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79 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Dr. Toofeses

Wanna get rid of tooth pain? Half a cup of hot water and pour in salt. I mean alot of salt. So salty that if you were to drink it, you would puke. Ok, don't do that, but swish it around in your mouth where the pain is and it will go away. Its a secret most dentists know but will never tell you.


Hi,I'm having root canal done nerve been taken out & my tooth where it's cracked been built up Lil bit but just b4 my next appointment it cracks AGAIN this time a relative told me bout, bread, sounds daft I know but just tear some bread of the slice & place it half on you're gum & half on you're tooth, the initial shock of the cold hitting you're tooth HURTS YEP but within a minute it settles right down, bliss


i have had a toothache for 48 hours on meds for it but the pain is 10 out of 10 till the meds start working so i tried all the things i found on the web and it eased so what but one thing i did waz eat brick cheese on the sore spot and not sure why but it helped ease the pain alot


To relive yourself from tooth pain take 1 or 2 cloves and put or press between your teeth (remember this is short term relive but works)


Take a clove like you use for hams and put it between the gum and affected tooth and let it sit it will make the area go numb!

Tim S

Have to say that my missus was suffering from a chronic tooth pain by the jaw - paracematol only gave limited relief - but after browsing through people's suggestions I plumped for a bottle of Clove Oil; dabbed it with some cotton wool and it did the trick, despite the strong smell, redolent of being in a dentist ! Cheers to those people on this site who recommended this! For the rest of the bank holiday, I hope she has no further problems until the dentist reopens on Tuesday!


rinse breifly with whiskey i use jack to do this it will bring relief sometimes its only temporary but its worth a try if that dosent work push up just below your chin that usually with work miracles.


Take liquid calcium citrate. You can get at a health food store. It will take up to a few hours or a few days. Take 3 tablespoons a day. Also while your waiting for relief use antiseptic mouthwash. Also you can pick up some natural nerve fixers in homeopathy section of food store. Make sure to look for the ingredients-hypericum perforatum


if you have tooth pain, chronic and severe, this is a serious problem. it is appalling to me that dentistry in this country is so expensive. if you are in real pain i suggest you research oregano oil. clove oil will numb the pain for a while, oregano can save your life if you're that far along. it is time we stopped deifying 'doctors' - many of them mean well, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to heal.

Heath Manring

Get a Qtip and some Clove oil (sold at Whole Foods). Place drops of the oil on the qtip and place that on the tooth . It will be bitter but it will numb your tooth pain . After 10-15 minutes brush with Sensidyne in the pump .Its stronger than the tube . Rember to wet your brush with warm water and swish with warm water .

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