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34 Home Remedies for Clogged Ears


unclog your ear. Only thing that worked after trying everything I could . Get a humidifier,turn your head sideways and put your ear over the steam and at the same time breath it in your nose and exhale out your mouth. I did this for 10 minutes, stuck the tip of my finger in my ear and pulled it out. My ear popped clear. Works great


I had a clogged ear that I tried everything,
I held my earlobe and pulled down to the left
and to the right and together with that I started
To yawn. After a while I felt fluid in the back of my throat coming down.


Ok guys so I got a cold over a week ago and am still recovering from it, but about 3 days in my ears clogged up and felt like they were getting worse every day! I tried EVERYTHING on this website and NOTHING worked!It was horrible! Today my left ear clogged up really badly and the right was just clogged a little and I was so tired of it. I searched again. I tried blowing through my nose, being upside down, doing it in the shower, hydrogen peroxide, EVERYTHING! So my advice to you is....GO TO THE DOCTORS!!!!! Yes I may have spent a total of 100$ for medicine and the doctor but it was sooo worth it! If you're recovering from a cold, you most likely need a prescription for it! If they don't give you one, DEMAND IT! The other doctor I went to gave me 2 over the counter medicine's and neither worked, but the doctor I saw today gave me a prescription for (I know it's a lot): a nasal spray (it works wonders), a steroid that loosens phlegm, and the Z pack to help clear my sinuses! It's already working! And also she recommended me taking Mucinex D: severe congestion. Go to the doctor!!! That's the best solution!!!


One day I thought there was something in my ear so I put my finger in my ear and tried to get it out, afterwards my ear felt like it was plugged. What helps is if you take your middle and pointer finger, put it on the part of your ear above where you get your ears pierced, above the pinna and rub in circles for about a minute, this may tickle but it made my ear unplugged for the rest of the day


1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)


This is my home remedy that I recommend. Get a cloth and put it in the microwave for about a minute. After you've done that, put it underneath your ear ( by your neck). This is recommended by doctors. Another remedy that can help is using cotton balls covered with Vaseline and put it jn your ear to prevent any water from getting in and clogging your ears, when you take a shower or when you're involved in a water activity. Do not use this cotton remedy for swimming! I hope it helps, you might want to contact your physician if clogged ears still occur because it can possibly develop into an ear infection

Jo English

daughter has had ear aches and ear infections her whole life and they wereMy Ear Nose and Throat Doctor said to mix half alcohol half white vinigar.Keeps for a long time.Just fill the ear and wait a minute or two and tip head and let it run out.Do this twice a day.It has a slight burning sensation but not bad enough to worry about.My talking about surgery when I found this doctor.He said a lot of the time no medicine is required for treatment of a patient, just good old fashioned home remedies like your great grandparents use to use are all you need. I like a doctor who isn't so quick to throw antibiotics at a problem. I have used this on myself as well as my daughter.She hasn't complained about her ears in months.We have used this mixture on her twice since we made a bottle and I only needed it once myself(repeating the ear drops for a couple of days). I swear by this treatment.


I've had a partially clogged Eustachian tube on and off for years and I've tried it all; nasal steroids, steam baths, heated oils, ear candling etc. The only thing that seems to really help is using a neti pot on a daily basis.

1/4 tsp of good high quality salt (I use finely ground pink Himalayan salt) to 1 cup of room temp water.

Obviously if you're putting something into your sinuses you should be using distilled or filtered water. There are all kinds of hygiene issues, so using the best quality and safest ingredients is always recommended.

Anyways, I clear my sinuses with the neti pot, then once I have a good flow of water going I plug up my draining nostril, remove the neti pot and quickly plug up the other nostril. With my nose plugged, I gently (GENTLY) blow (valsalva maneuver) and push the salt water mixture into my Eustachian tubes. It can help to hold your head sideways or bend over and let gravity help guide the water where you want it to be. You'll know when the water gets into your Eustachian tubes, it is a very distinct feeling and the internal sound of pressurizing air takes on a different quality.

That's pretty much it. I will repeat this move of gently forcing the water into my Eustachian tubes and playing with my ear pressure, valsalva, reverse valsalva and then the good old fashioned swallow a lot and move your jaw to re-pressurize until I've used all of my salt water.

This opens up my hearing, removes that heavy pressurized feeling and seems to last for a few days. The more frequently I do this, the longer the beneficial effects seem to last. Hopefully it will eventually clear out the blockage in its entirety.

I hope it works for you too. I know how intensely maddening this whole blocked Eustachian tube thing can be.

Good luck.

Ryan Gray

ive noticed if i slept on my side one of both ears became clogged and all together weird, so this my sound nasty but get your pointing finger; put it in the troubled ear (note put it in fairly deep) AND PULL IT OUT QUICK do this until its better!


My wife had a clogged eustation tube for appx one week. After trying many of the same remedies, we tried this: she put a drink of water in her mouth, I blew up her nose(hard) and she swollowed at the same time. Kinda gross, but it definitely uncongested her.

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