the gel on a small piece of cotton and stuck it in the hole to close it off and I'm now in little to no pain I took the rest of the advice as well


Take a advil liquid gel cap and get a tack with a large head. Poke a hole in the capsule and squirt two drops in the affected area pain alleviated in seconds.Also take one to two capsules for back up.


I thank you all for the remedies. I also have an exposed nerve and was so painful that I couldn't even sleep. I had no money to buy some of the meds so I thought of salt and warm water and now I'm pain free


I tried red cross broken tooth remedy, I tried 20% benzocane oragel, I tried some other type of pain relief that came is something that looked like a pen. The red cross product seemed a lot stronger than the others but didn't do anything. I then came on this website and tried the garlic cloves, garlic salt, and mouthwash. I would say the garlic salt had the most potential but still didn't reduce the pain.
That night ice was my o my relief in pain. The following day the pain kind of left but came back entirely that evening. I was taking 800mg ibuprofen and ice bailed me out again. The following day I bought acetaminophen and begun taking full doses of both 1000mg acetaminophen and 800mg ibuprofen. I waited 4hrs to take the acetaminophen since the ibuprofen was on a 8hr schedule. This has been the only real relief i have had. according to websites it is safe to take both at the same time. I never received much help from pain pills even vicodin or percosets, but for some reason taking both together has really helped me. Hope it helps you


tried something new tht i didn't see listed & although it gave me allot of hell before the pain stopped... it still worked. find exactly where the pain is coming from, take a qtip put some orajel on the qtip & rub the orajel on the exact part where the pain it's coming from. ive also been taken muscle relaxers to ease the pain. hope this helps someone else.


Dentex worked for me as well broke a tooth in the back and the nerve was exposed came in here and seen Dentex so went to walmart and got some and the pain went from 8 down to like a 2 it aches but nothing you can't handle ... So thanks to whoever suggested it and here's to a good nights sleep :)


Swished some crown royal, put a small piece of bread over the tooth and slowly chewed it into place, then placed vicks vapour rub along my jaw. It's helped numb the pain, from 8-9 to about 3-4.

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