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After spending a grueling two years fight off several planter warts on my left foot i tried acv and after several days i noticed they were coming off. I had tried surgury, s.acid, and duck tape. None of it worked except ACV. The only downside of ACV is the pain expierenced is throbbing needle like sensations that last several hours. Some nights i couldnt sleep well but it was worth the sacrifice of a few hours for the years of pain and stress. This was my process. Items: Duck tape, tweezers, cotton balls, scissors or a knife. Every night after a hot shower and before bed i soaked a small cotton ball in ACV and placed it on the wart. Then i applied duck tape and secured it for leaks. Then I continued this for every wart. Took me about half an hour each night. Then in the morning if the pain is tolerable throw some baby powder on your foot so it keeps any ACV from being soaked up by your sock and take it off at night. After three to four days the warts began to turn yellow. I then took the tweezers and gently peeled away the top layer of the wart and this exposed for the first time in years the pink new skin underneath. I didnt peel more skin than i had to with the tweezers. I continued this process throughout several weeks and they all feel off.


i had a plantar wart on the side of my middle toe that i treated with salicylic acid wart remover pads for 6 weeks with no success.

then i came across this site and read about countless success stories with apple cider vinegar, cotton balls and duct tape. within 3 days the wart turned black and after one week of diligently taping a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar with duct tape around my toe, my wart has gone away!

but unlike many others who have posted here, my experience was rather painful. i woke up every night for the first 5 nights with a terrible throbbing pain in my toe. it was excruciating. but come morning when i removed the tape, it would start to feel better. i think the pain is indicative of the vinegar penetrating deep into the wart and 'suffocating' it.

even though it was really quite painful, i recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to rid his/her feet of these nasty persistent plantar warts. thank goodness for this site! i'm truly grateful.


Today is 08/08/08.

Ok people. This is the 3rd time I have came to this site looking for home remedies. First because my dog had Mange, then my friend had a boil and now for Plantar Warts. And I KID YOU NOT, EVERY ONE OF THE REMEDIES I HAVE FOUND HAS WORKED!!!!

When my 10 yr old son showed me his foot about 6 weeks ago, I just brushed it off and thought it was just a 'callous' on this foot. When he showed me again last week and he had more of what I thought were just a 'callous' but now on BOTH feet. I knew these had to be Plantar Warts. I called my brother who had experienced these with his kids a couple years ago and he came over and confirmed they were Plantar Warts.

Right away I came to this website and saw the Duct Tape & Apple Cider Vinegar remedy and all the results that people wrote about. So what did I do....went home that night (7/30/08) with duct tape and apple cider vinegar. My brother bought some WARTNER for Planter Warts to try too. So what I did was, 1 foot NOT USE THE WARTNER, just the ACV and Duct Tape, and the other foot use it the Wartner Wart Remover. ALONG With the duct tape and Apple Cider Vinegar. The Wartner is just to be used ONCE. NOT EVERY NIGHT.

Today is 8/8/08 and I have put the duct tape and cotton balls soaked with ACV, on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since then. Covering each wart with its own soaked cotton ball. Left them on only to change the tape and the cotton balls every night. I also file the wart down with a foot file/pumice stone. I may have missed like 2 nights of the soaked cotton balls because my son complained of the soarness. But kept the duct tape on. I do this just before he goes to bed. Make him wear socks over his feet. Make him wear the tape with the cotton balls the whole next day until its time to change them again. NEVER EVER taking them off but to change the tape and cotton balls.

It took about 5 days and me worrying that maybe this wasn't working. On the 6th day, I unwrapped his feet when ALL 6 Warts were BLACK in the middle (including the one that I hadn't used the wart remover on). We were jumping for joy. One looks as it its about ready to fall off, the others are a little deeper in his skin, but still black and I will continue to file them down until they are totally gone. I think this might take about another week or 2. I honestly think it is the duct tape and ACV that is killing the warts.


It takes a few days to notice a difference in the wart, but it does work. You just have to be patient. Not to mention, my son had a little wart on his finger that I have been doing the same therapy to since I started on his feet, and that one too is now black in the middle.

Going forward, I will always come to this site before going to the Dr. for home remedies. Like I said, this is my 3rd time visiting it and EVERY SINGLE METHOD I HAVE TRIED WORKED.

If you want to email me with any questions, please do:

Wichita, KS

I was reading yesterday 7-15-08 about using ACV to get rid of plantar warts and I used it lastnight and I can already tell difference today 7-16-08. I can't believe it really is working. I put ACV on cotton ball and taped it to each foot with duct tape and today on my left foot the hard spot that hurt is white and puffy and I can see the black dot in center. I'm using it again this evening and my feet are not sore when walking around. I surely am impressed and it really seems to be working for me. I would suggest to anyone else to try it. So glad I found this web site with the helpful information.

