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My daughter who was 8 at the time had 1 plantar wart that turned into what seemed like 30. She is very sensitive of her feet to begin with, she will hardly let you cut her toenails. She told me to find the least painful method I could. After hours of searching the internet I don't even remember the remedy but while I was out trying to find the ingredients I was talking to my mom who suggested CASTOR OIL!!! It was 5 bucks a bottle and some gaze pads. After she showered at night I would pour the caster oil on the warts and wrap with gaze to my amazement they were completely gone in a month!!! If the wart is open it takes less time than that but the more saturated the wart is the better!!! It took a while to figure this out so it may not take as long for you. I know how pain plantar warts can be so anyone out there who wants a pain free remedy for plantar warts this is it!!! My daughter had absolutely no complaints and wart free for over a year now!!! Good luck Hope this helps!!!


I developed a small strange thing in my sole (plantar wart), and I gave it no importance... as the months passed I noticed that there were a pair of them, and then until they became 15 plantar wart on the sole of my left foot! I was going crazy as I didn't know what was happening there. I tried a lot of things, without success. But what did the trick was Tea Tree essential oil, nowadays I have no plantar warts, but it takes time.

Best wishes,


So i have a planter wart on the bottom of my foot. i had been trying for months to get it out. I found the home and over the counter remedies to cause my wart to swell and thus make walking on my foot more painfull. so months past and soon enough i broke my left leg. (planter wart was on right leg) anyway so i had to trade in my comfterable boots for gym shoe to wear on my other foot in order to be able to get around school. so i had the shoe on for the day and that same sock on for 2 days. it sounds gross i know but when i took the sock off i found that my planter wart just kinda peeled off. it was still there to a point and since then it has started to come back but not as fast and not as painfull as it used to be. after 2 weeks of the 'treatment' my planter wart is still tender to the touch but not the excuriating pain i felt when i had it. im planning to try another 'treatment' soon. hope this helps anybody who needs it


after living with my two warts for several years and every banana peel, vinegar, otc remedies and howling at the full blue moon......|I was instructed by my doctor to up my b12 intake for an unrelated issue. lo and behold, my warts took leave after only two weeks. hmmm.


My first strategy was to ignore it and hope that it would go away on its own, just because I'm awesome. Apparently, the planter wart thought itself more awesome than I and began to challenge me to a duel. It started as an innocent discoloration about the size of a pinhead. I did not recognize it as a planter wart, until it quickly grew to an annoying little bump with a telltale black dot in the middle. Something so tiny could not possibly get out of control and harm me, right? WRONG! As soon as you identify that thing on your foot is a planter wart, you need to take immediate and continuous action. I wasted the chance to kill it early and paid dearly for it. Since I was in no pain, I did not see the need to treat it harshly or consistently. BIG MISTAKE!

The only reason I started treatment was because I was running and started to feel the bump in my foot as it slammed down onto the pavement. My first treatment was with salicylic acid, on and off, over a period of a few weeks. But, in my ignorance, I did not realize that the toughness and thickness of the planter wart, though small, was already established beyond a level that salicylic acid would resolve. Since my wife likes to abuse me, she added the freeze method to our routine, doing a complete freeze over the top of this thing once a week. In classic Nietzsche fashion, 'that which did not kill the wart only made it stronger.' The combination of the acid and the freezing on a regular basis started to destroy the skin around the wart, which coincidentally, allowed the wart to expand its territory.

We felt the need to up the dose on both the acid and the freezing. After a couple weeks of this, I was beginning to feel the pain regularly. By that, I mean that my foot was in mild pain 24/7 and I stopped running. Because my job requires that I stand in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day, I noticed that it was getting difficult to concentrate on my work. Around this time, probably 5 to 6 weeks after acid and freezing did nothing, I started apple cider vinegar (ACV). I quit the acid completely, but continued attempting multiple freezes each week. The wart was now the size of a pencil eraser in diameter.

Seriously, I think the people who recommend ACV as having no pain are secretly hoping that we will all try it and then laughing maniacally in the background as they hear our stories unfold with excruciating pain. Honest, ACV brought me to a pain level surpassing the historical record since having double root canals or possibly the removal of two wisdom teeth without any pain medication. The beauty of root canals and wisdom tooth extraction without pain medication is that the pain begins to subside after 24 hours. In contrast, applying ACV is like stepping on the accelerator pedal of pain.

