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Walderez Vianna Douglass

My JRT was diagnosed with demodectic mange, in one month he is TOTALLY free from this skin condition, with full hair and no itching at all. First we use Cedar Oil from Cedarside, but what I recommend is MITE AVENGE! Works since the first time. The customer Service is excellent, she told me to use QUERCETIN instead of Benadryl and works too.Is one dip after bath and smell like a lemonade or something. Is expensive but save us lots of money and time and the immune system of the dog ( no toxic stuff!)Since then ( I learned on Mite Avenge website I cut all grains from his diet ( grains feed mites ) and I start to cook for my dogs ( NO GRAINS at all, but it's ok quinoa, (seed= protein ), pumpkin pure, vegetables and meat and fruits. They love it! Best part no mange on him,..I gave him vit.C, Echinacea, Milke Thistle and Pau D'arco mix with 100% pumpkin ( can ).

PJ Parker

Find a product called Happy Jack to treat sarcoptic mange.

It's an over the counter sulfur medication you put on your dog's hot spots (not for cats).

Mange is very difficult to treat. It takes a long time, and you have to shave the dog (if they have long hair), keep their bedding clean, bathe them regularly and keep them dry.

As soon as one spot clears up, another seems to appear. Keep at it, and make sure you're giving the dog vitamins. The goal is to get him healthy enough that his system will help fight off the mange.

This is the only thing that has helped my dog.


My dog every summer she starts shedding and her skin becomes raw, and red, and she will literally itch constantly. I'm not a vet but it looks like the red mange to me from the pictures I've see on the internet if not she has one crazy skin condition that mimics it.

she generally loses all the hair on her tail, patches of her hair fall out and she is left with a lot of grey and red sores. My mom uses the selsun blue with the 1% selenium sulfide and the itching stops, the sores heel and all her pretty hair grows back, she loves to have her long hair brushed.

I believe she bathed her with it every other day, I'm not sure if the dog had the mange or not, but again it looked like the mange to me, if you're dog has the mange you could try the selsun blue and see if it works, my advice is if you try it don't try the cheaper knock off brands go with the actual brand name.

you should notice a vast improvement in 2 weeks if it's going to work.

I do know that selsun blue does kill fungus at the very least, I had a fungal infection called 'tinea versicolor' on my back that I could not kill with anti fungal pills and creams that selsun blue killed. However mange is not caused by a fungus but a mite from what I understand. some one might could give the selsun blue a run through and see if it helps their dogs with mange


My dog has demodectic mange, I've been doing the borax/peroxide treatment for a few weeks and it is looking better. However I tried the oregano/olive oil on the days between and my dog is allergic to the oregano. His muzzle and eyes swoll really bad and broke out in hives all over. I rushed him to vet and they gave a steroid shot and benadryl. So be very careful trying home remedies.

keith hopkins

my remedy is 2 submits down, i would like to short summon up mange,give puppies while nursing sunlight where it usually starts weaking immune system that micro living organisms in the skin if you dont give them sunlight. Under the skin more immune systems the living organisms where blood mites belong and do there part in us and dogs. So if one immune weakens for a little bit the other keeps doin its part things can happen could mange, so my remedy helps the skin stay balanced with the mites that comeback after no matter how many dips. Keep em clean and sunlight parts of the day, cool too, they will get stronger skin immune usually five months and during usually dont have to do treatment just there rough month, i did it on the white soft boxer hair and still works hardest hair to do,so instead of goin under the skin to treat where things are normal, you treat the skin until normal costs way way way less.


I am not sure about Mange but it is easy to reduce symptoms. Mange is a mite. My rabbits would get ear mites all the time. Hard to get in the ears to treat so I used baby oil and squarted the baby oil down there. Then they would shake their heads big time and spread the oil all over their ears. in 2 days all the scabs disappeared.

keith hopkins

its alot like ache usually giving to lack of sunlight to tough up the skin and immune,but they have hair so it falls out, i used 60 percent dry milk, 40 percent that cheap vo5 hair conditioner, mixed it up, dip a rag in it,slap it on the hairless spots, let it dry before off they go, couple times applied a day until immune strengths back up


Never use motor oil on a dog! It can kill them. I'm having a hard time not saying worse things but that is a TERRIBLE thing to do.


Sublimed sulphur ( available at the pharmacy..mixed with enough Vaseline to make a paste) rubbed on the infected skin will cure mange. The sulpher is about 2-3 dollars a bottle. The vaseline is used so when the dog licks the mixture he or she can digest it more easily. I used this remedy on a number of skin issues over the years. ( I lived in the mountains of WV Where there were lots of mangy critters in the woods.)..cheapest way out!!!! Good luck

My best friend

my dog had mange for a very very long time . I took her to the vet so so many time but she never got better . she kept on losing her hair . then I changed vets , I asked the new vet what has she got ( because the other vet I was taking her to would never tell me what her problem was they would just keeping giving her medication. which never worked)(the new vets treatment also did not work )so now that I knew what her problem was I started searching the internet for an answer to her problem and come across this site . so I tried everything for a while but nothing helped until I washed her with Dettol diluted in water. boy what a relief . from no hair on her body to full hair in a week . what I did was take a 20 lt buck fulled it up with luk-warm water and pord a 500ml of Dettol in the water then placed her in the bucket making sure her whole body way totally submerged in the water accept for her head of cause. kept washing her body for a while (10min.)I washed her every seconay for a week . she can thank my son she is alive because I could not take it no more for 3 years it was back and forth from the vet . her skin was so bad I asked my son I think I have to put her down as the vet is not helping and the one vet did say once ' if she does not get better maybe I should put her down as she was suffering to much. I also lost my job and could not afford another vet visit. cutting a long story short . my son opted to give up playing his internet game and for me to take the money I would give him to go on the net and buy the Dettol . thanks god did . I cant believe it is the same dog, ( sausage dog )thanks every one for the help .

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