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hi all as i sit lookin foer a remedy i came up wit my own i have had bad tooth after bad one the one im dealing with now is broke in half and nerves are xposed so i packed some good old cigarette paper in there and pain is gone however i have too repack it every hour or so


I both my parents have weak sensitive teeth. i have a cavity on one of my sensitive teeth so do I and ibuprofen sometimes but rarely works for me. so i just floss, brush and mouth wash it works for a bit so i can get to sleep with out bawling. if that dosent work i rinse my mouth with warm salt-water.and if all ets fails i will put ice pack on it till i can take a ivprofin. im just waiting till i can get to the dentist


I've just read the aspirin powder remedy, and it actually sounds like something that could work, I'd try it if I had aspirin... May I suggest though, maybe adding a drop of water to make a thick paste would probably help it to get in to the tooth a bit better... Almost like an aspirin filling I guess. Also what might work (and I'm not recommending anyone trying this as I don't know what other effects if could have) my boyfriend was once taking nurofen and instead of swallowing it accidentally chewed it and he said it made his mouth go numb... So maybe using the aspirin method with nurofen could work (again... I'm not a doctor, dentist,or pharmacist so I don't know what other effects this could have). What I have found that works in the past though is using a Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse (3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, I think its about half half mix) should clean out the tooth well (try not to swish it around your mouth as you would normally as the movement and pressure caused by this action tends to irritate the tooth and cause it to throb, instead try to just hold it around the tooth and then gently spit,make sure to not leave it in your mouth for more than 20 seconds at a time and whatever you do DO NOT SWALLOW IT! some websites will tell you it's fine to keep it for up to a minute but I was told no more than 20 seconds at a time by a ear nose and throat specialist and surgeon as they use this as a remedy for tonsillectomy recovery as it help to kill bacteria and heal the open wound, I had previously used it for that, and then thought it may help with infected teeth and I have found it 
does I have previously had 3 broken teeth that lead to infection and excruciating pain the first resulted in extraction and the next 2 in root canal therapy... I am currently dealing with a 4th broken tooth which also needs root canal treatment, as I noticed the broken tooth before any infection had started my dentist put in a temporary filling to block of and chance of infection... This was done 2 and a half weeks ago... The temporary filling broke off 2 days ago, i booked an appointment for tomorrow to get it refilled temporarily until the root canal treatment as I am currently broke and don't get paid until tomorrow afternoon... But it's too late... It's begun... The horrid throb of an infected tooth :( I have done a peroxide rinse brushed my teeth and taken anti inflammatories... All I can do now is try to get some rest and hope for the best as I prepare for the worst of it.

Before I try to sleep though... Another couple of handy tips:

Another product I've tried for toothache is Xylocane it's an anesthetic numbing gel (basically the gel a dentist uses before a local anesthetic needle) you can get over the counter at pharmacies I thought I would try this on a broken tooth as I had first experienced it in hospital when I had an excruciating bout of tonsillitis, I used to get this about 8 - 10 times a year and would always be in a lot of pain, a few particular occasions ended up in hospital as it hurt so much that it even hurt to breath as my tonsils would swell to the middle if my throat, one hospital visit a nurse gave me a pink jelly like substance and told me to hold it at the back of my throat for 3 seconds... It was like magic... I went from to painful to breathe to chatting and laughing in seconds (my mum even td me to be quiet incase they thought I had been faking it lol) anyways, that was 5% Xylocane which unfortunately isn't available over the counter I'm nut even sure if u can have it prescribed to you if may be a hospital only thing as far as I know pharmacies only stock 3% (the 2% difference doesn't sound like much but it is) 3% still works though just coat the problem tooth and gum around it with it and let it sit and soak in, it should take most of the pain away. (ps this is based on personal experience and may not work for everyone).

Also Hydrogen peroxide is fantastic to soak your toothbrush in daily as it kills the bacteria that lives and grows on your toothbrush. Having a clean toothbrush is important because it promotes healthier teeth, if you don't clean your tooth brush then you are just brushing your teeth with the bacteria built up from every time before that, simply put, you wouldn't wash your dishes with a dirty sponge right? 