I religiously followed a routine of 20 minutes soaking in ACV each night before bed, then applying a tiny dot of ACV on a small folded square of tissue or part of a cotton ball and duct taping it to the bottom of my foot. I duct taped it very tightly so that it would squeeze the ACV into the planter wart and also prevent any of the ACV from squeezing out around the side. These constant activities of foot baths and duct taping balls of ACV to my foot caused the entire house to smell like a morgue, which was duly noted by the lady of the house.

Well, I figured a little pain was par for the course, but I had no idea. When I went to work each morning, it felt like I was standing on 200 microscopic pieces of broken glass. But, not just any glass: glass that had a vibrating massager underneath it to help dig in really well ... all ... day ... long. I did not sleep for two weeks, tossing and turning, because of the constant pain. Some nights, it was enough to make a grown man cry (I am a grown man). During that two-week period, there were a couple of days and nights that I skipped duct taping the ball on my foot, to get a break from the pain.

The ACV was clearly ripping into the planter wart and I took courage by that. I decided to bring in some precision mechanics to give me a sense of progress. This came in the form of the laboratory dissection kit that I hadn't used since college. The last time the scalpel had been used was either on a frog or a kitty, I can't remember, but I still had fresh sterile blades in sealed packages. Twice a week, after an ACV footbath, I would slice down as much as I could into the top of the wart, gauging how deep to go by how loose the tissue had become. I used a lighter to heat up the blade before and after using it on my foot. I wanted to burn any and all living or dead cell material off of the blade. I made sure not to put the lighter too close, as that would deposit products of combustion onto the blade. In other words, if the blade edge is black, then that would put ash into the wart tissue. Moving the blade very slowly and delicately, just like I was taught in class, I was able to avoid cutting too deeply into the wart or into the skin around the edge of the wart and thus avoiding a major bloodbath. Dragging a pumice stone across the surface of the wart was unbearable torture, while the scalpel, if used correctly, moved tissue off cleanly with no pain. Note: the wife (with nursing school background) specifically recommended against using the scalpel, but I was going on the warpath.

The ACV/scalpel method looked like I was making progress, because I could reduce the thickness of the wart. However, the root was too well protected and the diameter was not getting smaller. The net result of freezing, acid, and ACV was just a thicker, wider, and angrier wart. In fact, we went from one innocent planter wart to a whole legion of enemy warts. We were definitely in the 'Mosaic' category now and it was the diameter of a dime.

I was limping now everywhere I walked, I could not stand for very long, I tried to avoid going to meetings with my customers, and I had to re-think all of my office work habits to get around the awful pain. Some nights, I slept on the floor with my foot propped up on a chair, because that was the only restful position.
We ran out of the freeze can and I decided to quit that also. I started looking feverishly on the Internet for other holistic methods, such as Thyme oil, tea tree, oregano, and the dreaded 'blister beetle' cantharidin. The results were mixed and I couldn't see any benefit in prolonging the agony after spending so much time with ACV. Walking barefoot on the beach sounded like a really great therapy, except that I live in New Hampshire and the beach is covered in snow and ice and frozen sand, which is very painful to walk on barefoot, not to mention the twist of frostbite.

Well, I had already been using the gray duct tape to secure the ACV onto my foot. If for no other reason, the gray duct tape allowed me to shower and protect the rest of the family from this evil. After my shower, I would dry off my foot and set up new duct tape. This meant I was applying duct tape once in the morning and once in the evening with fresh ACV.

At long last, it was time to try the duct tape method alone. No more foot baths, no more ACV, no more scalpel. Let's get specific: the first gray duct tape was the cheap brand with a picture of a silly duck on the label. Not only did it not stick well to my foot, but also it annoyed the wart. I switched to the real gray duct tape, which is much stickier. This allowed me to go 2-3 days on a single application of duct tape, but it too failed to impress the wart and I stepped it up a notch to the black Scotch 3M duct tape.

I wanted a tape solution that would not allow the wart to catch a breath of air for a week. Medical truth is not formed by consensus of opinion on the Internet, but the 'lack of air' thing sounded intriguing (and was the consensus on the Internet). Still seeing no result at all, other than a mushy foot, I bought a roll of Gorilla brand tape. The gorilla tape is very thick. I cut out a circle of it about an inch and a half in diameter and press that very hard over the wart. Over that I would lay a 4' strap of the black duct tape horizontally and another strap vertically. The straps were also put on with great tension.

