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I’ve battled with planters warts for many many years over 20 years and after trying lots of removal options have finally found that in my case the warts seems to 'flourish' when my immune system was low. I started taking Zinc and vitamin c tablets to build my immune system and to my absolute amazement...The warts are just disintegrating some are totally gone! And this in without any direct treatment... hope this helps someone fighting these terrible things 


Zinc! Zinc had an 84% to 100% cure rate in two medical journal studies for stubborn plantars warts. Get zinc pills where you buy vitamins. Crush one and make into a paste using a little water, and rub paste on the wart. (Does not hurt - feels good!) Let dry for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Increase zinc intake by mouth (temporarily) up to 600 mg/day. Cured mine in 2 weeks after 6 months of pain and misery. I tried freezing and salicylic acid but the deep warts kept spreading. This dried up the warts, strengthened immune response, and made skin feel healthier. Zinc deficiency is a cause of a weak immune system.


For me it took a three pronged attack to get rid a very stubborn plantar wart...

1. Duct Tape 24/7
2. Epsom salt soaks once daily
3. corn pads with salicylic acid

This worked for me beautifully after 2 years without success.

My blogger page has before and after pics and more details on what it took. Google 'stubborn wart blogger' and it should be the first result.


Jared Darbyshire

I'll be 27 in just under month and have still yet to come across another plantar's wart on my body.
When I was about 8 years old I had 4 warts on my left foot and 3 on my right. My doctor suggested the liquid nitrogen method but when came out with the thermos i almost booked 'er. After a bit of silence he presented my mother and I with a 'old wives tale' remedy that he had witnessed as a reality when he was back in medical school in the Philippines; he said to go into the corn fields by my house and pick the 'milkweed' plants and take them home. When you rip the leaves, a milky white liquid/oil 'bleeds' out. (I kinda picked/stabbed a circle around the root of each) Rub the substance into the infected area for roughly fifteen minutes (which in my case i was rubbing it in with the blood and into the 'open wounds'). I only did this single application and by the end of the week, there wasn't even a sign that they had come out; let alone even existed.


I have to reaffirm what a few posters have posted so far: the Tagamet and dessicated liver tablets REALLY do work. Holy crap. I've been struggling with these damn things for ten years. Was only one on each foot until we moved into our house two years ago with a tub that doesn't drain fast and suddenly I had about twenty of these painful things. I just tried to ignore them, they were so gross and embarrassing. When I got the first one, I went to the walk-in and had the doctor freeze it off. The pain from that device was so bad when he held it to my foot. I thought he was never going to stop pressing it against my foot, he removed it right before I was about to unleash a blood curdling scream. The wart never went away and later spread to my other foot. Needless to say, I never wanted to go through that again. Which brings me to the present. So I had about twenty of these things, including a giant mosaic on my heel, tons on the balls of my feet, and all over my toes. I read about Tagamet and dessicated liver tablets, so I ordered both on Amazon. Came to $25 for both. It's day 4 and they are already melting and drying away/up. It's really miraculous. So for anyone fed up with trying so many remedies, try this first and save your time.


Plantar Warts

I just commented on a post about this where the guy used dessicated liver tablets to get rid of his warts. Not sure if this would work for plantar warts or not, but I'd think it would help at least!

Anyway, my regimen for getting rid of plantar warts COMPLETELY is

1. Epsom Salt soaks
2. Duct Tape covering the wart 24/7
3. Salicylic Acid pads (the kind that put pressure around the wart/corn pushing it out of the foot and into the acid)

Those are the basics... oh and persistence!

I detailed my experience with getting rid of my deep, stubborn plantar wart completely in just a few weeks using this method and have before and after photos on a blogger page if interested.

stubbornwart (dot) blogspot (dot) com


Desccated liver tablets cured my planta warts. I had three big plantar warts under both my feed for over 1.5 years. I had tried every home remedies I could found. From Apple cider vinegar, banana peel, oregana oil, super duck tapes etc. I made sure continued every method for at least 2 month before I moved on to the next one. Nothing really worked - at some point,I felt so hopeless and gave up all treatments because it was so hurting. I decided go for laser surgery. Before booking the appointment, I just bought two bottles of desccated liver tablets without even hoping anything. I gave myself one month to tryout. Around the end of 3rd weeks, I noticed all three plantar warts 'melted' away from inside. They were almost flat and soft after 4 weeks. I Believe they'll be gone within another 2 weeks! No pain at all. Try this method before any other methods!


After nearly ten years of these stupid, painful plantar warts on my feet, I finally found a remedy. I used a 50/50 mixture of red thyme oil and organic coconut oil on my feet nearly every day. It took several months,it probably would have taken less time had I been good about putting the stuff on, but it is safe to say that I am nearly wart free! There was no pain involved. The red thyme oil doesn't smell all that great but it WORKS!My feet are almost human again! I hope this remedy helps someone else!


In a nutshell
A five pronged attack of 10 plantar warts ,some deep over 10 wks was effective for my son
1. Gaffer tape-v sticky , silver , applied most days , particularly to avoid contamination of home environment
2 home cryotherapy kit-2wkly , then weekly as they got smaller
3. Thyme oil weekly , dabbed sparingly on with cotton bud and left to air dry for night (put on cotton ball first under tape and it burnt the skin)
4. Tea tree oil weekly -dabbed on cotton bud , sometimes straight after cryo
5 salicylic acid paste-ground up aspirin - small Amt water, 2x in first mth
Also rub dead skin with corn brush as required


I have had 2plsnters warts on my foot for almost a year I have trod the acid I've the counter stuff just made my foot sore and didn't do anything to the warts after reading some home remendies decided to try one of my own to see if worked I used a ointment called A&D my daughter used this to protect new tattoos I put this ointment on top of the warts (use heavily ) put gauze over top use paper tape (makes feet less sore) wear socks it has only been about 8 days an happy to say warts are turning black. I figure another few weeks an will be gone. Be persistent . Good luck

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