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I had plantar warts for quite a few years and the number kept adding up. My final straw was when I counted over 115 warts in the ball of my foot. Disgusting, I know. I used the Compound W gel wart remover and slathered it over the entire ball of my foot and wrapped it with duct tape. I even cut the duct tape into tiny strips to go between my toes to make sure that none of them got missed. I would do this after soaking it at night. Then after a while I started doing it in the morning.

It was excruciatingly painful (and not just because of the amount I had to put on). I could barely put any pressure on that foot. Sometimes when I removed the duct tape it would take chunks of skin and wart with it because the gel was too attached to the skin and the tape. Otherwise I would use Cuticle Scissors and cut out all of the dead skin I could. I am happy to say that my entire foot is clear of warts now.

I do have another one on my other foot that I tried to treat in the same way, but it was too painful, so now I am trying a a series of applications consisting of of bleach, apple cider vinegar (DO NOT MIX BLEACH AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, IT CREATES CHLORINE GAS!), icy hot, acne ointment, and krazy clue. NO PAIN! We'll see how it goes.


My 6 year old son had about 18-20 plantar warts on his toes. Three were very large and there were clusters of small warts. They were spreading rapidly. We tried the potato treatment with no luck. I love essential oils and had recently used Thyme oil to cure a very stubborn toe fungus that I had struggled with for years. Using Thyme oil cured the entire nail within 2 weeks. Since it worked for me and I still had the oil, I decided to try it on my son. I was worried about any treatments that might cause pain because my son has a very low pain tolerance. The first night he washed his feet and we applied the oil neat (undiluted) and covered with a sock. No pain, no tears. We repeated each night and noticed new skin growing under the warts and the warts being pushed up. By day 7, we were able to pull dead skin with 12 warts! Within 12 days of applying Thyme oil each night, all warts are gone! No pain at all! I used Young Living brand oil, not sure if that matters. I hope this helps.


Coconut Oil! I have had plantar warts on my feet for 8 years, I tried OTC removal gels & liquids, stick on dots, duct tape, OTC freeze away, banana peels. Sometimes they would diminish, but they always came back. The last time they came back with a vengence. On one foot I had over 20 warts, the other had 2 and then I got one on my cuticle and palm of my hand from all the handling trying to get rid of them. Finally I had heard that coconut oil could help. Now I am not saying this was an overnight sucess, it was a slow but painless process. I slathered coconut oil on my clean feet almost every day for about a year. The warts on my hands disappeared first, then the foot with 2 warts cleared up and the one with over 20, well I have about 5 spots where the largest warts were that are just about gone. Considering the length of time I have had these warts, I am very impressed. The only other thing I did this year was an occasional foot filing. Considering the amount of work all the other 'remedies' I have tried, this was simple and took about a minute each night.




I've had a sore spot on the bottom of my foot now for a couple of months. I thought it was a stone bruise until it got so sore I couldn't walk on it. I did some research and found out it was a plantars wart. I came to this site and read a bunch of remedies. I tried duct tape 1stwhich seemed to make it hurt worse. I then read on here someone used clorox bleach so I've been wiping my heel where the wart was with bleach on a cotton ball for 3 days now and I'm happy to say that my wart is going away just after 3 days. Bleach works and u don't have to dig it out. There is no pain using this method! Hope it helps


I have had these warts for three years now!! I tried everything!! It was too painful to walk when treating with ACV. The small over the counter spots couldn't cover the area of the larger warts. I have finally found something that does! I soak my foot in dead sea soak for 20-30 minutes. Dry the foot and scrape off dead skin. Then I apply Icy Hot. I had used generic Vaporub and it was working but it is more messy so I suggest the Icy Hot cream. They were so deep I had all but given up but this has been a very quick pain free way to treat.


I promised myself if I ever got rid of my plantar's warts I would post my journey here, since this site has given me so many options to try.

