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After reading some of the remedies submitted here about getting rid of fleas (and being overrun with them) I decided to give the Dawn dish liquid remedy a try. I had no sooner lathered up my poor little dog with the Dawn than the fleas just dropped off her into the tub. I let the lather stay on her coat for a good 3 or 4 minutes and after she was rinsed and dried off I found ONE flea and it was dead. *big smile*
Dawn dish liquid is a miracle when it comes to getting rid of fleas on your dog. Thanks for the info.


I tried Pet Armor...less than a week later, my 2 havanese & 1 Jack Russell were digging at fleas again. So I spent the money for Frontline Plus. Within days, you guessed it! My littlest Havanese has chewed so much that he has sores on his bald leg! (Havs are long haired, for those who don't know.) I went to the local pet store and they had no other ideas as they normally recommend the Frontline Plus. So I returned home thinking about what some people have told me and other things I knew. A friend mentioned vinegar, and I know fleas can't stand salt. I dumped about an inch of salt into the bottle of a spray bottle then filled it half-way with white vinegar & the rest the way with water and shook it up. I saturated the dogs with the mixture, making sure to get all the way to the skin. I left it on several minutes, until it was almost dry. Next I bathed my guys in dish soap-lots of dish soap. After I rinsed them, I put conditioner on them because 'pickling' them was very drying on their hair & skin. I saw tons of fleas in the water, & I just checked and though they still have a few fleas, the blood suckers are moving very slow...In a few days, I will do it all over again, but I think I will add lemon juice to the mixture as I hear fleas hate citrus too. Hopefully, getting rid of the live ones will allow the Frontline to control any new ones...Btw, adding vinegar to their water doesn’t help control fleas…I have been doing that flor several months, as it does get rid of tear stains-it changes the ph…


A few years ago our house had a BAD infestation of fleas. I bombed our house every other day for 2 weeks. It was so bad that we couldn't even stay in it. I asked an old farmer that lived down the road if he knew of any old remedies & he said let me think about it. A few days later he brought me a sack full of horse apples/bodarc apples. He said he wasn't for sure if they'd work with fleas but would be worth a try since they work on lots of other pests. You cut them in half and throw them around the perimeter of where you want to treat. Our house is pier and beam so I threw them under the house as well as in the attic. The very next day, we were able to move back home. Have not seen 1 flea, field mouse, grass snake, or anything since this treatment. Hope this helps someone

Ashley young

My remedy is bathing the dog in dawn like my mother does or aveda shampur it is cheap and all natural. And what evers in it the flees dont like it. Then rub tea tree oil on the dog. I usually go back three or four times. But the tea tree oil seems to kill them in contact. I got this remedy from my techer, who swore by it. And it had me at ' all the flees are dead' I assume as long as the dog smells like tea tree oil the flees what nothing to do with him


when i was growing up my parents bathed the dog with dawn dish soap and tide laundry soap tide works and after they dried they sprinkled jus a lil on the top of their back a line from neck to butt of 7 dust and that works.. i have a golden retriever on him i use dish soap and tide something in that tide they dont like so far no fleas and i never bought flea meds for him tide works and they smell good to


I had fleas recently and I wanted to share the synthesis of different remedies I got from this site, which ended up working for me.

All in the space of a few hours, I put a layer of boric acid from the pet store over all the couches, upholstery, carpet and rugs I could find. Then I took a spray bottle containing mostly Tom's of Maine mint mouthwash, some fresh lemon juice (2-3 lemons), and several drops of eucalyptus oil and sprayed a liberal dose on top of the boric acid. Then I mopped all the wooden floors and linoleum with lemon-scented Pine-Sol. Finally, I activated an Ace Hardware store-brand 'Indoor Fogger' on a table in the middle of each room and let them work for the time indicated on each.

When the fog had cleared out, I went back in and vacuumed every surface I could find and immediately threw the bags in the trash outside. Then I applied Advantage to our two cats who started the whole mess. We haven't seen any fleas in about a month, knock on wood. I'd like to think they simply couldn't stand that eucalyptus-mint smell and got out of town; I really got the furniture soaking wet with the spray. YMMV.


The best remedy: B so I bombed the house and used borax and a flea killer spray from lowes but on the dog I washed her and did a flea dip then put advantage || on her as well as this spray called sentry natural defense flea and tick
Spray and I have not seen one flea on her. I think this spray is amazing!!!!


I've read a lot of remedies and so far the best solution seems to be that first you wash your pet with dawn soap and then apply a home made topical ointment to leave in that has vinegar, lavender, and citrus oils in it. Also the lavender sprayed on the carpet or vinegar on tile or wood floors helps and regular vacuuming. Hopefully this works. I'll let u know!


I got a tip from the Farmers Almanac for fleas, steep [a low boil] of rosemary in water for around 20 min. you'll get this brown water, after completely vacuuming everything, wipe down all hard surfaces and spray [bottle] furniture, under cushions and under the base, the idea is to hit everything. I once had a bad flea infestation and did this, they were gone the next day.


If you give the dog a piece of raw liver after he eats it, the ticks will come right off the dog, my problem is how to get rid of them from your yard or house prior residents that had a dog and did not take good care of their pet

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