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I have two dogs,A blue Bully-2yrs,&a dachsund-chiuahuah mix,6yrs,I used the borax-hydrogin peroxide remidy and kept them off Grass and Dirt for 2to3 weeks,and it is GONE,GONE,GONE...Much happier DOGGIES AND FAMILY!! they were suffering and us watching them was horrible!!!


I just tried the borax and peroxide dip. I'm hoping it works out, I'll post again to let everyone know. Its on my Min Pin and he's miserable.


I have used the peroxide and Borax for 1 wk now and dogs looks better,no itching,bumps are healing.I used 2 cups peroxide and 1/2 cup Borax in 1 gal jug and poured on the dogs,there wounds are healing and small itchy bumps are gone!Must not rinse dog,leave this on and repeat in a few days 3-4, thanks,Jannie in Georgia


(Bacon Grease)It does really work.I had a mini daushund that had mange as a puppy I thought she was going to die.So I rubbed bacon grease all over her everday for about a week.Her hair grew back and she started eating again.She never had a problem again.I just got a puppy that is a pug mix the owner said he put the spot treatment on for fleas and she had an allergic reaction she looks bad her hair is falling out and her skin is very pink and hot to the touch,I'm not so sure its an allergy it could be mange so I am going to try the borax and peroxide this time and see how it works. I'll keep you posted.

just me

I just tried the borax and peroxide paste (and vaseline) on my Great Pyrenees. I took him to the vet last week and spent $70.00 for dip and oral meds, he was still itching quiet a lot. The peroxide/borax paste did upset his stomach as he insisted on licking it, but it was very temporary and this STOPPED his itching completely- immediately. I can see a difference already and I just used it yesterday. It is important that you do not get boric acid and borax confused. borax is in the laundry detergent area of WalMart, usually sold under the brand name 20 Mule Team. The borax was $2.50 and the peroxide was $1.00. Borax is good to wash pet toys and blankets, etc in as well, it will kill the mites there too. It is recommended to wash items that can't be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer for all pests, such as lice and mites. Also he didn't run from me when I applied the paste as he did when I sprayed the dip on him. The dip was very painful it appeared as he would run when he saw the spray bottle after the first time I used the dip (from the vet) he doesn't seem to mind the paste and enjoyed the 'massage' when I applied it.

Enchanted SilverBroom

This is for mange in a dog. It sounds stupid but it works. Take bacon grease, just plan ordinary bacon grease, not the grease from maple sugar, or peppered bacon. Apply this to the mange areas on the dog using a metal teaspoon, really rub it in. Apply several times a day for 2 weeks. I have used this in a pinch and let me tell ya, it maybe messy but it works.


My Dog A 7 Month Old German Shepherd Got Mange. (How I Don't Know)I Had Taking Her To The Vet. The Vet Had Giving Me Some Cream. I Applied The Cream Twice A Day And It Helped But The Cream Didn't Take It Away. So I Looked Online For Something Else That Would Cure It. I Found This remedy That Calls For:
16 Oz Of Peroxide (a bottle)(2 cups)
4 Cups Of Warm Water
8 Tablespoons of Borax Detergent (found at Wal-Mart In The Detergent Isle)

I Put All Of That In A Bucket. Shampooed My Dog First in the tub. Then I Just Applied It On The Affected areas, Then got Her Whole Body with a sponge you can use a Rag to. I Just Chose a Sponge. And Used it all up DON'T RINSE your Dog let it stay on your dog, Let Your Dog Drop Dry. I Just Layed A Towel On Her Favorite Spot and let her dry. It Cleared Up Over Night. My Dog Is Totally A New Dog. She Dont Itch no more. I am Gong To Do This Again In About A Week To Make Sure The Mange Is Gone. This Remedy Is A Wonder!


I just read all of the comments dating back till 2005
My yorkie has had mange for about 6 months
have tried everything - exceopt the dip she was on antibiotics and also oral ivermectin which did nothing for a month
vet biils of over a thousand dollars
pets best treatment
now her skin is turning black and losing her hair -she is 14 yrs old and has been with me loinger than any husband (3) I am exausted
will go out right now to try this borax and peroxide - she has demodex mange accordign to the scraping at the vet
she has had all bloos work done since the vet thought she must have cancer or some other undelyign disease but she is health otherwise except for a cataract in her eye
I have another Yorkie and was afraid that it is communicable but the vet said it wasnt
I am also going to wash all of her toys and her bedding and blankets towels in Borac and peroxide in the washing machine
Il let you knwo soon what happened
Thank you

Shaina in AL


I got the borax and peroxide remedy off of here and I added a few more steps to be really sure to kill the mange mites.
First, take a bucket of warm water and add as much borax as you can until it doesn't dissolve anymore. Then add a few ounces of peroxide. Then on the side, get a bowl and make a paste out of the borax laundry booster and peroxide. Then sponge the dog completely with the borax-peroxide dip. After that, rub the paste all over the dog and let it dry. Finally, rub some petrolium jelly all over the dog, to smother the mange mites. This is very messy so keep the dog outside, and do not wash it off. Repeat once or twice a week until the mange is gone. This worked wonders for my white boxer who had hereditary mange. Before, his skin was very pink with sores, and almost all his hair had fell out. Almost immediatly his skin and sores healed and his hair started growing back.


For mange
take one entire lemon, slice it (do NOT peel leave the peeling on) Prepare boiling water as if you were making a tea, drop the lemons in and let it seep overnight. The next day apply to skin sponging it on Its safe non toxic if the dog licks it and acts as a repellent as well

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