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My dog had sarcoptic mange. The vet failed us miserably. I don't think it was in his game plan to actually heal her. I tried olive oil, lemon oil sprays, lavender, ACV, honey (good luck with that), borax and sulphur cream. What finally worked for me was to put something called Mite Avenge on him and sprinkle diatemacious earth on his bed, the carpet & furniture cushions. Something worked. It never came back.


Thanks to Love My Great Dane
For the Mange Recipe

My dog has suffered for so long
He has lost hair down his back & tail
He has scabs and sores, it is so sad
I tried your recipe tonight, but only
Used a 50/50 mix of baby oil & listerine

For the first time in a long time
He hasn't itched at all!
I'm gonna spray him down 2x a day
Until I start to see some improvement
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

love my great dane :)

Its been a very long a trying worrysome 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago my great dane started to lose clumps of hair. All down her back big spots were missing and it seemed to just be getting worse. I found a remedy on here that I went and tried that very night.
1/3 baby oil
1/3 listerien (original)
1/3 luke warm water.
Shook it up well and sprayed her down head to toe. Including all down her tail and her underside. It seemed to slow it right down and kept it from getting any worse. After many days of spraying her down I was tired of not seeing any improvment as good as it was that it was stopped from becoming worse I wanted her better. I found another reciepe saying to put mayo on her spots let it sit for at least a half hour then wash off and dab apple cider vinegar on the bald spots. With in 24hrs it had exploded on her and she was covered even more with the bald spots. I finally decided to talk with a naturalist for people what they would give someone with scabbies. The answer was surprising. He told me that he uses oil of oregano. This product can cure almost any ailment for people. It covers such a broad spectrum of issues that no matter what the cause was this would help. I decided to attempt this. With a dropper I applied a decent amount on every single bald spot and bump showing. I left it on and because of the horrible taste she didn't try to lick it off either. At the same time we switched her food and cleaned the house top to bottom. Including the carpet she sleeps on. We vacuumed the carpet she's on the most and then sprayed it with the misture of baby oil listerien and water. The next morning it showed signs of no extra patches. I decided that instead of spryaing her with the baby oil/listerien/water mixture to kick it up a notch. I started to put 3 droppers full of oil of oreangano in a spray bottle with listerien and water. With in 24 hrs now the patches have already becoming less noticable by far. The bumps on her legs were gone and the red on her stomach was now pink. Were still continuing with this formula. Its been 48 hrs and there is a big change. Now she never lost hair on her face or on her legs like the say is the most common signs. She never lost her appatite and never really scratched at it but she had the crust around the bald patches and the skin was looking like leather this spray has taken all the crust away turned the skin back to a soft feeling and I'm starting to see a reduced amount of patches on her. I spary the carpet she sleeps on 2x a day morning and night and it seems to keep the mites off her.
I will post in a few days to let you all know how its going but for know this is what we've done:
-Changed brands of food to a brand from costco (we have 3 large dogs that eat way to much for the real expensive stuff) she is currently now eating one called natures food (I believe that's the name) it has salmon as a the first ingrediant

2. Spray them down 2x a day
- 1/3 oil of oregano
- 1/3 original listerine
- 1/3 luke warm water
Shake really well before spraying and couple times while spraying.

3. Spray there bed area down with same mixture

4. Vacumme and was floors regularly.

5. Wash them down 1x a week
Do not dry completly just blot them down. Then spray again right after washing to make sure nothing has time to dig back in.

6. Every feeding put 1 tblspn of BALSAMIC vinegar over food (they love it)

7. Wrap a clove of garlic in a piece of lunch meet 1x a week and give it to them. (Prevents heart worm and other dieseases)

8. If you have other dogs make sure you feed them with the BALSAMIC vinegar 1x a day over there food and spray there bed down every other day to prevent any transfer of the mites. As well wash and spray down them every week. This makes sure that if they have spread to your other pets that they don't have a chance to dig in at all. This has kept all my other dogs clean and no problems. I don't have quarinten any of them either. If you puppies around I would keep them at a far distance just because there immune system is not as strong yet.

I really hope this helps everyone who wants help and not just drugs for them. There is natural alternatives out there for everything it just requires some searching and a lot understanding of the type of problem your dealing with.


I have a almost 2 year old shepard and he had got mange last year and now its back. i used the borax and peroxide and it worked but it dried out his coat. i would like to ask anyone who would like to help me and answer this question. That when i treat him what do i have to do to the rest of my house


This is what I found on the Listerine and baby oil treatment

1/3 Listerine (original formula) 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 water Put in a spray bottle,
shake well and spray it on. This is quite similar to the formula recommended for dogs'
itchy hot spots. The herbal oils in Listerine may have some antifungal or antibacterial

Jim V.

According to the EPA, borax causes neurotoxicity, citing reports of poisoning in human infants who ingested a mixture of borax and honey. Researchers do not conduct actual toxicity studies on humans. Data from animal studies show borax toxicity effects on blood and the reproductive systems of dogs, rats, and mice.

A wet dog will lick himself and ingest the Borax, which accumulates over time to become a lethal dose. One tablespoon, accumulated over time is lethal to a full grown human.


I think my dog has the mange , as I was reading some of the Home Remedies and noticed that most of them suggest kitchen and medicine cabinet Items I had an Idea. Since most of them use soaps, oils , peroxide & flea and tick meds I decided to try my own. I went to the medicine cabinet and found Anti-fungal cream , Astringent, peroxide, sunscreen , hand sanitizer ,mouth wash, hot oil treatment for hair then dog products flea and tick shampoo , hot spot treatment , hot spot shampoo ,antibacterial medicated shampoo, ear mite drops,flea and tick drops then last vegetable oil from the kitchen, I mixed all of these ingredients together and lathered up my dog & left iton her for an hour as she was locked in the pen outside, after the hour I bathed her in regular dog shampoo and conditioner, after drying her off, I sprayed her with antiseptic spray for dogs. She is not scratching right now and hope this works. I will keep you posted as to my results!


I just want to chime in and say my half Australian Shepherd half Retriever had mange and not that shes not worth it, but I didn't have the time or money at the time to take her to a vet. The listerine and baby oil treatment works! It cleared up after the first time.


hi my name is kelly and i just got a dog that looks like she has mange.weve tried a hydorcortizon scrub with ointment and no results so i loked it up hoow to treat it at home and found acv i prepared it in a bottle today and sprayed her and she is no longer itching onlylicking the acv so thats a good sign so far hoping to see better results tomorrow will update how she is tomorrow thanks for the home remedies


I am a yellow lab with sensitive skin and my family thinks I have mange again at the base of my tail. My owner got a recipe for a cure off TV about a year ago. It had vinegar, tea and I think peroxide in it, she calls it my 'taily bone medicine'. Everytime it itches she applied it to the affected areas. It made it feel better and stopped the ithching. Within a few days my skin healed and the hair grew back. Does anyone know the exact measurements and ingredients? I am afraid she is going to run out.

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