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15 Home Remedies for Facial Masks


Hi guys I'm 15 and I randomly mixed some stuff together and discovered it made my face look and feel great. It helped with my oily skin.

Mix these:
-A little olive oil
-Brown Sugar
-The white of one egg
-sea salt(or regular)
-A little bit of sugar
-Baking Powder(optional)

The consistency will feel slime to the touch but apply it to your face. Let it sit for about 20 minute to 30 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. All these products I had around the kitchen and for being someone with extremely oily skin my face was soft and my blemishes cleared up.

When you put it on it will feel gritty but that removes dead skin. I put the rest in the refrigerator and when I wanted to use it again I heated it in the microwave and let it cool.


mix corn huskers lotion & baking soda until you have a thick paste. apply to face and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. wash face with warm water and towel dry. should see results after two uses. hope it work's!(:


I have discovered a miracle face mask that is effective treatment for a range of problems, including;

-tired eyes
-swollen puffy eyes
-redness in face
-reduces the appearance of fatigue
-puffy eyes
-dark circles under eyes

You will achieve a very soft, smooth face. It will give you a mini face lift.

This will make enough for about 6 face masks.


1T cornflour
3t honey
1/4 of an avocado (small cubes or mush)
2T tahinni
1t cinnamon (ground)
1 egg white
3t green tea


1. beat egg white with a fork, until it goes frothy
2. add the green tea
3. add cinnamon slowly while mixing
4. add honey and mix well
5. add half the cornflour and mix well
6. add the avocado and mush it in the bowl so it combines better.
(it should be quite runny with some consistency)
7. add the tahini and mix well.
add the rest of the cornflour and mix well.
8. put in a jar and shake for 5 mins.
9 open the jar and it should be a nice thickish consistancy.
10. put it on your face and leave on for 15 minutes, when it will be tight and it would have dried quite a bit.
11. wash off and you will love your new face.
12. finish by applying some toner and moisturizer

Recommended usage is 1-2 times a week.


i've noticed that a lot of stuff doesn't work for me so i just messed with some stuff. one that seemed to work is mixing baking soda and aloe vera gel together(no exact measurements, just till it gets to a nice smooth texture) and rub that one your face, keeping away from eyes. this leaves the skin soft, smooth, and reduces redness along with cleaning out your pores.


This is great for unclogging pores and it is so easy.

egg white(do not use yoke)

-Put on your entire face for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Amy Harris

in a bowl i mix approximately 1 cup mayo, 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of relish.............mix well......apply directly to skin.......leave on for one hour. (i usually take a long, relaxing bath while doing then) Then rinse and tada, you have refreshed and rejuvinated, soft skin.


Add green tea from a tea bag to
one of your home made masks.


Hey guys. I promise this will work.
It's easy and inexpensive.
Aloe Vera Gel
Salt (Optional)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Or regular oil)
Sunblock (Any SPF number, I used 30. Also Optional)
Acne Cream (Optional)
1 Egg

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with either a spoon or a fork. Then apply it on your face in a circular motion. (For salt users do the same. You might want to use a cleansing brush) If you don't have salt in your mixture let it sit on your face until its dry. (Sometimes it won't dry so just leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes if it doesn't dry) Then take any temperature of water (Cold ,warm,or hot) any take off the mask. (For salt users don't let your mask dry! Just scrub then take it off when you feel like your done scrubbing.) Pat dry with a towel.

If your face feels weird or looks red (cause of salt) rinse off with extra water then dry face and put a serum or moisturizer on or moisturising cream.

Dry Skin girl

tomato paste
lime juice
Mix to make a paste, apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes then wipe off with a face washer. Apply Olive Oil over face afterwards. Brightens up your skin and adds moisture.


Hey everyone, I want to share a super mask or scrub today.

Take roughly about 5tbsp of green whole gram (available at any Indian grocery store) and ground to fine powder using a coffee blender. Store it in an air tight container.

Wash your face with a mild face wash, take 1tsp of the ground powder on your palm and add water to make a paste. Apply to the wet face just like any other pack or apply and scrub.

Leave the mask for 5 mins and scrub then rinse with warm water. Follow with toner n moisterizer.

Use this daily before bed time and see the difference. This pack repairs acne, removes dead skin, makes skin healthy and smooth. :) :) :)

The ground powder can also be used as a hair mask. :)

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