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This isnt really a home remedy but it will make your flea shampoo stretch your hard working dollar!

1 Empty Shampoo Bottle

1 / 3 Hardz Flea & Tick Shampoo

1 / 3 Dawn Original Washing Liquid

1 / 3 Favorite Smelling Conditioner

Mix well & you will have the best flea shampoo & conditioner combined!

- Is thinner so easy to work with!

- Takes less than usual shampoo!

- Lathers quick!

- Kills flea almost instantly!

- Conditions the skin & fur!


try using a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in your pets food or water fleas and ticks hate the taste and it will keep them off to get rid of adult fleas bath your pet first completely rinse spray a mixture of vinegar and water on your dog let air dry comb and dead ticks or fleas off at this time rinse pet vinegar also adds a natural sheen to pets coats


Garlic! Sounds odd i know. But I put 4-5 cloves in my dogs food 2-3 times a week and all the little blood suckers stay away from him. (May want to ajust according to your pets weight) i have a 95 pound german shepard. Before i started this I was find tons on not only my dog but myself and my kids, since I started this no one has found a single one. Even the mosquitos stay away.

Dena Lou

Ok, y'all won't believe all the things I've tried! We sprinkled our lawn w/ a 'Sevin' product. We have bathed our dogs in everything! Anything you bathe them in kills the fleas on contact (hartz dog shampoo, baby shampoo, anything). I believe it must not be killing the eggs. We fogged our house the same day we bathed the dogs in 'flea killer' shampoo...4 days ago. they are covered again! The fleas are still jumping on us from the carpet! This is driving me crazy! Everyone says dawn works, but surely it doesn't kill the eggs? we have been giving the dogs brewers yeast tablets for several weeks. We have used Pet Armour treatment you put on their back (same medicated ingredient as Frontline, which didn't work last time I used it either). All of these treatments have been over the last month! This is ridiculous! we are desperate! don't want to resort to spending $100 to get them flea dipped!


I used to do a mixture of 3/4 head and shoulders dandruff shampoo and 1/4 water (the straight shampoo was too powerful for my dog's skin so it was best to dillute it a little bit). The fleas would literally jump off into the water as I massaged it into his fur. Worked every time!


For My dog it seemed like nothing worked and I got on here and read about everyone posting about Dawn. I tried that a few times and it didnt seem to work as well so I decided to come up with my own. I used baking soda, blue dawn as well as the pineapple dawn(to make her smell good) and also conditioner, a flea shampoo, and also skin so soft oil. when i washed my dog in this she absolutely loved it and she usually hates baths. after i washed her I took a lice comb and combed over her to make sure all the fleas were gone. all the fleas that I found were dead and she was too excited.

Sgt. Randy Hammontree

I just found this site about 30 minutes ago because my wife and I tried 3 of the Zodiac foggers yesterday and when we returned home not only were the fleas still alive but a few were just hanging out on the cans. The rest were jumping and clinging to our legs as we walked through the house. Needless to say, I will be going back to Pet Supply and demanding a refund tomorrow!

We bathed our male cat 'Buddy' with Blue Dawn and it worked great, except for all the ones that ran to his belly as he let us know he was tired of bathing lol. We then took a flea comb to him and dried him. He was purring and so relieved, before the bath he was staying on the top shelf of the closet like he was trying to avoid the hardwood floor. Tonight he jumped in bed with us acting crazy so I got up and he led me to the sink and jumped in like he wanted a bath. So that led me to this site for help.

I read a lot on here about citrus working well to get rid of fleas so after searching through the house all I could find was Citrus Spic and Span. I tested it by putting a lamp between my feet which attracted the fleas then I sprayed my legs with the Spic and Span. The young ones died soon as the spray hit them and the older ones lasted no longer than 4 or 5 seconds before they died. So I have sprayed they whole house with it and can walk through now without 10 or more being on my legs.. Yay!!

So in conclusion, Zodiac Foggers = waste of money, Citrus Spic and Span = great temporary, hopefully long term solution.. Hope this helps someone..


I know this is all about home remedies, but sometimes the best way is to do it with chemicals. I used to work for a pest control company, and inside the house, you will need to vacum all the carpets and then throw the bag away(immediately) You're sucking up as many live fleas and eggs as you can. Then lightly spray with Ultracide IGR (found on Amazon for about $20) The IGR is growth inhibiter which will kill them instantly and cause mutations in the eggs, so they won't hatch. It lasts for nearly 120 days. I do it in the spring, once and it's good for he year. Very bad ti inhale, so have your family go grab a bite to eat while you spray this stuff.

Also, get a quart of Permethrin SFR for about $30 on Amazon, as well. Mix 2-3 tablespoons per gallon of water in a yard sprayer and spray the grass and plants around your house. (note that this is the same spray that they use for an 'eve and perimeter' spray that usually costs approx. $300) you can also spray the permethrin on your house eves and windows, it will kill wasps, spiders, roaches, and basically anything that crawls. Just keep your kids and animals out of it till it dries.

Then you can also dip(or sponge) your dog in a Permethrin-10 mixture. This is also found on Amazon for about $8.00 this will last about 3-4 weeks. So it will keep fleas and ticks off your animals and out of your house. It may not be the most natural and holistic approach, but anything else will have you treating your home over and over, as the eggs will continue to hatch if you don't include a growth inhibiter.


Omg, I tried regular blue Dawn on my German Shepherd AND my cat....I could not believe how fast it killed those fleas!! I was in TOTAL SHOCK!!!!!! Now, I don't know how long it will last, but hopefully it'll last for 3 days til payday when I can get their pills from the Vet. But for those on a budget that need a QUICK FIX, blue Dawn soap is an EXTREMELY CHEAP sure fire way to get rid of those fleas....and it cleans your pet too, so you're killing two birds with one stone!!


I used for all insects inside the house RAID FUMIGATOR. It is a smoke not a spray bomb. They come 3 in a box and the animals cannot be inside when you do this but by the time we got home to raise the windows all insects were either dead or crawling out of every crack on the outside running away. We had no more problems for at least 6 months. They cost about 20 bucks a box.

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