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My cats had a fairly bad flea infestation, bad enough that we were getting bites on our feet from the carpet fleas. I noticed that after I went swimming, I would get few to no bites. So as a last resort (before the flea meds arrived), I took some pool water in a spray bottle and spritzed all my furniture and carpets twice a day. It worked wonders. I don't know if the chlorine actually killed the fleas or just drove them away, but no more bites either way!


my dog had ticks after walking in a field, we put tea tree oil on a q-tip & barely touched the tick, it practically jumped off. We got ea. one even if it was starting to embed, maybe put in a spray, I'm sure it'll work on fleas!!


Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is what you need for ticks and fleas for both cats and dogs. It is safe and is used in silos as an insecat treatment for food storage. Ive been using it for about a year now on my cats and it works wonders. And if you dont mind the mess on your carpets it will take care of flea infestation also. You will need to let it stay several days since nothing kills fleas in its cocoon and a new hatching occurs every 3 to 5 days. It is safe, just Google it and see for yourself.


Another vote for the borax remedy for indoor fleas (doubt it helps for ticks though)... had a bad infestation one year not too long ago - our first ever so I didn't recognize it until it was too late.

Was advised by a sister-in-law to go to any local store and get a box of cheap laundry borax (any brand will do - 20 mule team, whatever is on sale or cheapest) and sprinkle it evenly on carpet and leave for a few days then vacuum, then sprinkle again and leave for a few days then vacuum again, then sprinkle again and leave for a week then vacuum, and repeat until you are satisfied the fleas are gone - you are dealing with fleas that have laid eggs but I can't remember the timing of the life cycle so I just kept it up for several weeks because I was grossed out and paranoid, lol...

The beauty of the borax is that all it does is dry out the fleas, there's no poison involved. And it is effective on a lot of other bugs.

I also sprinkled it outside the back door where the dogs were coming in... it kills whatever plants it comes into contact with (good news if they are weeds, not such good news if they're plants you wanted!).

None of our three ancient dogs got sick, and none of the kids got sick either so I'd have to agree that the stuff is nontoxic to kids and dogs.


Actually I have been fighting with flea problems for years. I live in Oregon and it never snows long enough for the fleas to die. My one dog is allergic to fleas and he breaks out with sores from itching so much.If you want a quick fix to get them off your dogs any shampoo wither is dog or human lathered well and set for 5 mins will kill any visible fleas. you will have to repeat 2 times a week if fleas are very bad until they are gone because it will not kill flea eggs. what it does is it suffocates the fleas. i have recently made up a bottle of 1/2 cup white vinegar with a 1/2 cup lemon juice for my furniture and dog kennel. Make sure you lift up the cushions and get it into the cracks for best results because the little guys will try and hide. If you want to fill up a full bottle if its large just make sure to use the same amount as you fill up the bottle. don't use water to top it off it just dilutes it. And for your carpet take regular table salt sprinkle a good amount all over the floor. (don't be shy with it)for a 15'/15' bedroom one whole can of salt will be needed thats including with furniture. leave it for at least 24 hours for a heavy infestation. repeat it at least 3 times a month for the first 3 months. then after that once a month works great. And if you have a dog bed like me just throw it in the washer with normal soap and when it comes to the rinse cycle poor in 1 cup of pure white vinegar then dry like normal. just don't let your guard down because these things will creep right back in your house. Its working for me. And if your on food stamps with an economy like this its virtually free to get the supplies.


Pine sol is TOXIC TO CATS!! Any product containing phenols or pine oil (basically anything ending in -ol) should NEVER be used on or around cats! Please protect your sweet ones and google any product you are going to put in or on them, or even use near them.

I think the flea comb is a great weapon in the war against these bugs. It makes your pet much more comfortable as you try the nematodes or other remedies for your home and yard (please try to be nontoxic!). Flea combs, which are special fine-toothed combs made just for this purpose, are sold at pet supply stores and online. I recommend getting the type with a long handle instead of the type that is all teeth- the ones with the handle are easier to wrangle.