The gorilla tape should not have had any different result from the other tapes, except perhaps it more thoroughly prevented the wart from getting any light or air. After five days, I removed the duct tape to find the wart decimated! It was literally crumbling in front of my eyes. Of course, I had to go get the dissection kit and use the tweezers and scalpel to remove as much of the dead tissue as possible. Again, one of the important things is not to create a bloodbath at any point during the process. Then, I covered it in gorilla tape for another five days. The pain was completely gone. After the second week, the entire mass was broken apart and removed. Instead of a giant lump on top of my foot, now there was a giant cavity appearing.

All of my slimy 'friends' were being made naked in front of me and they were cowering in fear. Within the third week of gorilla tape, they all died in large quantity and my normal skin started to rebuild and make the diameter smaller. We were finally back to the one devil who started this ordeal. To assure permanent death, I applied the gorilla tape gleefully for two more weeks, even after seeing no sign of a planter wart. It has been two weeks since the gorilla tape was put away and there are no signs of any regrowth of this monster. I think I'll go for a run in the morning -- praise the LORD!


I had a plantar wart that would not go away. I tried everything and the vinegar did not work. The wart pads or nail polish worked. Finally I bought Vitamin E cream. I covered the wart with the cream left it covered for 3 weeks. When I finally took the covering off the wart came off with it. My foot looks perfectly normal now. My wart was as big as a nickel.


Desiccated liver tablets.

I had 3 large plantars on my feet for over 10 years. Luckily they were never painful and never made it difficult to walk...however they were the reason I would never remove my socks around people.

Over the years I tried little things such as freezing them. 2 years ago I got serious about removing them. I went to a podiatrist for the first time. When he saw my plantars he was a little in shock at the size of them, as they weren't mosaic, just individual warts.

He told me he had great success with laser removal, and so he asked permission to photograph my feet for podiatry conventions (sort of embarrassing to be honest). I went and had both feet treated by laser. I wouldn't say it was painful; but the gaping holes left on both feet were ridiculous.

A few months later my left foot was completely clear of its plantar; however my right foot actually got far worse without my notice for several months. Not only did the warts return; but where the two warts had been there was one large mosaic that had merged the two areas into one. This was extremely discouraging for me. I returned to the podiatrist and he was in shock as he said he had done several hundred laser treatments and had never heard of the warts returning to the spot that had been lasered. Go figure.

So he put my right foot under the laser again to no avail. I ended up looking all over the internet for anything that would work. I tried freezing, acid, duct tape, banana peels, even removing the flesh myself. Literally nothing had any noticeable effect on the resilient warts.

However I had had a PRN at my doctors office tell me about desiccated liver tablets working for her. I ignored her advice for a year and when I got to the point of quitting I decided to order the pills. You can't typically find them in a vitamin shop; I ordered mine on Amazon.

At around $15 for 250 pills for Solgar's desiccated liver tablets, taking 3 pills 3 times a day for around 1 month (until the bottle runs out), my plantars completely dissolved on their own within a few weeks. Just like that, no pain, no hassle, they just went away.

Desiccated liver tablets used to be what body builders used back in the day, they are made up of beef liver (Solgar's is Argentinian beef). It sounds gross and the taste isn't that great, plus the pills are a little large. But you get past all that when you're at war with warts.

As an added bonus to the pills, they give an increase in strength and bolster your immune system (this is the needed element to fight your warts).

Like any treatment for plantars, you can never be sure any one treatment is going to work for you. But desiccated liver tablets worked for me and I would highly recommend them. $15 and 1 month of your time is worth trying, I think.


Pain from large plantar wart GONE in one day.

I have been fighting this thing for about 8 months now. I have tried duct tape, banana peels, super market cryogenic kits (3 times), etc., but nothing would beat it. I was limping every day from the pain that felt like walking on the tip of a sharp knife. It was keeping me awake at night. Etc.

I read on another site where the guy tried MSM, and another guy used tea tree oil, so ... after taking a long hot shower (to soften up my foot), I crushed to powder one half of a 1000 mg MSM tablet. I then took the powder out of a 150 mg olive leaf capsule (promotes healing), and mixed them together. I added about 5 drops of 100 % tea tree oil to this mixture. It packs together fairly nicely.

I put this under a large bandaid (well, 3 bandaids actually), and after several hours the pain went away. I renewed it every day (just because it kept the pain away), and on the 5th day was able to remove most of the callous with a pumice stone. It just kept coming off!!

Up to this point, the pumice stone was always too painful to use. I am at 7 days now, and I haven't limped since day one. I have had minor aches (just cuz I have a large callous on the ball of my foot), but no shooting, bite-my-lip pains.

