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79 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


When I have some tooth pain, I always use Anbesol, or Orajel. Anbesol seems to work better though. I've heard Orajel can make infections worse. One thing that always helps is if you swish your mouth around with some strong Rum, or Cognac. The stronger the better. It'll burn at first, but when you spit, the abcess sometimes will burst & relieve some of the pressure & pain. Clove oil is good, but it's hard to find, but you could probably order some from offline.


as crazy as it may sound i took 6 advils and now the tooth pain is gone feeling a lil better


My husband was in pain for weeks because of a tooth. Seeing as we do not have dental insurance going to see a dentist was not an option for us. So, I looked online and ran across this site. Thank the Lord! I ended up combining several techniques, first we tried a warm tea bag... not so successful. So I then warmed up some water and added 2 teaspoons of ground gloves and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. I mixed up really good and let him gargle and swish it around where the tooth was bothering him. He said this was awesome! It took him 3 or 4 times before the pain was almost completely gone. He then swished some cool water around and then put some vanilla extract on the tooth using a qtip. Awesome! Hope that this can help someone else! God Bless!

Dawn Duncan

Ok so my boyfriend has had this major toothache for days now and I mean he needs major work done on his teeth, they are really bad....I read several remedies on here and tried the vanilla extract but it didnt work for him, I have been putting a wet, hot towel against his jawline and it eases the pain, but the one remedie I found that really does work...dip a q tip in some tequila and rub your infected gum with it!!! WOW....Folks it really is a life saver, he said after the sting from the alcohol the pain completely went away!!! This was done at 4pm and did not have to do it again until the next morning around 9am...Don't put but a dab on a q tip...not enough to get u tipsy or alcohol smelling...


Assumed Cause : Over the last few days I have been brushing my teeth more (maybe 4 times a day) and deeper. Yesterday I had a fair bit of sugar in the afternoon (well alot), then I awoke 5.30am today with very strong tooth pains at the top back teeth on both sides of my mouth.

I'm pretty sure I have exposed nerves from burshing and the sugar irritated it so I am doing home remedies till the nerve is healed over.

For the short term the best thing is cotton wool buds in whiskey and held onto the area, the whiskey will numb and kill bacteria. Long term if the nerve is exposed dabbing sensitive toothpaste onto the tooth will help to build a layer of protection over the nerve.

This remedy is obviously not for cavities or major problems but if it is just from brushing too hard I would suggest using this remedy.


take a drop of cinnamin oil on your finger tip and massage it on the outside of your jaw where the pain is.. it dont take long at all.. less than 10 mins. it goes away. its also good for pain n e where elsc on your body. also good for nasia, put a drop on a rag n breath in through your mouth, its awsome! works great!


On a scale of one to ten, my tooth pain has been a 14.5 for the last two days. Can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't function (NOT a good thing when you've got a three year old and a one year old running around the house). I've been reading the suggestions on this site for hours, jumping up from the computer to try one or the other. Peppermint extract? Good - for about two and a half minutes. Hydrogen peroxide - OUCH. For a very long time. Swishing ice water - OMG WHAT WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? I've never felt pain like that in my whole life. So I've tried everything, including a Percocet left over from my last c-section, and nothing works for longer than 10 minutes. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This was my plan:
1. Brush. Very well, and for a very long time. Yes, it hurts. Yes, you're probably going to bleed. Do it anyway.
2. Floss. Again - OUCH. If you want, try coating the floss with some OTC tooth pain gel. It didn't make MY experience any more pleasant, but whatever works for you.
3. Salt water rinse. Warm water. Swish. Repeat.
4. Alka-seltzer. Yep. Sounds strange, but it has 325mg of aspirin per tablet. I used four tablets, because by this point, it felt like there was a tiny man standing on the edge of my tooth repeatedly stabbing the center with an icepick. Swish that around too.
5. Take a shot of whiskey. You can spit it out if you want, but I recommend swallowing, because step 6 isn't pretty.
6. Coat your entire toothbrush with clove oil. Don't go easy on it - saturate that thing. Then brush the affected area - tooth, gums and all. It burns. It tastes horrible. If you accidentally get it on your tongue (or worse, like I did, chapped lips) you're going to wish you'd repeated step 5 several more times. But once you get over the urge to throw up, it takes the pain away.
20 minutes ago, I couldn't see straight. Now, I still have pain, but it's manageable. How long it will last, I have no idea, nor do I know if it will work next time. For now, it's good enough.

trenton t.

Ok i think i can quote everybody when i say this. CRACKED TEETH HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!i was scrolling through here and found a few that mentioned tea bags. Well try this one out cuz i know it helped me out and i have a high tolerence to ALL pain relievers. (Including vicodin) take liptons cold brew tea bags and boil 1 and a half cups of water. Once the water is boiling place the cold brew bag in the hot water. If you don't like unsweet tea like me get 2 to 3 packeges if splenda Artificial sweetener to add with your tea make sure you drink it hot and make sure its strong. After you drink the tea place the teabag on the tooth. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF GARAUNTEED!!!! for all of my toothaching buddies and peeps good luck im feeling halls pain

Shelly S

I think the only thing that helps it to get the bad tooth out! That being obvious, but not always an available option there is a brand of tea called 'Licorice Spice' it has Chinese Anise, Clove, Vanilla, Cinnamon, all the things that people recommend packed into one and it does help. I placed the back on the tooth for a bit then when I got relief I would sip the tea that I made with it....Hope it helps a little. The experience of tooth pain is a horrible one and I am 8 months pregnant to boot! *Sigh* Good luck all

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