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Fleas and Ticks Home Remedies

129 Home Remedies for Fleas and Ticks


sprinkle salt on carpets and it kills fleas


Wash you pet with SULFUR soap. I buy a kind with Lanolin. I foind the soap at the Mexican Grocery in my area. Sulfur Soap seems to kill and repell fleas.


Give your pet a bath in dawn dish-washing liquid the fleas die quickly.Also mix some in a sprayer to spray infested area`s they die to.


for fleas and ticks and critters of that nature try diatomacecous earth.
works pretty good. NOn toxic , can put in yard , house and on dog.


I have tried many different remedies to get rid of fleas. I have even tried using Borax by sprinkling on my carpet. Here is what I have done to rid my home of fleas. I bought a flea collar and chopped it up in several pieces and placed some of the pieces in my vacuum cleaner (I would replace those pieces every few weeks). I then would vacuum every day, making sure to dump the vacuum container outside after each time. I also bought Advantage from a Pet Hospital/Veterinarian (3 months use). I then choose a date to apply the medicine to my pet and did so religiously. My pets are indoor only and after 5 months of doing this…goodbye fleas.


Yeast pills that they sell at a vitamin store works really well for your animals with fleas or ticks.Just crush the pill in their food and you will see the results.


Try adding GARLIC to your pet's food... whether it's crushed, minced or powdered doesn't matter - just make sure it's natural and doesn't have lots of other stuff added. Just add as you would for your own food (consider the weight and portion of your animal)
Ticks especially are repelled by Garlic, and even if you find one on your animal, chances are it won't have rooted yet.
There are even yard sprays available made from garlic to keep ticks and fleas away.


For Fleas I vacuum my carpet really good, then I take my dogs flea shampoo and use it in my carpet cleaner. After the floors are dried, then I take and put Cascade on the carpet. Taking a broom and sweeping it into the carpet well. It takes a couple of weeks to see a big improvement, but it has worked for me for the last few years.


To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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