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Menstrual Cramps Home Remedies

53 Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps


My remedy is ginger tea. The brand I use my mom sends me from the Islands made by Caribbean Dreams. It says 'Instant Ginger Tea' on the box or you can make your own by mashing fresh ginger. I used to be unable to go to sleep without pain meds. Now i just drink ginger tea at the first onset of pain. I have not taken any pain meds in over a year for my menstral cramps.


I've had horrible cramps ever so since I started having sex. So I've tried everything.. Birth Control really helps! Also, eating Fresh Oranges! Taking 2 Midol. And Drinking warm Water. The computer on the tummy watching YouTube Videos helps!! Eating Kit-Kat candy bar! Warm Lavender Bubble bath with Candles in the dark! With Smoothing Waterfall music that really helps calms the mind and relaxed yourself! Or just laying in bed bundled up with a heating pad on tummy and listening to waterfall music! Is what I'm doing right now after I ate a orange and took some Midol! It's helping me relax so much! I found out that playing Sports helps. (Good to be in HighSchool!) Having your boyfriend rubb your lower tummy with his warm hands helps! And Also, Going Muddin or 4x4ing! Riding four wheelers Dirtbikes. Keeps your mind off of the pain. Hot Cocoa! Works wonder! Alog with Lanvender tea! Or Warm Honey in your tea! Chicken noodle Soup! I've never tried sex or smoking weed while having menstrual cramps. Not my thing. The IcyHot on the lower back and Lower tummy tend to help too!
Hope I've helped some of ya out! Good Luck!


for my severe cramps, I take 2 ibuprofen with warm water or tea (if I can even get out of my bed). if I CANT get out of bed, which usually is the case, I lay on my side with my knees bent and pulled up, so that my torso and legs are at a 90 degree angle, then I like to place a hot water bottle (a small pillow with applied pressure works too) onto my uterus area. the cramps then just come and go, with short moments of serenity, and brief moments of pain. then I usually end up howling for my mom to get me ibuprofen and tea.. ALSO, if you get them mid-day, I like to sit upright in a comfy recliner with a cup of Anise tea (1/2tsp. crushed anise NOT ground, to 1-1 1/2c. hot water. steeped for about 10-15 minutes).
then again, this is just my body, everyone's different.


Not to sound too crass, but either have sex, or masturbate (make sure it's as clean as can be). Having an orgasm does wonders for cramps, seriously. If you need relief, just masturbate till orgasm, or have sex. This has always worked for me.


Take fish oil capsules or eat fish a day or two before your period. I am a pescatarian and have found that his helps enormously.

The Omega-3 acids found in fish have inflammatory properties, and reduce the abundance of prostaglandins which cause cramps in the first place.


Mix One tea spoon of turmeric powder in a tall glass of water and drink it down, it makes u feel better in a few minutes..
Donot drink coffee or eat sweets or eat ny thing spicy during ur periods cos it givs u horrible cramps..
If ur working and u take pills during this part of month pls avoid taking pain killers instead u can take calpol tabs. It is less powerful than the othe pain killers bt it is effective.


I get my periods really bad, so what I've noticed is when I drink a lot of water everyday and when the time comes to get my period then I don't have any cramps. My advice to you is drink lots of water everyday.


What works best for me is lying on my back with a heating pad on my stomach and a pillow on my lower back. I also do some light yoga or stretches for around 30 minutes.
If I have to go somewhre, I usually rub a little Icy Hot on my lower back and stomach. It works wonders.


For me, a good relief is to get a pillow and put it on the ground and lay face down on it. Keep your face on it and get on your knees so that your butt is in the air but your face is still on the floor. Keep your lower back downward and it will relieve the pressure on the uterus. Works every time.


Here are a few things that should help. Heating pad, put a damp towel in the microwave for about 3 minutes put in a ziploc bag put bag on the affected area, midol, pamprin, tylenol creme/icy hot, warm liquids like tea or soup, soak in a hot bubble bath for about an hour, exercise because when moving it tends tobto ease the cramps, bananas

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