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53 Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

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I know most people say heat is the answer to cramps, and yes it does help tremendously. But I have found cold and ice to work so much better! I used to get crippling menstrual cramps every month. I wasnt able to move for at least a day, if not more. I would cry myself to sleep on the floor curled up in a ball. It was dreadful. Finally I grabbed 2 plastic bags ane filled them with ice and put them where my cramps hurt the worst. I laid there for a few minutes and found the pain started to go away! It didnt take the pain completely away, but I was able to sit up and relax(: Hope this helps you!!


Two days before period begins,start taking Ibuprofen tablets. Helps me a lot!
Also absolutely NO cold drinks.


Suffered for years tried it all by far the best answer was a hystorectomy. But if you can't get one I recommend high quality weed!! It works for almost everything


Cranberry! I know people say you can take out dairy and caffeine, but those are probably my two favorite 'food groups' in this world so I'm not willing to do it just because I'm a female. Bananas somewhat work for me since they have the magnesium you need to help, but I started taking cranberry pills about two years ago and it's worked wonders. I take about 2000-3000 mg over the course of a day (you can get pills from just about anywhere) about five days before my period starts and I have SIGNIFICANTLY lower cramping (and I definitely have debilitating cramps). I forgot to take them a few times and each time I forgot my cramps were back to horrific. I also take ibuprofen for my back pain then, but other than that it works like a charm for me. Everyone will probably be different, but the best peace of home remedy information that I learned is that people often don't take enough of it to be effective! So if you're going to try three a day. One other thing, my friend does eat a lot of yogurt for her cramps and that does seem to help for her, but never did for me.


I just take advil, drink a coke slushy, and read a book or something to tke my mind off it XD


This has eliminated if not at least significantly reduced my cramps. A week before my period i take lydia pinkham herbal remedy tablets for menstrual discomfort(amazon) this gives me energy during that time stops bloating also seems to regulate periods and shorten them and lighten them at least for the last 3 months ive used it. dont eat foods that make you gassy if you do have gas take a tbsp of yellow mustard(with bread or something wash it down with HOT TEA or Hot Water)this stops gas and bloating. I also eat yogurt to keep from being constipated this makes a huge difference in the severity of my cramps if i have any. Peppermint is also great one period i didnt have anything but metro mint water and peppermint altoids and no cramps at all. For me the cramps were due to gas mainly but once in awhile it was just my uterus trying to fly away. STAY AWAY FROM CAFFIIENE(however its spelled) and SALT they F up your cramps.more.

To prevent cramps that have you curled up dizzy sweating and vomiting please take ibprophen or excedrin extra strength and alternate every 6 hours with the lydia pinkham tablets the entire week before your period by the time it comes its super light and no cramping at all. These have helped to where ive only used my heating pad 3 times in the last 3 months. Try one or all but for me it hhas worked wonders i can function. I just want to help others who are suffering.


i'm 18 years old now,and i am suffering from menstrual cramps from the almost 7 years now... i just left using caffeine( coffee mostly) and i started doing yoga, 30 minutes everyday ( only tiger stretch and suryaasan )and on my periods this time, i didn't have, any gal out there, experiencing such cramps on periods, just try it out... :-)


I find if I get my spouse to rub my upper back & lower back it helps Try it


10 pepper corns + 2 pamprin + hot tub of water + heat pad = NO MORE CRAMPS :P!


i usually take 3 ibuprofin and have a cigarette then just let the pills kick in.(smoking was my choice its not recomended to help)i usually have a headache on top of the menstral cramps which just makes everything worse. if the pills havent kicked in yet i jump in the shower cleaning away any debris that usually comes with cramps. then i go to work and if the pills wear off i take 3 more before i go to bed but it typically lasts all day so i dont have to .

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