I got a plantar's wart from a college roommate over 6 years ago. Ignored it (big mistake) and it got bigger. I tried ACV treatment and it caused my 1 wart to turn into 10 warts. Below are the things I tried, and they were sometimes all going on at once, so I'm not sure which one did the trick. The biggest lesson I learned is to stick with something for at least 6 weeks! I would try something for a week, not see a difference and give up. Fixing this issue takes time!

Doctor's Freezing: I know this isn't a home remedy, but may be required if your warts are severe. What I learned from freezing is that it never signaled my body to kill the warts, rather it killed enough layers of skin that the warts were lifted off my foot and the blister skin fell off, revealing brand new skin beneath. It was painful, but my skin was so thick on the bottom of my foot that all the creams and remedies I was applying was not getting close at all to the root of the wart.

Vitamins: I needed to boost my immune system, so I started taking vitamins twice a day. The vitamin mixture I took included a daily vitamin, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C, green tea extract, 2500 B12 and DIM. I had read about DIM on many blogs as it helps combat the virus that causes warts. I would recommend taking this in moderation as it did have an effect on my menstrual cycle when I took it in high doses. I would recommend googling DIM to see studies on its effectiveness on warts.

Exercise: It goes without saying, but I started exercising a lot more and eating really healthy. Regardless of if it helped my plantar warts, it made me feel great and more positive in general. This had to have helped!

Veregen: This is another non-home remedy, but it is a cream with high quantities of green tea. It is RX-only, and my doctor insisted she had never heard of it. I printed out the drug description for my doctor, and the pharmacy had to special order it. It was $50 with my insurance, but it didn't cause all the awful side effects that Aldara did. $50 to me was worth getting rid of them and Aldara made me feel like I had the flu!

Oregano: I bought tablets on and took them with my vitamins. I also pierced the pill with a pin and rubbed it on my warts.

Salicylic Patches: My friend recommended these. I think these were the final nail in the coffin for the worst wart on my heel. Search salicylic patches on and get the Curad Mediplast box.

Squalene: I most recently put this on my wart and saw a difference. Not sure if this caused the change, but this is a facial serum I use for anti aging. I put it on the wart hoping it would soften the callused skin around it! Search TriLane on for Dr. Lark's Anti Aging Moisturizer in fragrance-free. Worst case is you can use it on your face!

Latex Gloves: I wish I had learned this earlier, but DO NOT pick at the wart without latex gloves on. I discovered one spread to the cuticle of my fingernail and it's been a pain to get rid of.

Good luck and don't give up! Prayer and positive thoughts really do help. I wish you the best of luck, because I know how frustrating and absolutely awful this ailment can be for our well being and self confidence!


I had wars on my foot so deep that they are in my arch. I also have them on my hand. Being in the medical field for many years I had tried many things. I started taking a protandim that my friend gave me a sample of and in within 7 days they started to die. Not only that some spots on my face that were dark started to peel off and fade away. I was in the pharmaceutical field and did my research. For me at least it worked. I suggest you just try it. You have nothing to lose.

Plantar warts be gone

I had planters warts for about 4 years. One day I stepped on a piece of glass. It made a hole in my foot. I thought nothing of it thinking it would go away. About 6 months later there was 3 more holes. It kept multiplying it was disgusting. Anyways about 2 years ago I went to the doctor she did the freezing thing. It was brutal. I went to get it done twice. I was done with that. Nothing changed. Summer came and I wore flip flops and sandals everyday no matter what. Up until fall. Then I notice the warts were gone. It was weird how it worked lol but I was happy. I went back to the docs And she asked do I still have the warts nope their gone. She asked how and I told her it was sandals and flip flops :) your feet can breathe, and if it sweat its able to dry easier unlike socks, sneakers and boots holding in all the yuck. Believe me it worked!


It has been a long time with these warts and just kept getting more, it stressed me right out i thought nothing would work. Beleive me, i tried everything. Finally the past month everyday i would put crazy glue on them to suffercate the virus. They are all gone and i am soooo happy. Try it, it works. Good luck.

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