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79 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


Cheese... oh god, the cheese thing works, there's a large cavity in my back teeth and it seems an exposed nerve is just giving me this excruciating searing pain... The cheese seems to have plugged it somewhat, I'm just eating clump after clump of cheese and chewing it over the affected teeth so I can pack in as much as I can.

At least this will tide me over for now, I've put off seeing the dentist for long enough, now it does not seem like I have a choice.


hello everybody with pain!!! I have been getting in one of my wisdom teeth on my freaking vacation!!!! the only thing that got me through this excruciating pain all week was popping ibuprofen 4 at a time 4 times a day and this miracle numbing medicine called anbesol sold at mostly all grocery and drug stores. This medicine works just like getting a shot at the dentist! I accidentally got some on my lip and it numbed my lip for a minute or so!! take it from me that medicine is a life saver until you have a dentist appointment!!!!

Ken James


(1) **Peppermint Extract** (non-dilute, or dilute- really rub it in) +
(2) **Pro-biotics** (NOT anti-biotics; e.g, 2 packages Bio-K Plus ProBiotic) +
(3) Vitamins/Supplements (C, B, etc., whatever helps immune system) +
(4) Greens/dense nutrients (e.g., *spinach- lots; beets, purple cabbage, celery, etc.; fresh juicing is best) +
(5.) Water (lots- dehydration often contributes greatly to tooth/gum problems).


(1) Beware ACID foods/drinks- lime & lemon can easily strip tooth enamel; don't even brush your teeth immediately after their ingestion- swish with water first

(2) build your immune system up slowly- lots of different PRO-BIOTICS
Different people fall within usually 3 sets (yes, sets!) of beneficial flora (bacteria)

(3) BRUSH absolutely thoroughly (but carefully, if you have oral issues) after most meals. If done properly, you will often/always stimulate your gag reflex.

(4) EAT'real' foods... lean protein, vividly-colored veggies, herbs, fruits.

(5) WATER- 2 glasses when you wake (stimulates internal organs, and helps ward off cardiac/heart attacks in the morning); 1 glass 30 minutes before every meal helps digestion; and (you're hearing correctly) immediately before bedtime (helps cardiac health); and lots throughout the day. *NO SODAS*, or non-dilute acidic fruit juices allowed (usually).


Iv had worse toothache iv ever had. Since no insurance(& dont want the gov givin me any 'free' insurance!! Nothings free!) I have put off going to dentist. I dont blieve n going to get teeth cleaned as much as dentists say to. Disrupts normal flora n mouth an i think gives them more pt's. go once a yr if no issues. Well,had root canal n 2010 by two dentists, 1 did root canal($1300)& other drilled down tooth an put crown on($900). Credit card!! Well, guess what? The tooth thats supposedly dead is hurting an bad now!! Bunch of crap! Im not payin to get it refixed!!?? Anyway, Took 3 ibup. every 5-6hrs along with tramadol i had.Brushed teeth(lightly!) & warm very salty water n gargle. Im thinkin im gonna try tea bag thing next. Anyone know how?? Called my dentist for appt this wk an he out of town all wk!! Mon is appt ! There is dr on call if it gets unbearable. Almost there! Been hurting for couple wks. Any more remedies?? Thanks!!


After suffering with toothache pain for months, I have tried everything..the strongest of pain meds did not work..I've been up 2 days straight and I came across this site and someone mentioned sensodyne.I placed a thick coat on the tooth that hurts and pain went from a 20 to a 2..I can finally get some sleep


I just checked this website yesterday. I had a very terrible tooth ache that did not make me sleep for days. and i bought oragel and some pain relievers. but they did not work. I now remembered i had grinded garlic. I made a little paste and applied it on my teeth. and felt a little pain but i was able to sleep. It was the best for me.


my teeth are the worst, at least 6 rotten teeth, maulers are like volcanoes,no money or insurance, here is what I have learned from a trusted friend, take 5000 mg vitamin C for a week, then drop to 2000 mg, along with the vitamin C take calcium magnesium Zinc, this will help the healing process,and for the pain,I wanted to die, jaws, eyes,ears, and even my head was in pain, sevearly, get you some activated charcoal powder, pure form to engest, mix a spoon with glass of water, this will help get rid of the infection, get you some,perma guard food grade, diatomaceous earth, this will help teeth, look it up online, it will help grow back enamal, make a paste like dough and pack the holes in your teeth with this,, when brushing, got to keep teeth free from food particals, get some baking soda, and some sea salt, not the regular salt, must be sea salt, a spoon of each mix an add a little water brush,place some in mouth and swash with warm water for awhile, brushing can agrivate so after brushing lightly swash mouth, now get you some LuAnna pure coconut oil, table spoon,swish in mouth for 15 minutes do not swallow, helps with the pain.depending on the severity of the pain, get a gause and mix a paste of pure vanella exstract,Cinnamon Oil flavoring, ground cloves, not hole cloves, get the ground, mix and soke a gause and place it on the hurting arrea, hope this was a help to you, it has been working for me.


Well my second wisdom teeth is on its way so its been giving me a horid pain every now and then, and i used lemon extract on a cotton swab and it sorta helps. Thanks for helping me though. Please tell me if theres any better ways.


I haven't tried a lot of these remedies, but for sure, the warm/cold salty water helped a lot. It wasn't a constant relief, but I just made a warm bottle of water & mixed in as much salt as I could.

Not sure whether I have ear pain, tooth pain, or both :(
Hopefully some reassurance on the temporary fix of salt water will help someone :)

Goodluck & try not to pull your hair out!


I just tried the hot salt water and tea bags.. Not really helping, plus it's 3am and I have no dental insurance so I actually came up with this to help soothe the pain.. Take a washcloth, turn your sink on as hot as it can go, put the cloth under and let it soak, be careful when ringing it out because it's hot.. Take it out, ring it out, and hold it on the cheek where your tooth is having pain and it will feel a lot better.. Repeat as desired. Hope that helped!! I can't wait to get this pulled out!!! Take care!!

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