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I have tried all the remedies for plantars wart on the heel of my foot which I bought at the store from Dr. Schol's products- freezing remedies, soluver liquid but no substantial decrease in pain or size. So I tried apple cidar vinegar which I watched on youtube. I got a small cotton ball and put vinegar on it, placed it on the wart, and put a band aid and duct tape and left it overnight. I noticed considerable shrinkage of the wart and kept on doing it until it was smaller in size. When it was very small, I used a pumice stone to help remove it. I noticed small black dots around the bigger wart and the pumice stone helped remove it. Now, they are all small holes and a big hole where the bigger wart was. Be patient, it will eventually die under those conditions.


I had my first plantar wart when I was a teenager and ended up having that one frozen off over 2 sessions by a dermatologist.

Then another one came back and I tried, on and off to get rid of it for a few years. Then I got slack and ended up passing the virus (probably through using the same shower) to my toddler daughter. Out of sight, out of mind until my 15 year old daughter showed me her foot one day and she had 5 very large, ugly plantar warts on her feet. The guilt was tremendous and inside I was devastated I had done this to my little girl. Right there and then, I resolved that no matter what, this time I would not stop until all our warts were gone.

It took my daughter and I about 15 months to get rid of our plantar warts. This probably could have been shortened to 12 months if some days of treatment were not missed.

Now they are gone, we are literally thanking God and want to encourage others to not give up.

We found the following the most potent remedies to get rid of plantar warts:
1. Prayer for them to be gone for good!
2. Sense of humour!
3. Neat apple cider vinegar soaked on cotton balls 24/7 for about the first week. Secure the cotton balls with strong sticking plasters. Wrap foot in bandage. This is the worst phase as there is intense pain, but keep going as the vinegar cuts through big warts very well and quite quickly. When the warts start to look like white craters, this is good. Use clean tweezers daily to remove the excess/dying white skin whilst the skin is still soft.
4. After a week or two the warts will be much flatter. Then move onto soaking foot in very strong, warm apple cider vinegar solution once a day for about 15 minutes. Continue using tweezers to remove soft skin that will pull away off wart. Then put a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar covered by sticking plaster on at night only until warts are small.
5. Once the warts are small, use either Scholl Wart Removal System (disks with 40% salicylic acid) or Duofilm Solution (16.7% salicylic acid and 16.7% lactic acid) to finish getting rid of them. Both of these remedies are good because they are relatively pain free and non-messy. Continue always to remove the dying wart/excess white skin from the top of and surrounds of the wart. If you don't do this, the solutions can't penetrate the skin properly.
6. Keep going with either remedy in no.5 for about 2 weeks after the warts appear to have gone. Even one 'black dot' from the heart of the wart can grow into another wart.
7. At any time of treatment, walking barefoot along the beach, allowing the sand and sea water to touch the wart definitely aids the healing process.

So that you don't infect/re-infect other family members during treatment(eg using the same shower), always have the warts covered with something (eg a band aid) and all members of the family affected with plantar warts should be treated simultaneously.

With the tweezers I used, I never shared the same ones with my daughter and they went through the dishwasher every night for sterilising.

Please don't give up in getting rid of the warts. Persistence will pay off and the feeling when they are finally gone is worth it.

I am so grateful that when I look at our feet now, there is NO TRACE OF THE WARTS AT ALL! Hallelujah!

PS For those who don't believe in the power of prayer, I had a growing HPV(?) type lesion on the side of my face in my hairline for about 8 years. I just kept praying year after year that it would be healed because it was getting quite ugly, sore and itchy. One day I woke up and it was gone. I am not kidding. Thank you God!

Anyway, I really hope that this is an encouragement to someone out there. I don't usually comment on forums but being healed of these things was very emotional and I want to give God the glory for ultimately healing us.


