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12 Home Remedies for Infection


Poisonous Bites

If the area turns beet red and or black, seek medical help, but also buy a lb of bacon- wrap the area with many strips (make sure you cover the entire area) overnight and by the next morning upon awakening, you will see most if not all of the infection gone and regular skin color. The bacon will be 'cooked' from the infection (dont eat) If you have some persistent redness do it again the following night. I was bitten, to this day i cant identify by what, but the sting was excrutiating. Went to the hospital as leg was turning black. Dr. said if your leg is redder tomorrow call 911. He gave me antibiotics. 5 days later, the red spot was larger and the dr. said there was a possibility they may have to take drastic measures.
A friend saved my life by bringing me the bacon. All the doctors were amazed!


To draw out an infection...Take a bar of Fels Naptha and grate it...add an equal amount of sugar...add water to form a paste. Apply on infected area and cover with bandage. May father used to use this on us as kids...I'm now 57 and I have used it all my life.

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