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I've got a tooth which has become infected due to damage to the root. Have had the tooth capped and repaired several times over the last 2 years but now its time for a root canal (YUK!)
My face is swollen and the dentist prescribed antibiotic and a serious pain killer (YUK again!) I have to wait 2 days for the dentist so while in the garden I picked a sprig of fresh oregano and stuck it up between my cheek and gum where the pain is and went to sleep. Woke up with less that 1/2 of the pain (at least it is much more tolerable). During the day I rinse with a mixture of water, salt, goldenseal extract, clove oil, oregano oil and prickly ash bark (ground up).
This mouthrinse with the addition of the sprig of oregano between cheek and gum provides much more relief that the vicodan and doesn't impair my thinking.


If the last upper or lower tooth (used for chewing the food)/wisdom teeth is paining frequently (periodic/cyclic pain), please try the following tests & apply suitable to your case for a temporary relaxation during odd hours until you meet a dentist -
1. Try a chewing-gum gently.If get relaxation then continue for sometime. This causes a sort of gentle massage to the tooth.
2. Try some hot or cold drink for a test (may try an alcoholic drink like vodka/whiskey responsibly). Whichever gives relaxation use that during the pain but manage the intake responsibly so that it does not affect the health otherwise.
3. Try to eat some soft nuts like cashew nuts if you are comfortable with that.
4. Rinse the mouth with slightly warm salty water & then spit-out.
5. Try different relaxing positions/sides to sleep & then use the most relaxing position/side as per your case/condition of tooth pain.
6. Try gently massaging the exact or nearby area where you feel pain (Tooth & gum by finger-tip ; Head , ear, jaw by palm). Once you find the best points to massage according to your case then keep on applying during next impulse of pain.
7. Try a pain-killer about which you are sure & have knowledge of when & how much to take. Otherwise take help of a doctor/trained chemist as irresponsible intake of medicines can have severe side-effects.
7. All the above mentioned suggestions are only to be tested first then applied during odd hours for temporary relaxation until you can make a reach to dentist. For any frequent tooth pain, advise of a dentist is a must as the cause may be severe and end-result can be dangerous to your teeth.


i have had a filling fall out so the best thing i find that works is crushing an asprin and put it on the tooth that hurt and it worked wonders.


For toothpain i just bite down on an asprin and let it dissolve into my taste nasty but works great!!


So I have braces and every month my orthodontist puts in a new wire, so for the next 2-3 days it hurts like crazy! So what I do is I get some ice cold water, and swirl in around in mouth for as long as possible. I spit it out, and then swirl some more. If that doesn't work, I get some tissues, and I fold them into a tiny square about 1/2 an inch thick. I place it on top of where its hurting the most, and I gently apply pressure and bit on it for as long as possible. This does hurt a little bit more, but it totally weakens the pain, but when you take it out it hurts. Hope this helps!


hi everyone... I have had tooth aches, well since I can remember. I have a very unique calcium deficiency, and one, rather aweful side effect is my teeth are HORRIBLE. Many are broken, some exposing nerves, and some with only the roots left. I have done many things, some I am not proud of, to alleviate the pain. So finally the soulotion you have all been waiting for... and I'm sure you will have your doubts, but in all honesty meditation. Please don't just read this and laugh. There are ways to block the pain, and although it takes years to master true meditation, you can concentrate on other things. Ignore the pain, yes its extremely difficult, some may think impossible. Just give it a shot. Go with the oldest way to ignor pain, and simply block it out. As a side note... if you work or have school, really get into it. Exercise also helps, since it floods the body with endorphins.


These web sites have alot of helpful information. Especially when ur desperate in pain like u never imagined possible. I was barely able to focus when reading these remedies. Tooth pain is no joke. IT completely takes over I was feeling so hopeless while the throbbiong and pain grew extensively. I tried a couple of these remedies. Motrin and other pain killers didnt work on the second day, that was worst thing i didnt except. I was trying remedy after remedy but the pain wasnt even fading away. Then i came across pure Peppermint extract 89% alcohol. U will never believe how this was a complete miracle. Its immediate relief, but on my first experience using this the pain faded away little by little. Now i tab some on my tooth and on my gums surrounding this tooth. Anybody who trys this will know what i mean. Its strongly flavored and will be a little overwhelming in the mouth but it disapears cery freshly.


Always check first with your doctor, but the best pain relief medication for teeth is Ibuprofen. It provides pain relief as well as helping with any inflammation. Drink lots of fluids when taking this as it can cause kidney failure if not taken properly. Another suggestion is laying a moist teabag on the affected area. This contains healing properties as well as pain relief. War salt water also provides pain relief and relief from swelling. Using a moist heating pad can also help with pain, on for 15 minutes, off for 15 minutes. If you leave it on constantly, the nerves won't get a chance to readjust which is where the pain relief comes in. Do not chew on affected tooth.

Tasnim Akhtar

OMG-I could not believe this was happening to me. All of a sudden i had an aching tooth on my filling tooth. this tooth was filled twice and now i feel as if I have to take it out. this tooth is on the bottom right hand side jaw 2nd down(I dont have wisdom teeth).
Woke up one morning and I had a nasty toothache and i kept toching it then suddenly my tooth began to move. i was in severe pain. As the day went pastthe pain started to spread to my front teeth and to my right hand side temples. The only way for me to relive my pain was to goto sleep. Whensearching the page ive seen a couple of remedies such as
:clove of garlic
I have tried the teabag and to be perfectly honest it only sorta numbed the paind for 10 minutes. I used a twinings lemon and ginger teabag. But beware it tastes NASTYYYY!!!!!
Saltwater did not help at alll for me andnow im still in severe pain. I hate dentists and doctors and now i soo sleepy that i dream that this pain goes away. Any help for me please I am only 13 and I cant cope with this pain anymore.


I have a tooth that has broken off completely at the gumline. For the last several days i have used all sorts of pain relievers, listerine rinse, cold tea soaking ect. all helped at first then slowly became less effective and so i have ended up here... Someone mentioned a Vodka soak, i don't do vodka but did have some 90 proof whiskey so i gave it a shot! feeling much better now as it seems the alcohol has numbed the exposed nerve completely and i must admit i feel like a new man! toothache pain can be impossible to endure if severe enough,and can make a person loose their sanity literally, i've been there and hope everyone finds relief! Kudo's to the Vodka poster!

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