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Dishwashing soap! I've tried EVERYTHING. And my dog was being eaten up, and I felt so helpless! Instead of using dog shampoo, I used a dishwashing soap and then I let the soap sit on him for about ten minutes. I used alot of soap, and worked it into a thick lather. (my dog is half neufie, so he has a TON of hair) and it worked! I just checked on him for the second time, and the fleas were ALL dead, except for one spot under his elbow that I missed. And you can tell he feels SO much better :O) He laid down and just put his paw on my chest like 'Hey Mom, that Worked!' lol


My dog has fleas and got some sore and lost some fur from scratching. I rubbed aloe vera on he exosed skin . it immediatly started releling the inch and killing fleas. my dog loved it. It ade him feel much better. I am going to keep up with this treatment.


My dogs are on Raw Food and I never get any fleas. Garlic works as well.

Cuejoe's corner

Fellow Dog & Cat Lovers- I have to tell you about experince and to prove a point I'll tell you. I have 3 big dogs in the back yard and then there's Cuejoe he's the Chihuahua and spoiled rotten. He gets a bath 1 time a week 2 times if hes been car riding cause he will pick up a flea or 2 some places. I keep my house SUPER clean.Well, I heard you can get some K-9 advange for dogs for Fleas and I bought it and for the money I spent on it IT DOUBLED after Cuejoe started shaking his head so bad he wouldnt eat or drink, Dr, said he had a mild ear infection - WRONG- I took him home gave him a warm oatmeal bath,a tsp.of Benegryl and he ate and then I put out some water in a bowl and a light and I caught FLEAS sure but I was watching them they swam to the side and jumped out(WATCH THEM WITH A MAGINFIER)Then I put SOAPY WATER IN A DEEP BOWL AND LORD AND BEHOLD INSTANT FLEA KILLER LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE DEAD... HAPPY FLEA KILLING oh candles work good tooo.


Here's a rememdy that my Aunt suggested. Place a white bed sheet on the floor before going to bed, put a cookie sheet in the middle of the sheet and fill it with water, then put a small candle in the middle of the pan and yes, light it. The fleas are attracted to the light, they jump but cannot swim, so they drown. I have tried this remedy myself and was surprised at how many dead fleas were in the water the next morning.


take up your carpet! sweep or vacuum daily and mop with bleach water, wash pet bedding in bleach and detergent. ANY soap left on a pet for over 5 mins will kill fleas(not just dawn, any soap) treat them with flea dip or spray for fleas they encounter in the yard. the topicals work if you have endless money to do that(I have 8 dogs). mine get 2-3 fleas between baths between all eight of them. it works.


I had a box of floor tiles left from when I did my kitchen floor and found those work great. I just removed the paper on the back to expose the sticky side. I laid it down sticky side up in front of a night light. I would do this at night, so in the morning you could see how many actually would have jumped on you!

Ericka Eubanks

DOG: Give him/her a bath in downy. Let it set on them for 5-10 minutes. This suffocates the fleas on them and it makes your dog smell so good.
CARPET AND LAWN: Use 7-dust on carpet like other powdered deodorizers, leave on for 20+ minutes, then vacuum. Sprinkle on yard.

Shaina in AL


This is not a complete cure, but it helps to reduce fleas. Add as much apple cider vinegar to pets water as you can without them noticing the taste.
The fleas don't like it.


OK I did the borax thing tonight. I put it everywhere even in my bed... Also If you take 50% Dawn dish soap 50% water and work it into your dog and make a good lather the take a spray bottle with water and lather it up even more I LEFT IT ON FOR A HALF HR.. Its says 5 mins BUT I did a half hr.. It kills the fleas right before your eyes. Then I have would floors also so I to the dawn mixture and scrubbed the floors with that.. So I will let everyone know the out come... I have two golden's and they are going crazy and I feel so helpless.. I didn't know that fleas could make them sick... It's been a hr since I did the dawn mixture on them had they have not scratched since..

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