I wish you all luck with whatever problems you may be experiencing, as I'm sure a lot of us know it is not a pleasant experience and one best avoided if possible.


I have always had really bad teeth. Last year I had them all pulled and got dentures. The dentist did not want to pull one of my molars, said it would help hold my bottom plate in. Its been a year and now the plate has cause this tooth to become loose. For the past few days I cant not eat anything and now am up at 12 am in pain. I have been using BC powders poured directly on the tooth and gum, taste nasty but works. Tonight it is taking alot longer to relieve the pain. I got on here and seen vanilla helps. So I made a paste of the BC and the vanilla and applied to the surrounding gum. After a few min the pain is tolerable. Dont rinse your mouth afterward or you will wash away the powder.Nasty but well worth it.


Gotta crack tooth on the left side of my mouth (the lower half) anyways creams they sell like anbesol etc... Will worth to a certain point, I try the extract and it actually worked... As well did the red cross toothache oil with a cotton q-tip and dip it in and put it in my mouth for a min, been pain free for over 5 hours hopefully I don't wake up with major pains like last night.... The toothache Red Cross cost $7.99 well worth it


Had major surgery in 4 sites in my mouth and had all 11 of my mercury fillings removed about 6 weeks ago. The surgery sites healed quickly because the dentist used a technique where my own plasma was injected into the sites. However have been experiencing major pain in my gums and cheeks along with headache once or twice each day. What finally worked for me yesterday was cayenne pepper. Luckily it's one of the herbs that I grow and cloves (regular powdered). I placed cayenne on my right side and cloves on my left. Both worked, but the cayenne burned so much my nose ran, which was great because I believe my sinuses are clogged although the netti pot hasn't helped much. Anyway, it was well worth it because the pain in my face and head were alleviated quickly.


Toothaches and Pain

Ever had a filling fall out or a pulled tooth that didn't clot right?
I sure have. And I was surprised on what my densist said to me. Tea bags and clover.
For a tea bag, just dampen it, and stick it in your mouth where it hurts and bite down. 20 minutes.

Clover you can just leave in your mouth (if you can put up with the taste )


I cracked a chunk out of my back molar with my tounge ring and I have been in so much pain that goes up my face into my eye and ear and if ur like me and can't afford health insurance to go to the dentist you get willing to try anything the best thing that I have tried (but tastes HORRIBLE) so if u have a bad gag reflex don't try it but did your finger in a goodys powder and rub it all over your tooth and then take the rest it works


I have bad teeth caused by certain seizure meds. The most effective solution i have found is to floss between all the teeth that hurt until the gums bleed then rince with a mouth wash Cool mint listerine antiseptic the to deal with the soreness if any popsicles good luck


This is now my 3rd infection in as many years after two wisdom teeth grew in and started causing chaos in my mouth. Unable to afford extractions, I tried every remedy I could find and tried my best to ride out the pain. The last two, I was blessed to have leftover hydrocodone to help numb the pain a little. But this time, I had nothing but naproxen sodium (Aleve) and a house full of home remedies that just didn't work on an open infection inside a broken tooth. I tried everything, even benzocaine ointments, which only made the pain worse.
But my saving grace came in the form of curiosity. I had heard that cloves were supposed to help, so I bought some whole ones since I couldn't find the oil. I put one in my mouth and bit down. The oil numbed EVERYTHING. I wanted to cry out of sheer joy. But, of course, the relief was only temporary. Later, as I was looking at the tiny bottle, I saw the website for McCormick and that they had a recipe for Chai Tea. Overcome by curiosity, I tried the recipe.
Point? I feel fabulous! The pain is gone! Not only have I found a great drink for the cold weather, but I have actually found something that works!!! Doesn't mean I'm stopping my regular Listerine gargles, though. And you shouldn't either. The antiseptic power-play in the Listerine, cloves, cinnamon, and tea have left me feeling better than I have in days! I can even cut back on my naproxen! (And am finally able to get rid of the troublemaker tooth that's been bothering me!)

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