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I’ve read ALL the tips and tried most of them. The one that worked best for me on the carpet is Dawn and water spray, it killed them instantly. The Pine Sol also works but takes longer to kill. Now, for my tip…if you pick the fleas off your pet and have a problem ‘catching them’, espically if you see more than one, keep some chap stick near by and just dab them with that…they cannot move! Dab all you see and then go back and pluck them off. I put several that I caught this way in a capped jar and they were dead the next day.


HALLALUAUH !!!! I have tried a ton of remedies, Dawn dish liquid, diatomaceous earth,citrus spray, you name it, and what I have found that works is Neem Oil (mixed 1part neem oil/3 parts water). I also got all natural Peppermint oil and rubbed it on the outside of her leather collar. I have to spray her a few times a day but she's not scratching half as much as she was. They also make Neem Ointment for irritated skin, (from all her scratching). Hopes this helps others with their flea problem. Also I was told to put a small dish out on the carpet with Apple cider vinegar in it and cover it with plastic wrap with an elastic and pierce a tiny hole in it with the very sharp pencil. The fleas are attracted to it and they will go to the scent and climb inside the whole, but you have to make the puncture so small that they don't find their way back out. Eventually they will die. You have to just make sure you shut off the room to your animals or the fleas will jump all over the animals instead of heading for the dish,
and put this stuff out at night before you go to
Good Luck to All with the War On Fleas :)


Okay so I searched several websites and several options to avoid pesticides. I had a garage full of fleas everytime I went to the washer and dryer it was a nightmare. And slowly some drifted indoors. I started to combine several of people's suggestions. I tried a mixture of borax, powdered salt, and baking soda let it sit for a few days I went in and swept the pile up bagged it several times and threw it away (IT KILLED THEM). I then grabbed dawn dish soap and pine sol and started to mop my garage floor and house floors. I then made a concoction of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar and sprayed my house, my garage walls, and everything I could spray especially our dogs. I then powdered the carpet with baking soda and I am happy to say I have a clean garage. I have a few compared to the infestion I won't leave it to chance and I will continue to use these items continuously. I have boiled lemons and use it as a cleaner, since fleas hate that citrus smell, plus if my boys get a hold of it I don't have to worry because it is non toxic. I use the lemon rinds and place them in my garage. I am really happy with the results and thought I should share, plus dawn dish soap is great for washing fleas off the pets and chlorine water knocks them off but that is suggested once a week since the cholorine will dry their skins. Hope I could be of some help my next goal is to plant lemon grass and eucalyptus around my home to keep my yard flea free.


Mix half baking soday and half salt, cover the area where the fleas are, wait 24 hours and vacuum. I also put a bowl of water with a lamp about 6 inches from the water and you can watch the fleas jumping in. Also for your yard, sprinkle dry washing powders, does not matter what kind.


My husband and I came across some young kittens and we took them in. Before we knew it we had fleas in the house despite my efforts with on spot treatments and flea collars and baths. I laid down salt, borax, and baking soda one night and the next morning vacuumed the whole house. I think I vacuumed 4 times that day and then everyday following I have vacuumed once and mopped with lavendar and bleach. Its been about a week now and the fleas are almost nonexistant! The cats are outside and doing well with capstar and revolution even though it is expensive, it does work. We live out in the country, in the woodline so I am impressed with the results. We do find a once and a while flea but that's to be expected especially with the traffic in and out of the house and you just cannot find and kill every single one of them overnight! The key is vacuum vacuum vacuum!


I think using natural things like ROSEMARY is the way to go!! Everyone here seems to be so blinded by killing the fleas that they don't realize they are all poisoning and slowly killing their dogs and cats!!!! It is really bad to use shampoos with chemicals to wash the animals and then to use FRONTLINE with more chemicals!!! And SEVEN is horrible!! Even using that on your lawn can pollute well water and who knows what else! Do your research first on anything you are going to put on your animals and especially your children!! Have you ever read whats in your shampoo?? Your pets shampoo? Wake up!!


Whenever I shampoo my carpet I mix 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup white vinegar in my carpet cleaner.

Vinegar neutralizes accidental urine accidents and really cleans my carpets without the need for expensive carpet cleaner and the salt dehydrates any creepy crawler including ticks & fleas.

You can mix a spray bottle solution containing 5 teaspoons salt, ¼ cup vinegar and fill the rest of the bottle with water to spray under sofa cushions (let the treated area dry before replacing the cushions).


Hi All,

I googled home remdies last week in desperation as my poor Jack Russel struggles so much and chews her back and feet raw from the resulting allergy. I find products like Frontline dont work very well and are very expensive when you have lots of pets (I have 6).

There were so many options that I just combind the ones I felt were best, and Ive had such great results. Lulu's back is already starting to clear up a week later and I havent noticed any fleas on any of my 6 animals so far.

I used the following combination:

Presoak: several lemons boiled in water with a few teaspoons of salt. Once cooled, I added vinegar to this and sprayed their coats as solidily as they would allow, then left to dry.

Wash: I mixed Johnsons baby bedtime bath or shampoo, with a dishwashing liquid and a washing powder, and lathered them thoroughly before rinsing well.

Conditioning: I mixed 300mls Johnsons baby oil with 10 drops of each of the following essential oils: lavender, grapefruit and teatree. I massaged this into their coats as much as I could.

Sprinkle: I put a line of washing powder from each dogs neck to tail once they were compltely dry. I did not do this to the cats however.

I also used the peels of the lemons from the presoak to put under their bedding to help keep the fleas out and Ive been adding apple cider vinegar to their food about 3 times a week.

Its a fair amount of work, but just make it part of your routine and keep the washing days to a sunny weekend.

Seems to work for me, so I hope it does for you!

Good luck!


I tried every remedy and chemical out there. Spent a lot of money at the vet's and pet stores. I even doubled the amount of chemical with the chance of hurting my animals. I let the chemicals dry for several hours before I let her out (1 sm dog and a kitten). They are covered in fleas STILL grrrrr. What I found out and believe this or not I have tested it now for 2 years, Suave (has to be blue shampoo). Why blue shampoo, it is the blue dye that kills them instantly. My granddaughter came home from school with lice. We had to use the lice killing chemical, yet she still through out the lice season she came home with them. I asked the Pharmasists and she said...yep Suave blue colored shampoo. The dye is what killed them. So for the past year and a half we wash her hair with Suave (blue) and she is yet to bring lice home again. Just try it your out what $1.10? My friend had a Lab and he was covered in ticks and fleas, I took over 2 bottles of Suave and we gave him a good sudsy bath, we saw fleas and ticks dropping all over! I am going to try a mixture of Suave(blue), witch hazel, blue food coloring, and vinegar and spray my yard. I was told the winter was to mild (here in Arkansas)to kill the adult fleas this year and they are immune to all the chemicals (per vet tech.) I know all those brand names don't work. Yet if I see them dropping off dead from the kitten and dog when I shampoo, it has to do the same out side.

Anonymous the laundry isle....sprinkle on your carpet leave over night ..vacume up.kills larvae eggs and fleas .....all for less than 5 bucks ..I do this a couple times a year to kill anything in there .fleas can live up to a year withouta host. Dawn and apple cider works good but if you wanna kill them good sevin dust your cat..following directions on bottle tho.

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