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34 Home Remedies for Clogged Ears


I suffer at least one ear infection a year, even though I try to keep the wax minimized (with Debrox, etc.). This time it felt like it was almost done and then completely relapsed, which is even more maddening. I felt like I was teased and then had my dream torn away.

I think I have issues with Eustachian tube issues because I feel build up, become water logged, feels like the ear canal swells (probably because I can't stop myself from trying to re-open by every means) and then finally I am unable to hear from that ear. It sometimes feels like someone glued my ear canal closed.

Today I tried something (that I read elsewhere) and it seems EXTREMELY helpful. Take 2 wash clothes, wet them down with hot water, wring out excessive water (but not too much). Put them both on a plate and microwave them for about a minute (you will get a hang of how much time feels right for you). Put each one in a separate cup and hold them against your head with one around each ear (for at least a couple minutes until you feel the steam cool).

IMPORTANT: Make sure the cups are deep enough so the wash rags don't touch your ears. It is the steam effect that helps, not physical contact.

I found this sooooooooooooo soothing and vowed to spread the word. I was up last night looking at every possible path to relief and I feel for anyone else going though that pain. I did this once an hour for a total of 4 times today and my ear is open. It was totally sealed shut when I got up this morning (if you consider what I did last night as "sleeping").

I really hope this helps at least one person, as I know the madness that comes with clogged ears. No one can truly understand the mental state a clogged ear can bring unless they have been unlucky enough to have suffered one.

If this works for you, please pass it on.

ear digger

Im suffering for about 3 weeks since I got swim to some island then I got this feeling every time I tilt my head facing right, my left ear and all the left based part of my head and neck aches,I felt like I am underwater filled with smokes running throuy MTV dome at every slice of minute, I'm afraid to follow this chunks of remedies then I discovered something o unclog the suffering, here's what to do: hold your nose tight using your two fingers (thumb and the pointer) then ex hail do it for several times to have a your hearing back ^ ^


Today i woke up and my hearing in the right ear was completly gone... I grabbed a qtip and tried to clean it out nothing... I took a shower nothing, finally an hour later I went to the local clinic, they looked inside my clogged ear and it was filled with wax. They then filled a soap and water syringe and squirted it inside my ear. I could hear. He gave me drops and I left. Quit torturing yourself and go to the doctor. These remedies suck! You people are NOT doctors. You can fuck around and have permanent damage if you continue to think these home solutions, will cure a potentially dangerous ailment. Y'all are ridiculous. I figured I had to say something because I was so scared, until I saw how easy it was to go to see a doctor,instead of wasting my time researching a home cure, finding a health food store, buying some 'tea tree oil',dripping it in my ear, and hoping that it works. Just see a doctor.

better now

My right ear was clogged ..went to ENT ..tried antibiotics, steroids,ear drops, vinegar and alcohol..peroxide....5 differebnt times to ENT didn't ENT did a procedure.. using terpintine and some kind of powder with medicine ...and I took sudafed.. .cleared ..but, then my left ear became clogged ..went back ..did terpintine and powder .and started to clear then it clogged I decided to take tylenol severe sinus tablets ...I put a warm water bottle, put Vicks mentholatom...outside of ear ...after the third day of this and taking tylenol severe sinus my ear started draining clear liq....I did the finger massage to my ear ...made like a suction which made my ear drain even more ...slept on my side effected ear so it could keep draining ears are fine know ...this may be of help ...this happened after I had a upper respiratory infection


cook garlic on a dry pan then get a cotton ball after yo get the cotton ball rap i around the garlic and put it in your ear and let it cool down in your once cooled down take it out and your ear will be all cleared out!!!!!


Try chewing a stick of gum really fast and your ears will pop


My right ear was clogged for two days and everyone was telling me that it was due to head congestion. I was so annoyed by it and finally held my nose shut and my other ear and tried to blow out of my nose as hard as I could. My ear made a popping noise and I had instant relief.


If you have gone swimming recently and are having troubles with clogged ears that are causing pain, see a doctor immediately. You probably have swimmers ear which will cause a ton of pain if you don't see a doctor soon. I have had it before, and it caused me to start crying it was so painful. I was prescribed something and my ear healed and the pain went away. In the meantime, putting something warm on your ear should help ease any pain. Hope this helped!


Heating pads is something I always used to do. Or a very warm washcloth. Just lay on one of them with the affected ear for a while and they begin to pop and release the fluid.


Drink some tea, then hold your affected ear over the tea steam. This should relieve the pressure. If this doesn't work, try plugging your unaffected ear with a finger and deeply inhale the steam for about a minute. Unplug your ear, and it should be done!

I've also heard papaya tablets work well.

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