Get a dish or pan of water and put a drop of detergent into it (the soap breaks the tension on the surface of the water so the fleas will drown faster). As you comb the fleas out of your friend's coat, you use your fingernail to scrape them off of the comb and onto the surface of the water. This grooming is similar to what a mother animal does for her young, so it can be a great bonding time for you and your pet. They know you are looking after them, and you get the contact and the satisfaction of knowing that without putting anything poisonous or harmful onto them you have made your pet more comfortable. My indoor-outdoor cats have come to really enjoy the combing time we share- they roll over to help me get their stomachs, stretch their arms up to help me reach the pits, etc. They really seem to like it- and it's funny but I do too. Takes a few minutes every few days but it's so worth it!


I have a service animal that had been on frontline plus for years. I had 2 be away from her for awhile and had to leave her with friends. during that time she was not treated for fleas. When I got my dog back she was infested with fleas. I called my mom and she came over to the rescue. I stand 100% by her remedy.... 1/2 cup name brand Pine-Sol and 1/2 cup of name brand Pantene mixed well. This is also good for your pets dry skin as well. Best Wishes From An Animal Lover.


I KNOW THIS IS LONG, BUT WELL WORTH THE READ. I use the left over tobacco 'dust' that I get for FREE at our tobacco plant (where they roll the cigarettes). All you need is a spreader (grass, fertilizer) and a vehicle/trailer to haul the dust home. (Our plant uses boxes 3' x 3' x 3'). We live on the lake (mosquitos) as well as on 3 acres of trees and 400 acres of trees across the road (ticks and fleas horribly bad), we have alot (alot!) of rocks (scorpions, snakes) and of course spiders. Forget going in the yard, we couldn't walk onto our front deck without fleas and ticks immediately getting on us. On our place it was an all day adventure but oh so well worth it. I only have a small spreader (it holds about 2 gallons) so it meant many trips back to the box to refill, (a little exercise never hurt anyone!) but when I was done, I knocked down all the spider webs that were on our deck rails (I had already been knocking them down daily, but they would be back the next day, determined little workers) and lo and behold, in less than one day, I didn't see another web and I could sit out on my deck without the use of bug spray or candles ($$$)! I only started this last summer, all summer, I am guessing about once a month, but use your own judgement, if you start noticing the bugs again, spread more. Now what I have been told by the man at the plant is don't spread it real thick, the tobacco is 'hot' and will burn the grass, but if you don't spread it too thick, it fertilizes the grass (we did seem to have to mow more). This is why all the little creatures disappear, it 'burns' them, it doesn't neccesarily kill them, it deters them from coming into your yard. I am a firm believer with this remedy, a pretty lawn with no bugs or snakes, a little exercise, a tan and all this for free! As far as the animals, I didn't do a great job at doing this daily ritual, shame on me, but what little I did do, I think it worked, and am going to start today with a promise to my poor itchy dogs, and will update this every week or so to let you know if it seems to be working. I would put a teaspoon of white vinegar in their 3 1/2 c. water bowl every morning, the odor/taste disappears after a bit . Supposedly the odor/taste of the vinegar seeps through the animals skin, (not where we can smell it) and deters the fleas and ticks from biting, again this doesn't kill /the critters, it just gives them a bad taste. Garlic (not odorless garlic pills) is also not only good for all of us, but the same thing, the odor seeps out of the skin. I think this idea would work on us humans as well so I am going to figure out how to eat a cloves worth of minced garlic everyday. Good luck to all!

Lehigh Acres, FL

Getting rid of fleas is a two step process: vacuuming and spraying. Use a fresh vacuum bag so that air flow will not be restricted by debris collected by earlier vacuuming. Fill a small home & garden sprayer with 1 gallon vinegar, ½ gallon water, 16 oz lemon juice and 8 oz of witch hazel. After vacuuming, spray vinegar mixture using a heavy spray (not a stream however). Spray carpets, sofas, chairs, human and pet bedding, window sills, and bare floors. If you have a bad infestation, repeat every 12 hours for two days. When fleas are barely noticeably, repeat every 3 days. After fleas are gone, repeat once every week until flea season is over. We have 15 cats (8 of which are indoor only). We needed to find a solution that was not expensive and not toxic – We have used this method for two years with excellent results. If you start treatment at beginning of flea season, you will probably not need to do this more than once a week for the whole season.


Apply Johnson's Baby powder.

Then bath/shower to get the powder off you're pet.


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