About a year ago, I decided I’d had enough with the plantar wart on the ball of my left foot. It had been there for at least 5 years and, being an avid roller derby player, was becoming excruciatingly painful. I’d read on this forum about apple cider vinegar and duct tape, so I thought I’d give it a try. Every night I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and held it to my foot with duct tape, then removed it in the morning and placed just duct tape on my foot. It was extraordinarily difficult to walk on, especially in heels, let alone skate on. And the questions about the duct tape on my foot were getting a little annoying. After 2-3 weeks of torture, I decided I’d had enough and gave up. BAD IDEA. That mother wart eventually turned into the entire ball of my foot being covered in what I can only assume is a “mosaic” of warts. It’s mortifying.

About 3 weeks ago, I revisited this same site and put together a collaboration of remedies – this time, I was resolved to get rid of this virus that has been plaguing me. I started a nightly treatment of applying 2 cotton balls soaked in ACV to my foot and secured them with duct tape just as I climb into bed. Trust me: You WILL wake up in extreme pain during the night. If I do, I pull the cotton balls/duct tape off, and replace it with just duct tape. In the morning, I rinse, brush crazy glue onto the ball of my foot, then cover with duct tape (the have crazy glue with a brush just like a nail polish brush – it’s great). In order to avoid the annoying questions of “why do you have duct tape on your foot?”, I would use just a small amount of tape to cover the affected area, then wrap athletic tape around my foot to not only secure it in place, but it also made it look like a sports injury. I periodically have peroneal tendonitis, so that is my constant scape goat. “What happened to your foot?” “Oh, I have peroneal tendonitis. This makes it feel better.” (even though I’m still limping around) ;)

At the end of the day, I choose either soaking my foot in hot water while reading or watching TV, or soaking it as much as I can in the shower. Assuming it’s not too painful, I take an emery board and scrape off as much dead skin as I can after soaking. My boyfriend and I took our children to the beach for a weekend, so I gave myself a break for a couple of days and used the sand as a natural emery board – no duct tape, ACV or glue. They were a nice, relatively pain-free couple of days.

Thus far, I am thrilled to report success! All of the very small warts around the edges have scraped off, and the mother wart is becoming smaller and more tender. I’m also noticing as time goes on that, since I’m essentially super-gluing duct tape to my foot every day, it’s pulling off the skin that is being killed by the ACV and minimizing my need to scrape so much. While I’m still limping around from last night’s treatment (I decided to forego the glue and duct tape today to give myself a break), I’m feeling a bit more confident that this monster’s life may very well be coming to an end.

Long story short: Don’t give up!!! :)

Lori T.

Saturate a cotton ball with Clorox Clean Up with Bleach. Dab this on the wart/warts daily several times for two to three weeks. The Clorox will kill the HPV virus. The wart will slowly turn light gray, and will finally go away.


My 8yo daughter had a cluster of about 4 or 5 warts which I had been treating intermittently with the acid treatment for about 4 months. It wasn't working. After reading many of these comments, I decided to give Thyme Oil a go... However I needed to go and buy it, so in the meantime I decided to give Tea Tree Oil a go (like thyme oil it's a great antiseptic, but less likely to iirritate the skin). I dabbed the tea tree oil on with a cotton bud, and she wore a sock to bed. I could see an improvement the next day, I was amazed. Day 2 she had a nice long bath which enabled me to get rid of a layer of skin (after all the acid treatments her toe was a mess). For the first time, she really let me give it a good scrape and I even managed to loosen one of the warts which had been a problem. I think the long soak was a great help. Second lot of TT oil. She wouldn't let me scrape again the next day, so just another dab of oil & sock wearing. We were both encouraged by the continuing improvement, 3rd day scrape I managed to easily flick off a wart with the pumice stone, and the next day one fell off on its own (gross!). By the 5th day the original and largest one I was able to simply scrape off. Amazing!! So happy after many months of stress & acid treatments, her toe is finally free of those useless warts!


