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79 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


i got a chipped tooth a couple of months ago and there was no pain, but today was something different. i got a sever root pain that came from the crack of my tooth. i went online to find some remedies. i first tried oragel max strength and it didnt work. then i saw here about clove oil. and i went to the pharmacy and they gave it to me and i put some on a q-tip and rubbed it on the hole. at first it numbed it and i felt a little burn but in about 5 minutes it stopped. and the toothache stopped. NOTE: do not apply it to the lip it will burn alot. DO NOT SWALLOW.


I had a bad toothache and I used somw garlic powder and mixed it with a little bit of water to make a paste rubbed it on my gums left it on for a min or two it does burn then I swished warm salt water pain went right away! Chewing fresh garlic or onion works also


Hydrogen peroxide. Swish it in your mouth takes 15~20mins to work but it works!


Ive been in tooth pain off an on for yrs.what help me was ibuprofen 800 if you in alot of pain ,take two.that helps if your gums are inflammed.brushn my teeth ,peroixde,any pain meds wit antihistamine ,salt wateran alot of pls dont take foreva going to a dentist.cause teeth infections gone tooo long,can cause a infaction in your brain,an kill you.


Lately my tooth has been killing me. I have a hole in my tooth and i have yet to have it taken care of and i came on this sight and read a few post. I tried some but it didnt kill the pain like i wanted. I was over my girlfriends house and her sister had some Goody's powder and some anbesol. The powder kills the pain long term and the anbesol you can put it right on and it numbs your whole gums.. Works for me hope it works for you..


I have had a toothache for the past few days. I have tried everything. Garlic, saltwater, etc. So finally i dabbed pure lemon extract on the gums of the tooth area with a q tip. Burns, but the pain is finally bearable!

Liesl Wall

I have used tea tree oil for many infections, including(but not limited to, lol) spider bites, bacterial vaginosis, and bug bites in pulls out poison and infection. I decided to use it for my abscessed tooth. I used clove oil, spearmint, and a little of tea tree to treat a quickly developing painful tooth. 6-9 drops clove oil, 3 drops tea tree, 6 drops spearmint oil in 2 TBS carrier oil...placed a cotton ball soaked on the inflamed gum and tooth. It helped with emmediate pain, but will let you know if it helped curb the infection...not being able to afford a dentist stinks like yesterdays old diapers!!!


I have been in extreme pain for the past several months on and off again, with a serious toothache. My back wisdom tooth or molder is cracked and looks s if could be pulled out by hand....I've put baby and adult oral jell to numb the pain, which provided mid level relief. Today I have experienced thee worst pain, I could not move, eat, or talk I just laid in be hopeless. I asked my mom if she knew of any home remedies for toothaches. She suggested vanilla extract, she filled a tea spoon of vanilla extract, held the spoon over the fire on the stove to heat, than she poured the hot liquid directly on my tooth. It didn't burn, I also took 2 Aleve pills, the pain decreased significantly and eventually stopped all together. I was able to function, got out of the bed , finished laundry and eat dinner at 9pm, thank god n grandmothers. Peace.....hurry up and try 4 I Stanton relief.

Joary Acevedo

My name is Joary and i have four tooth aches and one by one they start hurting for a 1 hour and then another one,so this happens on and on.So sometimes when they hurt i go brush my teeth with toothpaste and it does help a little,so i also use 'milk',it helps to i just wash it up with the milk and it does work.And final when they hurt i push on it a little hard but not to hard and in a few minutes your tooth will not hurt in a few hours.


I woke up with a horrific / excruciating pain in in my lower left jaw. It hurt so bad, I couldn't tell which tooth was hurting. My jaw was noticeably swollen & my gums were somewhat inflamed.

The dentist x-rayed my teeth TWICE. They couldn't find the problem. Yet, they scheduled a root canal to 'explore' each tooth to find the problem. I told them no thanks & went online to find a remedy. They gave me antibiotics (1 week supply). I used 3 days worth until I could get my hands on Oregano Oil Capsules.

After much trail, I compiled this inexpensive solution: (Diligence & cleanliness is the key here).
This remedy MAY work for you. It certainly did for me!

The pain was manageable in a week. It's been 4 weeks & I'm pain & sensitivity free. I intend to use this remedy, w/o Motrin, for a long time.

You will need:
DMSO helps the Oregano Oil absorb into the teeth & gum area faster. It is also a great pain reliever.
Oregano Oil drops. It is natures antibiotic & pain reliever.
Oregano Oil Capsules - used in place of prescribed antibiotics.
Use Chapstick to protect your delicate lip area when using Oregano Oil.
Celtic sea salt will help remineralize your teeth
I did not eat sugar or bread at this time.
IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - I took 2 - 3 MOTRINS for pain every 4 hours or as needed. I did this for 1.5 weeks straight. After Week 2, I used Motrin occasionally. Week 3 - no need for Motrin.
BRUSHING MY TEETH - AFTER the Motrin did it's job, I gently flossed. Used mini tooth brushes called Wisps & Pro Enamel toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth with lukewarm water & Celtic sea salt as much as the sensitivity would allow.
KILL INFECTION - #1 - ChapStick for my lips. #2 - Soak a Q-tip in a couple drops of Oregano Oil & 1/8 teas of DMSO. Apply mix to my painful teeth & gums. I put my mix in a tiny glass jar with a lid. I carried Motrin & my tooth mix everywhere, just in case. 1 Oregano Oil Capsule every 4 hours with piece of bread or crackers.
BEFORE A MEAL: I dabbed the inflammed area with the Oregano Oil & DMSO mix, waited 5 min then I ate / drank my chicken soup. If possible make your own natural soup.
BEDTIME & UPON WAKING: I took 2-3 Motrins for pain & swabbed my teeth & gums with the DMSO & Oregano mix. 1 Oregano Oil Capsule every 4 hours with piece of bread or crackers.

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