I think I am finally winning this battle. Pass it on!

Hope this helps,

Mike Collalto

RE: The Plantar Wart Of Horror
I am returning because i found this site the most helpful at the time.

Firstly i did not know i had the plantar wart on my right big toe for more than thirty years. I had memories of walking barefoot in my late teens walking from the local swimming pool. During this walk i had punctured my toe with a very very small shard of glass i guess and merely put a fresh sock over it from memory. No first aid or even a band aid. And then i remember no more other than tinea that remained. Or at least that is what i thought it was. Mainly between the toes in the form of cracking skin and pain. I lived with the tinea and did not give a second thought to the thickened skin that was covering the plantar wart on my big toe so that i believed it was just a corn or caused by the way i was walking. Odd because the other foot had no such thickening of the skin like a callous.

More recently (Almost a year ago now), the big toe became subject to a softening of the big toenail. The callous was more sore to walk on than usual. My frequent sock changing and attention to keeping my feet dry was not as effective. I concluded i was getting old and that my immune system was not coping as well with the tinea and maybe it was my Achilles heel. Hope you get the picture. I was puzzled and getting worried. Especially because i noticed that the veins around the toe were more prominent. Was i getting gangrene?...these and more questions were like a hornets nest in my mind at the time.

I decided to take some action and after reading some anecdotes on this site (and others) i wanted to test the possibility that perhaps i had a plantar wart. The toenail was not sore but the callous area was. My chemist recommended Whitfords ointment which is a blend of Salicytic acid and something else. From this treatment i came to the conclusion there was something underneath the callous and it began to dawn on me that this might be a Plantar wart.

The ointment was only on the surface and was not doing much below so i decided to obtain some dressing that would make it possible to keep the ointment in one place and not become absorbed by socks or the dressing itself. I used a waterproof dressing made of a thin film of plastic that was stretchable. This i concluded would keep the ointment in one place so it could do its job over an extended period without becoming absorbed by socks, footwear and such. It worked, but it did little to remove the the thick callous over the wart. I used a pumice stone abut not much was achieved.

It was around this time that i wanted to really get to the bottom of it and i was in pain by now. The plantar wart was aggravated in hind-site by the ointment, though not enough to stimulate a complete immune reaction.

After reading through many of the anecdotes found here, i summoned enough courage to do what i instinctively felt had to be done, and that was to aggravate the wart so that the healing process could begin.

I decided to try the vinegar method and was not willing to undergo surgery or freeze methods as i was well aware by now that they were not always successful due to the root being left behind after the surgery. My wart was so old, i anticipated it was very deep, and, i was right from experience now that i am wart free.

My method was to soak a small 1cm gauze that was folded a few times in vinegar (Very heavily soaked). I used white vinegar the first time. Then, i wrapped the plastic waterproof bandage (I used 'Leukoflex# is a transparent surgical tape. It is impermeable to water.
Suitable for use as an occlusive dressing to seal in topical medication.) around it so that i could really let the the vinegar totally pickle the wart without drying out or soaking into the sock or footwear. I did not want to pussy foot around with dribs and drabs of vinegar applications for years. I wanted action.

The gauze stayed wet/damp all day and so i even slept with it.

By the second day, there was definitely a reaction. The callous was no longer relatively flat. It had become bulbous and even considerably/much higher than the surrounding area. started to become ***very*** painful. So painful in fact that i became considerably worried. I persisted for one more day, and by then it was so painful and swollen i decided to see my doctor and discuss the matter. (Thoughts of death and other dark thoughts were profuse with fear.)I was mainly worried about secondary infection at this time. Clearly, it was so painful and swollen and yellow looking that my doctor could only advise me to have a script for antibiotics on hand in case dreaded secondary infection took hold.

I came home (A long drive) and limped to the bathroom. By this time it was so painful, i was nearly passing out. I took to it with some pumice stone to see if i could sand or wear the top of the bulbous eruption down to see what was under it making it so elevated and painful.

After sanding away at it for a few minutes, i reached a point where a clear liquid with a little blood came out. There was almost an instant relief at this point as the pressure of the liquid (A watered down puss) was able to escape instead of continually building up pressure. It was my first major hurdle and victory. Because it was bulbous, it made it easier to use the pumice stone to take the top of it. Like a blister made of very thick skin.

I was then sure that there had been something underneath the callous skin all those years.

