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129 Home Remedies for Fleas and Ticks

momma J

Don't forget to spray the inside of your vacuum. You can use the same treatment that you use on the carpets. It will kill the fleas that didn't die before, or they could lay eggs in your vacuum and crawl right back out...




A good remedy for fleas in you yard is good old Ivory dis detergent. Pour a bottle (large one) into a garden hose sprayer. Attach the hose and spray the yard.


I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....


I read here about diatomaceous earth and have started looking where to buy it and use it as recommended here. I thought that it'll be available on a hardware store that sells gardening tools, etc. No luck.

Then I went on to look for a new dog shampoo and there I saw this bottle of powder. It says Fenobucarb, Doggie's Choice Pet House Cleaner, Anti-Parasitic. I went home, put it on the window sills, on the floor, on the ground outside my house but not on my dog. I sprayed some water on it and let it stayed for overnight. On the next day, the ticks are dead, like they dried out. So I went ahead and cleaned up the house, removed all the powder, and then had my dog washed with shampoo.

The next day, there are still some ticks but it is manageable.

I found out that fenobucarb is used mainly as a pesticide so I guess, it is better to use it sparingly.


PANIC! My strictly indoor cat somehow became a host for the dreading F word... Fleas. I was hysterical, I just finished school to become a phlebotomist and recently moved out of my parents house so in other words I am broke. I was glancing at home remedies online trying to see what seemed like the best way to rid my baby of fleas. It seemed that dawn was the best way without making her smell like a foot. I got into a rage against those bloodsuckers (if anyone is to be a 'vampire' in my house it's me), grabbed my bottle of blue dawn dish soap, and started for my cat with a wet washcloth. I wiped her down with the wet towel and a small drop of dawn that I started working into a lather. At first she HATED it but once she realized that the fleas were literally dying before my eyes before they had time to run or jump from her body, she loved it. My cat actually licked me as I cleaned her and willingly put her front paws on my shoulder to expose her belly. I read to leave it on for 5 minutes but in all honesty I lathered her up and rinsed her off immediately about 3 times. I'm still going to pick up a prescription flea killer for in the future but my cat is back to her normal self and flea free. Although be patient with your cat or dog, my cat is a lover and she was not thrilled when I rubbed her scabs thoroughly since she was sore in those areas.


Frustration has hit its limit! I have a pug and a chihuhua & have been religiously bathing them to try to keep the fleas at bay...they are nasty this summer! Been looking for home remedies that are within the realm of possibilites for our budget. Blue dawn followed by an oatmeal shampoo do make a difference but now I have worked up a hopeful solution...I have a small spray bottle that I put 2 capfuls of tea tree oil, 2 capfuls of lemongrass oil and fille with water. Just got done spraying Caesar and Pugsley-I am stunned! Fleas are quite literally dying before they can even jump off!
Now I think I am gonna try the salt/borax concoction for their sleeping areas as well as throughout the house!


I use a shampoo from a store named LUSH. This shampoo is all natural made with lavender, juniper, and other natural ingredients, it kills fleas on contact and my dog and cat love the relaxing qualities of the lavender.

Teresa F

I have found that the best way to keep fleas and ticks OFF your dogs all together is to put garlic in their food when you feed them. You can used minced or garlic powder in wet food or garlic juice on dry food. It only takes a little. Don't worry about the smell being on your dogs. You can't smell it but those blood thirsty creatures can and they stay away from them. This also works for intestinal worms. It makes the dogs intestines a nonfavorable environment and the eggs die off and pass in their stool, they never even get a chance to mature into adults. If your dog already has worms it works the same way. It makes it unfavorable, they die and pass in their stool. I've had vets tell me this is the best way to go because the creatures are starting to become immune to the chemicals and they don't work as well. I swear by this method and all three of my dogs have stayed flea, tick and worm free.


My entire apartment was infested with fleas,on our beds,carpet,couches, everywhere!I guarantee this will work for you!! Home remedy-
1)Pour salt on your carpet everywhere
2)Take a squirt bottle filled with lukewarm water,no soap! Fleas ingest salt become dehydrated and die.(Did this at night, and vacuumed them up in the morning.
Pet remedy-Sorry Avon, but your Skin So Soft oil killed my dogs fleas on contact!

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