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LUSH! lush cosmetics makes these shampoo solid bars called jumping juniper or snake oil scalp treatment and they both have lavender and other natural oils that are harmless to cats. the company doesn't test on animals but Ive washed my 2 Siamese and they hate baths surprisingly i dunno if it was the lavender or the fact that they weren't itching cuz the water im sure made them jump off but they were calm and handled it very well.

I then took LUSH's sea vegetable soap (im sure you can use the shampoo bars) and i put it in a spray bottle with a mix of everything i heard well: vinegar, water, lush's sea vegetable, Epsom salt and baking soda lol sprayed it on the carpet after i vacuumed, then hours later sprayed again and vacuumed and were all good now. you can even use the soap to make fleas stay off you. they hate lavender plus the products in general are amazing. good luck


My cat pulled out her fur, as she developed a flea allergy. Based on the lavender oil idea, I have used sudacream on my cat to sooth flea bites and the allergy. She doesn't seem to mind it because the smell isn't too strong and her fur is now growing back.

Pati from Arkansas

I tried the baking soda, salt and borax combination (1cup ea) for each carpeted room, left for several days, vaccuumed and re-applied. Bathed each of my 9 cats! Washed all bedding, mine and theirs. That's where I am now, I am sure I'll have to do it all over again, I was just burdened with fleas - but have controlled it so far.
Unforturnately, its a never ending task. If you love your pets. . . .
Thanks all for your tips.


I made up my own carpet fresh using equal parts baking soda and salt with a little scented oil then after sprinkling on the carpet, brushed it in with a broom and let it set for a day before vacuuming. It helps with odors and fleas. I also wash my animals with ivory lavender soap and I have a mixture of peppermint, citronella and ginger oil I spray on them ever so often. Works great!


so I live in the woods and dogs love running and playing in the woods .deer ticks are bad and carry Lyme disease.and fleas are major bad ..i use to give the pills from vet but they are I bath them both with a cheap flea soap. first invest in a removeable shower head with a hard massage i use hard setting on my shizshu and just spay her for a good 15 min an the fleas come off in droves then i shampoo an let sit for a few mins then hose her off let her dry. take a pot boil water then turn off heat put a whole sliced lemon in water and cover let sit over night to seep then pour in good spay bottle invest in a flea comb spay everyday and comb fleas hate citrus... do test area first some dogs are allergic to's amazing it works great.for ticks this is a southern hunters secret. take good ole vicks vapor rub and q-tip rub on tick have tweezers give a sec and it will unattach from animal and u just pull off Donot pull a tick off period if it's attached the head will be left embedded in skin an can still cause anemia and death..I was raised by a pest control owner.also methol back rub works too any menthol rub etc... hope it helps everyone


Anything with Tea Tree Oil works great, but when using pure tea tree oil, you MUST dilute it. It can irritate your pets skin, and can harm your pet as well, if used full strength. I have found a product in the ethnic hair care section of a local store that works great- Hollywood Beauty tea Tree Oil Skin and Scalp Treatment. It cost about $3 for a 2 oz bottle. It kills the fleas on contact, and if you just treat one area, you can see for yourself that fleas don't like it. They won't go near the treated area!
I and many of my animal loving friends have also found that Avon's Original Skin So Soft bath oil works great. I even know horse breeders and trainers that use it to keep flies and knats off of the horses. Use caution with both products- avoid getting in eyes, nose, mouth.


I noticed someone posted they used Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. Notice the word 'feed'? That's fertilizer and it can kill your dog. Bayer used to make a Tree and Shrub Protect product without fertilizer, which was safe to use. Protect and Feed is NOT. The active ingredient in Bayer and Ortho Max lawn and garden insecticide is Imidocloprid. It's the same active ingredient that's in Advantage. If Advantage doesn't work on your dog but Frontline does, the active ingredient is Fipronil. The same active ingredient is found in Termidor termite spray. Buy the concentrate and dilute it to the same strength as the spot on treatment for dogs and it's safe to use. We dilute the Imidacloprid product (ours is .74%) 1:1 with water and spray it on the dogs or wipe it on with gauze 4x4's. Kills the fleas on contact. Then we comb them using a flea comb and a bowl of water with a little liquid lavender bath soap. When I bathe them, I bathe them in the lavender soap. We use diatomaceous earth (food grade) swept into the carpeting, but you can buy a powder from Flea Busters that is made up of DE and borax and is guaranteed to kill every flea in your house for 1 year ... money back.

Just don't put anything with fertilizer on your dog!!


I came up with the SAME recipe as Maddie (below) for ticks; except....I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap in place of the dish soap. Dr Bronner's is available in some drugstores and most health food stores.
It worked beautifully.


Okay, our dog had fleas a while back. All you need is:
-spray bottle
-lavender body wash
-tea tree oil shampoo
-100% pure tea tree oil
-palmolive apple soap
1. Mix the tea tree oil & shampoo together give it a good shake, add the rest of the ingredients, you should have about 30 drops in the bottle of tea tree oil, 10 squirts of the shampoo. you want about half a cup of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of lavender soap. with the dish soap add about 2 table spoons, mix and **RINSE & WASH THE DOG/CAT WITH NORMAL SHAMPOO BEFORE THE TREATMENT** Then wash the pet with the treatment, you should do this weekly for about 3 weeks, hint: vacuum your carpets and wash all laundry while in the process of treating your pet.


1000 mg Fish Oil to reduce itching by about 40% with fleas. I went to my vet today to discuss natural remedies for allergies. He said it is okay to use Brewer's Yeast, fish oil and some oils such as lavender placed on the collar as a repellent. When I mentioned GARLIC he said 'oh no, absolutely no garlic'. He said it will cause renal failure in cats and dogs. I noticed on some sites and postings people mentioning garlic. I you love your pet and want to keep your money then protect your pet from future health problems.

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