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2 Home Remedies for Vitiligo


I started taking this trying to lose weight and ended up finding the remedy for my Vitiligo. IT'S APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!!
I took 1 tablespoon in a glass of water first thing in the morning and then two more times a day. After a while I started seeing that the black spots were fading away and my skin was getting even.
Try this for a while and you will be as happy as I am!!! let me know how it worked for you and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!


One fingernail on my hand was about gone. I cut or filed away every bit of infected nail and began soaking in hydrogen peroxide for about 10 minutes a day for several days, always removing any white or soft nail in between treatments. It takes at least a week of this treatment, up to twice a day, but it kills the fungus. Similar to vinegar treatments often described, but without the odor. Fingernail grew back perfectly after a few months.

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