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i am an organic gardener and have used a mixture of soap and water to kill bugs on trees and bushes. then my cat got fleas and after reading how they use dawn brand dish soap to save animals after oil spills i figured it couldn't hurt. so i mix the dish soap method, (and since lavender is suppose to repel them too i personally use lavander scented dish soap) and then rub it on to the cats (if your animal lets you bath them that would be best but my cats will just claw me apart) then take just water in a bowl and pet them with small amounts of water in my hand to rinse them. it seems to work


i have been seeing fleas and a few ticks ticks in my home especially near the windows and the computer. I vacuumed the entire house and then mopped the floors with this remedy, which helps with mosquitos as well
I gallon warm water
20 drops of citronella oil
10 drops of tea tree oil
10 drops of lemongrass oil
5 drops of geranium oil

The house smells amazingly fresh and I haven't seen any of the critters yet. I will keep mopping once a week and see how it goes


So be careful with any non dog shampoo,it may work but it didn't mean it's OK for ur dogs skin. I'm a retired groomer, and the best thing I have found is :
2 lemons cut in to 4ths then put about 3 -4 cups of water in a pan an boil the lemons. In it for about 30 min. Let cool an strain. Use a clean sponge to lightly cover ur dog in the lemon juice. Do this every 12 hours. Then use same parts salt an backing soda on anything u can vacuum. It dehydrates the fleas. Vacuum every 3-6 hr. Repeat as needed


I am shocked at how many toxic products people are using on their pets. Some of them are Dawn, Pine-Sol, Chlorine, Sevin (????!!!!), Downy,commercial flea killers like Advantage, Essential oil and garlic for cats (dangerous to cats). All of these are toxic to both people and pets!

Stop and think people please!


I wash my animals in Ajax it kills fleas, & ticks. I also keep a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of tea tree oil (Shake well before each use) and I spray them down with this when they go out or come into the house. If they are in your home just sprinkle Borax onto your floors and leave it for a little while, (you will see instant results)then just vacuum up. I havent had any flea problems since Ive started using this method.

Cynthia McBride

I have several dogs and several cats and I just can not afford the Frontline medication for all of them! A retired veterinarian friend gave me this remedy a couple of years ago and it DOES WORK!

Buy a bottle of Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. You can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere gardening supplies can be found. It comes in about a quart sized plastic blue bottle.

Shake the bottle, then dip your finger (or a Q-Tip) in and apply to your dog just like you would apply Frontline, between the shoulders, down to the skin. I use it about once a month, or once every three weeks if there is a real problem.

You can even use this on cats, although I do not like to put anything on cats if I don't need to. I have found that if I treat all of the dogs, the cats automatically get treated, because all of the fleas eventually die from the dogs. Therefore, I hardly ever apply it to the cats.

One of my dogs is allergic to fleas and he no longer has bald spots from flea bites itching him! THIS STUFF WORKS! And it is a lot cheaper than the medications!


For fast flea removal from your cat or dog! Wash them with plain old blue Dawn dish detergent. South Georgia fleas don't play at all. I wasn't dogs & cat oncea week with Dawn, I rewash with oatmeal pet shampoo to moisturize their coat and skin. You can see the fleas dying on contact!


What is everyone thinkin on the whole Garlic thing for dogs. Dont you check out the things that you are giving or putting in your dog stuff or food. It says Proven fact that Garlic can actually be deadly to dogs. It is right up there along with the Chocolate. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFOR MIXING AND MATCHING THINGS FOR YOUR PETS!!!


When my cat was young I used to wash him using my lavender shampoo since that's all I had and he never had fleas. It wasn't until years later I found out that lavender is a natural insect repelant & killer. I've used lavender scented spray to keep fleas away and my friend has used a lavender oil and water mixture. So if you have a young ones (animal or human), use lavender on them.

Happy Mom

My little boy had been bitten by fleas and was very itchy. The bites were only a few hours old. I applied calamine lotion liberly to all areas and within a few minutes the itching stopped. I was amazed when a few hours later his skin had totally cleared and the bite marks had also totally vanished. Hope this helps someone.

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