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I have two shar pei's with really,really bad skin problems. We tried everything under the sun and they kept getting worse.They were itching,chewing,scratching,biting and shaking themselves to death.It was so BAD we thought we were going to have to put one of them down.We tried all kinds of meds from the vet,home remedies,and anything we could think of to help them.Nothing worked Untill i came across this home remedy that said to mix A WHOLE TUBE OF A&D OINTMENT,A WHOLE JAR OF COCO BUTTER,1 SHOT GLASS FILLED WITH OLIVE OIL,AND A WHOLE TUBE OF DESTIN OINTMENT TOGATHER. I mixed these things togather and smeared my dog that was the worst with it i put a doggy cone on his head so he wouldent lick himself and get sick.I put ihim in his cage only letting him out to go outside.He slept in his cage for a day & a half then i repated the process with my second dog.After about 3 days they seemed a little better.Within a week they were alot better and 3 or 4 weeks later they were almost completely healed.It has been about 7 months since i put the mixture on them and they are completely better.All there hair has grown back they hardley ever chew,scratch,or bite.Im telling you if it wasnt for this home remedy i would have lost at least one of my dogs if not both. I hope this works for you and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOUR DOGGYS. ANGIE


I have been reading about the mange.
The motor oil remedy is very dangerous. An animal with low immunity will get kidney and liver permanent damage from the petroleum products. Do not do this.
Even petroleum jelly is not recommended.
I recommend working from internal aspect.
Its the toxins in the pet food. Dog food that is not human grade including I AMs is made from rendered meat. This is the source of all grocery store dog feed. It is full of toxins and they build up in the animals system.
To help the animal once you have the mites under control find a Human grade dog food. A few examples are Prairie by Natures Variety. Fromme, Avoderm, all these kind of foods will state that they protein is human grade. Stay away from the tainted stuff. Purina etc all bad news. Use Salmon oil and enzymes in the food. These are some tips that can make a huge difference long term.


I put PURE Coconut oil on my little Chi throughout the day and at the end of the week he was so much better! and his hair started to grow back. The oil also won't harm him if he licks it.
Coconut oil is recognized for its beneficial effects on the skin and it was shown to kill mange, which don't survive well in oily environments.


This really works!

Our dog name is Sheba and she had mange around the age of 6months old. We took her to the vet specialist and it became too expensive after a few months. Because after the medication ran out, a month later she would get it again. Finaly the vet told us we could get the same medication that he gets for way cheaper at the Cattle Feed & Supply.
The medication is called (Ivomec 50ml)it used on swines for parasites. It cost around $35.00. We gave her the medication daily for the first 1year. The second year we used it every 2 to 3 days a week for 1 year. After that we have not had anymore problems. Just know, that the mange will not go away quickly it may take a year or more for the parasites to completely die. It's now been 11 years and Sheba is alive and mange free! You can order from & from cattle feed suppliers.

Frank H.

Tried the borax and peroxide treatment on my 9 month old bulldog puppy and it started drying up the affected area almost immediately(Within a day).Reapeated treatment every 3 days after for two weeks and all healed and she is starting to grow her hair back.
8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide,4 cups warm water,8 heaping tablespoons of 20 Mule Team Borax.
Mix till Borax diluted and apply with sponge till dog is soaked.Leave on wet and pen dog up till dry.Repeat as need every few days.Works on Bulldog pups but can't attest to other breeds or if the mange will return after a period of time. It has only been a couple of weeks since I stopped treatments.


Give your dog a bath in dial soap you would be surprised how well it works!

Manicou River Eco Resort

I live in Manicou River Eco Resort on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies where we treat and care for local dogs. Ocho came to us with a low immune system and gets recurring mange. We have tried the chemical treatment but it was very harsh on her. We also tried neem oil without very good results. I took her to see the vet who works with PAWS the rescue dog charity and was recommended a local treatment.

2 liters of Seawater (or salt water)
½ a Calabash. (Or bottle gourd or opo squash not to be confused with the calabaza) Scoop out the fleshy insides of the calabash and squeeze into seawater
3 fresh limes squeezed and mixed with the seawater & calabash

Strain and coat the dog in the liquid. Do not rinse for 2 days and rinse and repeat the process twice.
Fantastic results! No more mange and she started to grow her shiny new hair back as soon as the treatment finished. Very happy Ocho Dog.

Mrs. G

I came across this site about three weeks ago. I have a female pit named Diamond, who started with these crusty spots with hair loss. There were a few in the beginning and then all of sudden, her whole body was covered with the spots and significant hair loss. I tried the peroxide and Borax mixture, but made it more watery (diluted) so she would not vomit. After one application, her skin dried out and looked like a bad case of dandruff. After one week her hair had started to regrow and now after three weeks her coat is so thick and shiny. She is a year old and I have never seen her coat look so thick and full. The peroxide and Borax really does work. P.S.--You can make it more watery, I filled up a bucket and poured the solution all over her. She never vomited and is a pretty girl now. Thanks a million for your help. Mrs. G.


Ok so I have a pup that is about 3 to 4 months old and I have been using just regular old flea and tick shampoo and head n shoulders wich is working really good just bathe them in it and leave it in for about 5 minutes !
Its also great if your dog has dandriff real bad or a skin irretation !


I attempted the hydrogen peroxide and Borax home remedy on two 10 week old kittens with Notoedric mange (skin mites). Both kittens ended up vomiting a few times, but seemed fine afterwards. After the throughal dip they still itched and scratched at their crusty and red skin like crazy. I decided to purchase the 'LYMDIP' that I read about and was recommended by my vet (15 dollars). You can find it online for cheaper and might be under Lime dip. Also my vet will be giving them a set of 3 shots each called Ivermectin (15 dollars each). I asked my vet about the Hydrogen/peroxide home remedy and he said that it will help to relieve the skin and help with drying it out but lymdip and the shots are more effective.
Just wanted to give some other options for everyone looking for the answer to this problem.
Another note: I ended up catching the mites (notoedric mange) from our kittens, but humans are not good hosts for them and they died within 3 days. The mites leave what looks exactly like mosquito bites. Sometimes with a small white head in the middle of the red bite.

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