At this point i stopped using vinegar and all that was important to me was to let it settle and wait and see. To this end, i became obsessed with finding ways of keeping the wound sterile during this waiting. Being on my foot this was going to be quite a task.

I used iodine tincture, and decided to go to a different chemist for advice. My reasoning was that chemists actually might be more informed than GP's as they get to see dozens of people from a broad spectrum of doctors with different methods and such.

The GP immediately went on to tell me that he was not just a pharmacist but that he also had a qualification as a chemist. His advice was to tell me to go to my doctor and ask for a script of Silver Sulfadiazene. He said it was 'better than all the other antiseptics put together' (I agree with him now). Also he recommended i use silver activated bandages to cover the wound.

On this advice i went further and purchased some pure silver and distilled water and batteries to make a colloidal silver solution to spray in my shoes and on my socks for extra protection.

My doctor took a look at the wound and willingly filled out a script for Silver Sulfadiazene. She was visibly worried.

In hindsight, the Silver Sulfadiazene is used on burns victims and in my opinion, although the vinegar did not burn the healthy skin, it behaved as though it burnt the plantar wart and so treating the wound that resulted as a burn and to keep it moist and prevent the skin from cracking was the right way to go.

Eventually it settled but was still very sore. I did begin a course of antibiotics to be on the safe side as my GP suggested

I kept the wound covered with the plastic non breathable plastic bandage and although it looked terrible, it was at this time i first became aware of the hole in the center of the wound that is said to be the way the wart breathes. I could tell it was very deep and i had some way to go.

As i was taking the antibiotics (After about one and a half/two weeks after the first treatment with vinegar.) and the dead skin of the callous was beginning to recede, and because i was starting to see some signs of pink skin, i decided to see what would happen with another treatment of vinegar.

It was even more painful and stopped two days later. I could barely walk. The second treatment did aggravate the wart and it was more painful than the first treatment perhaps because it was attacking/aggravating the root of the wart. I think this was the case.

So i stopped and continued dressing the wound with Silver Sulfadiazene and kept it moist as though i was a burns victim. I took a photo diary of each dressing change which i performed every day approximately.

It was only in nearly the third/fourth week that the dead skin and the necrotic kind of black ring around the hole became visible and i suspect this was the wart dying at the time that i really felt i was making progress.

After the fourth week and seeing the blackened area underneath lifting, i knew i was on the way to victory. There was pink skin but i could still make out a very small hole in the middle so i tried one more application of vinegar which was excruciating, but that was it. It was short lived pain and did not hurt from then on.
The skin was still falling off and new skin comming up underneath. It was at this time i used more breathbale dressing and less silver sulfadiazene. It was at this point that i let the skin geeet some air and eventually there was no scar and the wart has not returned. It has been almost a year now.

No more callous. And my tinea has also disappeared. Also, the rotting toe nail dissapeared also.

My parting comment is that my treatment differed somwhat to what i have read here in that i treatede the wound as though it was 3rd degree burn.

I believe that in doing so, i did not allow the skin to crack that can also be fertile ground for another wart infection.

I think Silver Sulfadiazene is awesome as an antiseptic.

I think colloidal silver is a great way to keep shoes and socks sterile for extended periods as an extra measure of protection.

Sorry if my timeline is not really exact. Overall, the entire process to being wart free took about four weeks, and after it died the healthy skin happened very quickly. And left no scar whatsoever. Evenb though it looked horrific to begin with. I attribut this to keeping the wound moist as the wart under the callous was huge and there was considerable necrotic skin that had to dissolve and be expelled.

I did use MediHoney for about two days, but it was too difficult to keep the wound flooded with it. Otherwise, the MediHoney might have been just as good as the Silver Sulfadiazene

At one point the wound became dry so i stopped using it and switched back to the Silver Sulfadiazene.

The medihoney was very good at cleaning the wound of dead necrotic tissue and skin.

Overall, i think the Vinegar is to start the process. I do not think it is necessary to continue until the wound heals. Then re-applying vinegar is a sure test to find out if any wart remains. In my case, there was a tiny amount of root left and vinegar managed to do its work on that as well. Further applications later did not hurt at all or harm the new skin in my case.


After 10 years of trial remedies including acv, hydrocloric acid, wartabater, acylacilic acid, and many more, I read somewhere that the wart sprites come to the surface to feed oxygen to the underlying wart. I decided to try air deprivation by using a very flexible non porous skin tape. I found 'flexcare' brand works the best. After about a month of air deprivation ,except for a few minutes a day during showering, they all disapeared.

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