I just wanted to share my experience. About a year ago I noticed a bubble under the skin on my thumb. It turned out to be a planter wart (I know usually your feet but you can get them on your thumb and of course I was one of the lucky ones that did)

Over the course of the next year I tried every remedy you could think of.. Banana Peel, Vinegar, Asprin, Vitamin C Pills crushed up, Duct tape, freeze away remover, sac acid and more and nothing worked. Finally for a completely unrelated reason I started taking a probiotic. I believe the brand was nature made and it had a multivitamin in with the probiotic. I took one every night and within literally two-three weeks it was gone. It stopped hurting which is was excruciating. I couldn't put any pressure on it and it was gross looking. Once I started taking the probiotic it started looking like a cut, then it turned to a scab, then one day i just pulled it off and it healed and has not been back since. So if you are like I was and completely fed up with it, try the probiotic. Like I said i think it was nature made probiotic+multivitamin in one.

Good Luck!


THYME OIL WORKS! I had a wart on my big toe for a year that I tried everything to get rid of...over the year it spread and I ended up with about 6-8 warts between by big toe and the one next to it. Tried freezing at the derm which was too painful due to the location, Compound W and Apple cider vinegar religiously for months and still could never get to the root of the wart and it kept spreading. I read this thread and decided to try Thyme oil and I am not kidding, in 5 days all of the warts are gone. The best part is it is painless. It is like the oil penetrates and kills the virus and your skin heals from the inside out as opposed to other treatments where you have to cut the wart out from the root. I just bought red thyme oil at Whole Foods - it was $9.99 and it even smells nice! I feel like I won the lottery and will now be searching for essential oil remedies for any other health issues I encounter. Absolutely amazing stuff.


After 3 years of trying all sorts of treatments I finally got rid of my plantar wart. I have tried over the counter remedies including salicylic acid 17.5% and trichloroacetic acid; home remedies like cider vinegar, concentrated bleach and duct tape; herbal remedies like tea tree oil; even some old podophyllin from the back of the cabinet to no avail. Having run out of ideas I visited my doctor who suggested a stronger salicylic acid at 26% called Occlusal which is only available on prescription. I sanded the wart down with a disposable nail sander, painted just the wart 2 or 3 times with the solution then covered just the dried solution with a small piece of cut Elastoplast. I painted and covered the wart every day and sanded it down every other day being careful not to make it bleed. To my surprise, after 3 weeks the wart started to look smaller! I continued with the applications putting less solution onto the shrinking wart and allowing the surrounding skin to recover. After 6 weeks the wart had gone completely and hasn't returned. I would certainly recommend a 26% salicylic acid solution by prescription as the ones over the counter from the chemist simply weren't strong enough!


I had a plantars wart on the side of my big toe. After reading several home remedies I found a solution that worked. Not one solution seemed to work by itself. So I found that a combination of duct tape, apple cider vinegar and filing seems to work.

So first things first, take a shower. Then file off the dead skin with an emery board. After removing the dead skin, soak the affected area in apple cider vinegar for about twenty minutes then allow it to dry (DO NOT RINSE IT OFF). After the vinegar has dried placed a piece of duct tape to the wart. Keep the piece of tape on until your next shower.. Then continue. Currently I still have the wart, but I have been doing this technique for three or four days and the size of it has decreased greatly.


I had a plantar wart on the ball of my left foot for about a year. I ignored it for about 8 months until the pain hit so bad I couldn't walk on the inside of my foot. I bought the dr. Sholls or whoever's do it yourself freeze away kit. It did not work at all! So I looked up some treatments and found the banana peel remedy. Supposedly the potassium in Banana peels soaks into your wart and kills it by the root. So I started putting squares of banana peels and placing it so the inside part of the peel was touching my wart. I covered it with a band aid and left it there over night. I did this for a few weeks and saw absolutely no difference which was disheartening since I refused to go to the doctor. I messed around with duct tape and all the other things that that are supposed to work but are a waste of time. After a while I started up again with the banana peel out of curiosity to see if something so simple would work. Every night I up a piece of banana peel on my foot and just waited. I did this for a few more weeks and still didnt see a whole lot of change except for the pain wasn't so bad anymore! Eventually I stopped after the pain completely went away and didnt pay much attention to it. I left it alone and pretty soon every single wart was gone!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Months later they haven't came back and there are no scars! So if you are having a tough time, give the simple banana peel a shot, it worked for me!!!!!!!

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