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I grew up on a farm and we had farm dogs and house dogs. They all were always fed people food with garlic in it. (Mom was a big garlic lover and the cook) These dogs lived to ripe old ages (16 to 18 years) and never once were we told the garlic was harmful by our vet.

Now a days I live in town and both my dogs eats table scraps and if there is garlic in it, they eat it. Both have yearly vet check ups and both pass with flying colors. All though the older one has been allergic to corn since he was a puppy, he is now going on 14 and as long as I don't feed him corn, he is perfectly fine.

I also use Dawn dish soap to wash them in if the fleas are bad, usually around mid summer since we live in a sandy area. I use an organic oatmeal shampoo from the feed/farm supply store with every other bath for them. The oatmeal helps with the itching and cools any inflamed skin as well. We have wooden floors so we don't usually get fleas too badly in the house, but I have had to use baking soda before when we lived in a carpeted house. Regular vacuuming works too! Even daily, until your flea problem is gone.


So i read about using dawn dish soap by i was at my whits end with these fleas. So i tried it and it works amazingly. The fleas literally dropped into the tub and off my poor babies. They have been out of the bath for 5monutes and they haven't scratched once. Its a God send. Thanks to all the posts i am getting rid of these fleas.


Baths with Ivory liquid work great on dogs and cats. This remedy was recommemded to us by a vet over 30 years ago and still works well.

For fleas in a room, believe it or not, I found that flea traps do work! No chemicals, just a small light that stays cool, with a sticky pad on the bottom that catches the fleas. And no danger to the animals, except if your dog's tail brushes the sticky pad and comes walking into the kitchen with it as a tail accessory.

When I bought it this summer, I was VERY skeptical. However, it, along with a daily vacuum, worked. The replaceable sticky bottom would be loaded by the end of the week.


This worked for me when my house, pets, and yard were infested with fleas. I have cats and dogs. I took dry citrus peals, any kind, and broke them up and scattered them all over the house and yard over a few day's time. I took more citrus peel and put into the blender, filling it with water and making a spray liquid. I then bottled it and sprayed the dogs, (not good to spray cats directly), the carpet, the dogs' bedding, and the yard where the dogs hung out. This helped the fleas dissappear within a week. Every summer I use orange peels in the yard and in the dogs bedding. No problem for 4 years.


This works great for my dogs. Spray with small amt. Dawn and tea spoon Palmolive in sprayer from Home Depot or Lowes. Water should be dark green. Wash dogs with water after spraying. Spray with cup sulfur powder mixed with water in sprayer. Get sulfur powder from feed store for about $6.00. Make sure it is straight sulfur, no chemicals. Wash once a week or sooner. Spray grounds where dogs sleep. Stop the dogs in winter, but spray grounds for eggs.

Dr. Mustafa Ali

The best kept secret for killing fleas and ticks that almost all groomers use is flat out Dish detergent like Dawn and bath ur pets making sure to throughly lather complete coat of dog or cat. Then rinse making sure all soap is off . This will dry out the skin so u must use a moisturizer afterwards to replenish skin. Then use baby oil and rub LITTLE all over coat mainly center if back. Baby oil is a natural anti-bug application that can also be used on humans for same purpose.
Trick is proper diet and regular baths and ur pets will be good.
Do not use food that contains garlic or corn and stay away from rawhides.
Im speaking with 20you years of experience in dog training and dog showing.


heres how we rid our carpeted home from flea infestation, after spending 0ver 300 on products that did not make any difference this will explain how we did it for a few pounds. things that did not work, we bought an expensive dehumidifier, this was to stop flea cycle as they cannot breed if humidity is less than 50% well that did not work because you can only keep your room below that for a certain amount of time, it goes back up when you open doors etc.

We bought borox - lots of it and covered the carpets for a week, and still healthy adult fleas were jumping on us.
we bought Diatomaceous Earth which was to cut fleas to bits when they passed over it approx five times, hmm we put live fleas in a bowl of this earth and after 5 hours of walking on nothing else they did not die.

We used foggers in every room at the same time, may have helped but did not eliminate, we used sprays which only works on the adult fleas not eggs, so still we had them.

This is how we sorted them, first we bagged most of our clothes and bedding in storage vaculm bags and took all the air out, then in time submerged the clothes in water and hot washed them, put them back in bags till we knew all our fleas had gone.

second thing we did was flea injection from vet that lasts 6 months called 'project' its available in uk and usa about £25 - this is different to other flea treatment it just stops fleas reproducing.

next step was to vaculm everyday pulling out settee etc

tehn we bough some cheap solor paneled garden lights from pound shop and some large plastic trays each night we placed the trays down on the floor filled them with water with washing up liquid in them and then put a light in the middle of the tray, every morning the trays would have dead fleas in them as they jump towards the light but drown in the water.

do this every night and you will see less and less fleas in the tray each time, till all the fleas have gone.

hope my post will save you a lot of money and help rid those fleas


Please...I am a vet tech and Garlic in any form is poisonus to your dog it can cause renal failure. what i use is plain ivory soap mixed with lavender from my plant. also for carpets n bedding.. i take the fresh sprigs of lavender add some water heat to a boil then cool. put it in a spray bottle with lemon juice and spray everywhere. also equal parts of borax and salt mixed in a shaker is great for carpeting. you will need to leave it on the carpet for 24 hrs. repeat every 3 days for 3 weeks. also bathe your dog twice a week for 3 weeks and poof! they are gone without harsh chemicals that may harm ur dog or you!


Hi my name is Kelly I am from Indiana... First of all the past couple years have been really bad for Fleas... I noticed everytime I bathed my Dogs in the medicated Flea & Tick killer Shampoos it was making my Dogs act like they didnt feel good for a day or so... so I had ran out of Flea & Tick shampoo and I picked up the Johnsons Lavender bathtime wash for my Grandaughters and thought it could be used on a baby then why not a Dog.... so I tried it... IT WAS GREAT.... not only to kill the Fleas but also as a Deoderizer... and You can use it as much as 2 times a week for relief of the fleas... Now after a Bath... My Dogs run rapid thru the house ... I have also been in touch w/ Johnsons & Johnsons to let them know of my findings and to help us Pet Lovers find a solution to the Flea Problems... I also tried a heavy conditioner to help the dead fleas slide right off for dogs that have longer hair... Hope It helps you... Enjoy

Jessica from BC

Hi, okay this is what worked for us. We have a small dog and he, my daughter and I were getting eaten alive by fleas. I tried baking soda for the carpets and borax and all that, but it didn't work. This is what worked. We live in BC Canada, so I had to cross the border to buy these, it's called, Ecosmart ORGANIC insect killer for lawns and landscapes (home depot) and Ortho MAX tree and shrub insect control (Walmart). I think in total it was like 25 dollars. I gave my dog a bath and placed about 1 mL (1/2 water 1/2 ortho mixed by me) on the base of his neck, close to the head just as you would with Bayer advantage (same ingredients). So for the entire house, I sprayed the ORGANIC stuff, full strength Make sure you wash the dog and treat him first, then same day, spray the house and leave all day. When we got home, it was awesome, we aired out the house and there were no more fleas. The Ecosmart is safe for dogs and kids as you will read on the label. Just be sure you leave after spraying, it has a strong smell that will start fading after awhile. Even better, spray before you go on a trip. This worked so well for us, I HAD to share it!!

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