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53 Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps


I get pretty bad cramps, especially during the first couple of days. A lot of people, myself included, prefer to 'relieve' themselves as much as they can, which sometimes works. If not, then I take a Midol, which kicks in right away. Eating and drinking something warm/hot really works too. I've also been told that drinking more milk in the days leading up to the next cycle helps to ease the cramps.


If you have bengay, icy hot or some sort of muscle rub or theragesic cream hanging around, rub that on your lower abdomen where it hurts! I combine that with a hot drink + a few pain relief pills (I prefer ibuprofen) and try to take a nap. I wake up feeling better!

I also get lower back pains when I get cramps so I put Icy Hot there as well.


try apple cyder vinegar or blackstrp mollasses for preventing heavy bleeding & bad cramps


An excellent pain-relief technique is meditation. One particular type has been proven effective and is really simple! Just breath slowly, quiet your minds, then repeat these words intently as you focus on their sound vibrations: 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare'. ('Hare' is pronounced like huh-ray, 'Krishna' like Chris-shh-naw, and 'Rama' like raw-maw.) It's a super simple mantra meditation but works like a charm! The more you practice it, the deeper its effect!

Ginger root and ginger tea (ginger root boiled in water) are excellent. A turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and tomato based lentil soup - very popular in South India - is also great. Bananas are also excellent! Ayurveda has suggested similar remedies.


Heat hot water and lay it where you have cramps make sure not to burn your skin if you don't have a bottle take a wash cloth.


Ive had horrible menstral cramps ever since i have been in high school. so bad i would have to leave school early sometimes. But what i have found to do most of the trick. is 2 pamprin a hot cup of tea and a home made heating pad. I got the heating pad idea from my grandma. Just take a long tube sock fill it with beans (your choice of lol) tie the end of the sock and place in the microwave for two mins. It stays hot for a long period of time too. if you don't wanna use beans you can also use rice.

Olga Rodriguez

My cramos are the worse... I only get the the forst day but they kick in sooo bad. I try to stay as warm as possible... dont go barefoot because the cold from the floor will crawl up & make cramps worse... I drink chamomille tea with 2 Extended Relief Midol... but what really makes the cramps go away faster is putting a rolled up towel in the microwave for a bit & then placing it in my stomach... the heat works so well it relaxes my muscles. I swear it works.


well if youre reading this, you clearly have a computer! if youre in luck its a lap top...what i do that helps is lay on the bed or on the couch on your back, and rest your lap top on your stomach, the heat and weight of the computer helps soothe the cramps, and having the internet right in front of your face takes your mind off everything else...take your time, facebook creep, watch funny videos on youtube, whatever makes you think less about the pain in your belly!


Pickles, or if you would rather, some pickle juice. My grandmother always gave it to me and told me the vinegar helps break down the blood into smaller clots so your uterus isnt working so hard to shed the lining.

During the summer I absolutely love dill pickle sno-cones with a bit of lemon-lime salt on top.


For menstral cramps, I've always layed on top of a can of veggies to put pressure on my uterus, lol. Sounds silly, but the pressure helps. Or you could curl up in a ball with the can on your uterus.

My personal favorite is having an orgasm. That always takes the cramps away for me.

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