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So after my tenant moved out with her 'outside' dog and the signed contract that she had to have a flea collar-2-3 weeks later I was painting the interior and noticed fleas everywhere-they must have been in the larvae stage b/c I didn't notice them before. I did the fogger before I found out about Borax b/c it was vacant. I went in the next morning smiling (thinking I killed all you guys), but soon realized they were still there. I left angry and did research. I picked up Borax at Publix on the laundry aisle-9 boxes (only used 3)-lol. Here are the steps to get rid of them. By the way-when I went back that night to do the Borax, there were less fleas, so the fogger helped, but I think Borax is more efficient and it's not nearly as potent as the fogger. So you don't have to do the fogger.

Step 1. Vacuum 1st (it stimulates them and sucks up the live ones) and throw the bag out-for you people that wrap it up and put it in the freezer-it's not worth it if they get out.

Step 2: Wear a mask (not great to inhale while you are putting it down) and buy a can of Pringles for $1.00-throw out the chips and take a drill and make many, many holes. Even do one on the bottom (I'll explain later). Fill it with the 20 mule Borax and salt-doesn't have to be iodized and make sure there is more Borax (maybe 1/3 salt) than salt. Now you have a shaker that you can go around each room, closets, etc...-do not skip a room, closet, etc...The bottom of the pringles jar with the hole in it will show you the areas you do if you put it on the carpet as you are shaking. So when I shook it-I hit the ground with the jar.

Step 3: Take a broom and brush it in-this is an important step-again-don't skip this.

Step 4: Leave it in the carpet for as long as possible-goal is 7 days. Why? Because fleas don't die in an hour-Borax will dry the larvae out.

Step 5: Vacuum it all up and throw the bag away-Outside.

Still have fleas? Repeat process. Why? The larvae may be in different stages, so you may have to repeat. Mine was infested and this works. The only reason people are saying it does not work is because they are not giving it time (7 days) and not brushing it in with a broom-the eggs are down in the carpet-not on top. Stop reading and go to work-the cost was only about $3.50 per box and you can get it cheaper at Walmart. Exterminators are a waste of money. I promise it was easy and you will be flea free!

Donna Henderson

My dad trained bird dogs....crushed leaves from Maple tree and put in pen fleas


mix 3 equal parts of lemon scented joy, lemon scented ammonia, and mint equate mouthwash. and spray yard with also


This WORKS!!!start tx early in flea season, I have used for years, forgot where I found it.
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda
1 cup table salt.
Mix well and sprinkle evenly as possible on carpet, area rugs.
Leave overnight, vaccum well the next day. Repeat within 30 days, then as needed. I usually do it twice in warm/hot months. When you find it works then you can mix a large equal batch and save in plastic container, large salt shaker, what is best for you.
Non toxic. Repeat as needed.
Works like a charm. we have had at once 2 dogs extra large one Benji size indoor/outdoor. 5 cats indoor/outdoor..NO FLEAS = HAPPY FAMILY


instead of using water and a light try using cooking oil. It smothers the fleas before they can escape.


CONFORTIS is a pill you can buy from a vet. call around some will want you to make an appointment and some will not. I've tried advantage, and several other medications for my pug and the CONFORTIS really works and it's pretty cheap


I caught this trick by accident.. My dog needed a bath ASAP, and I did not have any pet shampoo. I got under the bathroom cabinet and found some HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo. I washed my dog in dandruff shampoo {I bet any brand will work}. To my surprise fleas were floating to the top of the water. it is a quick fix when you are desperate, but if you do not take other measure to prevent fleas, they will return.. Just let the dandruff shampoo sit on the pet for five minutes before rinsing.. You will have an instant result and your pet will thank you..


I hear that fleas are attracted to light/white...Haven't tried it myself yet but, a friend did. Put/get a night light low to the a bowl of dawn dish soap below it and supposedly fleas will jump to the light only to fall into their own bowl of soapy death!!


we have an incredibly bad infestation, we used a spray from the vet's, it seemed to work. 2 days later they were back worse than ever. We have done extensive research on the web and have found some help. Apple cider vinegar mixed 50% with water will repel the fleas from animals and people. We are going to try mopping with it, to see if it also kils them. We have tried the pan of water method, with some success, but we are trying to get rid of them faster. The poisons, foggers , etc don't seem to be working. It seems that the best way to go so far is natural methods

Dana Brown

I was having problems with flea coming into the house since i had no pets in the house they had to be coming in on our clothes. My mother inlaw told me to get some night lights and plug them in close to the floor. Then take a little bowl with warm water and dish soap and place under the lights. I was scepticle but when i went to set the bowl down i watched 3 fleas jump right in. It works. Plus it is safe to leave out at all times. I still keep the bowls and night lights out to this day. So far no fleas now.

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