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BORAX laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry isle. For less then $4.. Its a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders.

BORIC ACID will kill your dog! PLEASE DO NOT use this! Used to bait and kill roaches and other pests.

I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of BORAX. even though its been around since 1891..

Mixture in a bowl:

1 cup of Hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of Warm Water
Add BORAX until will not delude any longer in solution. (does not take a lot. Maybe 1/4 of a cup)

MIX solution well..

Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas

This needs to be applied EVER OTHER DAY Depending on the severity of your dog condition. Up to SIX weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone it WILL come back and spread.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs and others with this method. IT WILL WORK as long as you keep up with it..

Good luck!

Dog and Kid lover!

After reading all the above remedy's I'm reminded of a problem i had oh about 15 years ago with head lice on my daughter who was only seven at the time, I spent a fortune on the over the counter meds, that didn't work i think the lice were immune to the stuff and after a few weeks off work because they wouldn't let her return with any sings ie. one little egg...go figure! I read and tried every thing mayo, baby oil, Valvoline poor child! Until I finally read an something that made sense Why is it that only kids get lice? Because kids don't take hot showers every day like adults NOW DON'T GO SCALD YOUR DOG!!!!!IT DOSEN'T HAVE TO BEEEEEE TOO HOT BUT MORE WARM THAN LUKE WARM,like the jacuzzie I put my baby in a really warm tub of water and the lice fell off it was amazing how many were in there i had just used the rit junk, that's why they die in the dryer. the HEAT WILL KILL THEM! just please be careful..


My 1 year old lab has been battling a minor, localized case of mange for months. It started with a quarter-sized bald spot on his back ankle and some scaliness around one of his eyes. After a trip to the vet, we did 8 weeks of a lime-sulfur dip applied once weekly, which was torture for him and for us. His condition improved significantly, but, several weeks later, we noticed some fur loss on the tips of his ears. Wanting to avoid another trip to the vet and another 8 week stint of a rotten egg-smelling dog, I researched some home remedies. I alternated between applying a borax and hydrogen peroxide solution to his trouble spots one day to kill the mites and applying olive oil to those spots the next day to combat any drying effects and smother the mites. After about a week of alternating between the borax solution and olive oil, he has gone from losing 20 or so little clumps of fur each time I would coat his ears to fur regrowth! This regimen has worked wonders- his ears are back to their original velvety/adorable state! I plan to continue this regimen for at least another week.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax Solution (I used a sponge to apply the solution to his trouble spots):
-1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide
-2 parts water
-as much Borax as will dissolve leaving a small amount of grit at the bottom of the container

Olive Oil Treatment (I simply rubbed the olive between my hands and coated his trouble spots)
-1 tablespoon of olive oil


CHEAP, fast home remedy:
- 1/3 baby oil + 1/3 original Listerine + 1/3 water in spray bottle
- approx. 1 T of organic apple cider vinegar mixed into food
- 1/2 tablet (per 15 lbs) of children's Benedryl 2x daily

My dog and I were all set to move in less than two weeks when he came down with mange. It started the week before with some minor itching, and then one night, he suddenly broke out in bright red lumps and a rash. At first, I thought it was allergies and let him suffer for two days before realizing it was actually getting worse and needed to be dealt with. Plus, I needed to get a health certificate from the vet and didn't think he was going to pass with his inflamed, red skin.

I gave him 1/2 a tablet of children's Benedryl to help soothe his apparent itching. I figured if he stopped scratching so much, his skin might have a better chance of healing. Every time he started itching, I sprayed him with the baby oil/listerine/water mix and gently rubbed it into his coat, just to spread it around. Every time I gave him food, I put organic apple cider vinegar in it. Not only did this help my dog get better, but it did in fact successfully prevented our other dog from getting mange too.

So, this spraying/dosing procedure went on for three days, and by the end of the third day, he was a brand new dog - mange free!


Sarcopic mange is famous. But allergy to cheap dog food is not so famous. They were never designed to eat processed grains or the other vague ingredients. Oh, you weren't designed for it either.


CEDAR OIL CEDAR OIL CEDAR OIL by cedarcide out of Spring, Texas.Harmless to humans and pets. What a wonderful cure all for mange!!! All natural!!!We did ivermectin(toxic side effects), dermasil shampoo(sodium laurel sulfates),vetericyn(safe), constant bathing,trips to vet, hydrogen peroxide, borax,DO NOT PUT MOTOR OIL ON YOUR DOG(carcinogen),and many, many assorted meds and shampoo. CEDAR OIL WAS THE WINNER!


I have over the past 3 months tried EVERY kind of so called 'Remedy' you could imagine to try and cure our dogs mange problem!!! All failed to do anything!!! Until that is I found virtually an instant cure!!!! try this and I will gurantee it will work every single time and is the cheapest remedy you will ever find!!!

Hydorgen Peroxide (watered down to 1% vol)98p a Bottle!!!
Borax (2 Tablespoons)£5 a kilo off Amazon!!!
200ml of Distilled water Free from ya condeser tumble dryer!!!

Mix solution throughly and add to a spray bottle, spray the infected dog once every other day.

I used this on my dog and within 5 minutes of appying she had completley stopped itching!!! Hair has grown back and she is alot happier!!! I have continued treatment for 6 weeks to make sure the Mange has fully gone. This will 100% work!!! Borax is used in many countries as a very effective pest control of many kinds of Mites,Lice and insects. Be aware tho that Borax Substitute is no good in the control of Mange!!! Borax can be purchased from Amazon for around £5.00 a Kilo!!!


1/3 water
1/3 SeaBreeze Astringent
1/3 Olive Oil

Shake together, dab on, and rub in. Instant relief. Take several days for hair to begin regrow. Treat 2-3 times daily.


For dog mange: Mix used motor oil & Sulfur powder and apply liberally to affected areas of the skin. Worked extremely well in every case. Repeat if necessary. Does not harm the dog in any way that I recall


my 6 month old lab has the mange, he has lost hair from face and legs, and ive been fighting it for two months, ive tryed everything, i think i have finely found something that works, its called nu stock, i got it at my local feed store for around $15. i just got it today and put it on him and he has stopped all the scratching as soon as i put it on and resting comfortably , im very hopeful that this is going to work. it does smell bad but it isnt bothering him. ill repost later with how it turns out

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