RAW- new feet

Planters warts had gotten so bad I would set down and cry. I was hardly able to go to work or stand on them. I used pads/foam/wart medicine, etc from pharmacist and nothing worked, they continued to grow on my left foot on the bottom and the side. This went on for months and I went to a dermatologist, and had them cut off and got a acid salve to use that ate up the skin around them and never got rid of them. They suggested cutting or lasering them out, but they can return. They sent me to a dermatologist and he wanted to inject something in my foot that would hurt bad. I got fed up and went looking for natural remedies and thank God through prayer and this site my foot don't hurt anymore and less than a week later I see site is healing well. Formula is a combination of what I found on this site. 1 gallon of white Apple sider vinegar, a container to soak in, key limes in a bag, gauze pads and cotton balls and stretch tape in sports department. I put a gallon of white vinegar in a square tub and soaked both feet for 40 minutes and let it air dry, then before bed I rubbed the bottom of my feet with juice from a key lime and soaked cotton balls and put them on the places covered by gauze and the skin tape. take it off in the morning and just put a self stick gauze pad or large bandaid to cover the area. Even by the next morning I felt some relief and so I reapeated the keylime juice/vinegar cotton balls each night and on the third night I did the soaking again. By the next day I began to feel so much better as the pain was leaving my foot. I continued the keylime and cotton balls at night and removed them in the morning for the next week and now the pieces have just been falling off with baths and the foot is almost well. Keep up the night treatments with keylime/cotton ball till all is gone. I plan to write to both the Dr.s I saw and ask why they can't offer this pain free and cheaper way to their patients instead of all the suffering and pain they offer. For about 5 dollars in supplies I am so much the better because of finding your site and trying your remedies. Try it ...I promise it works.


I noticed my plantar wart back in November/December but was unsure of its identity as such. At first, I thought I had steppe don something and it was irritating the skin on my foot, causing it to swell, hurt, and appear infected. In January/February, I realized this was not the case, and I, in fact, had a plantar's wart.

I first tried treating it with a 'Wart Stick,' which resembles chapstick in all of its qualities save the presence of Salicylic acid. This proved disasterous, as the topical treatment easily smeared because of its texture and was thus ate away the healthy skin surrounding the wart, which I eventually had to cut away. After allowing the area to completely heal (I applied Neosporin antibiotic ointment to it and covered the area with a gigantic bandaid, as I was terrified of getting an infection), I tried a new approach: Dr. Scholl's medicated plantar wart removal discs.

After doing so for about 2-3 weeks, I became impatient. I then read that aloe vera gel (get the kind that has few to no extra additives) has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can kill warts-- it sounded like a plan.

After only about 3-5 days of consistently applying aloe gel to a cottonball and taping the cottonball over my wart after washing the area thoroughly, I noticed a change. The wart was beginning to turn a light grey, which I knew it does before it turns black and dies.

One day, as I was in a hurry and did not have time to mess with cottonballs, aloe, and tape, I instead decided just to cover the wart with one of Dr. School's medicated plantar wart disks and protective covers. Note: these both stick directly to the skin... so when I went to remove them later on, I ended up pulling and having a section of the wart come off, too! Realizing that this was exactly what I wanted, I grabbed a pair of tweezers, gritted my teeth, and pulled off the rest of the wart. (Note: I pulled off the exterior part of the wart only... I left the internal 'root' alone and did no digging of any sort into my foot. I figured continued applications of aloe would now go directly to the root and kill the virus.)

So... I continued to frequently wash the area and put aloe and a bandaid over the hole that was left behind for a week or so until it closed up and appeared healed. It's been just over a month-- the area appears completely healed and I can barely recognize any scar at all. I am sure none will remain in the future.



This might sound a little weird to some, but if you have warts, use your saliva right when you wake up in the morning and rub it on them! It works!


My first Plantar wart appeared three years ago. I never took much notice to it, until I noticed three more (that look identical, but smaller) growing near by it. I was very upset and worried, I even cried. I went to the doctors but didn't like any of the treatments they were providing. So I turned to the net. APPLE CINDER VINEGAR WORKS!! I would soak a cotton ball in the vinegar place it on top of my wart(I used 4 cotton balls, since I had 4 warts to cover). I would also apply some tape over them so the cotton balls would stay in place. I did this when I was going to bed, that way I wouldn't have to worry about walking around. I would removed the cotton balls in the morning, and then reply them again at night. I didn't this for a good two weeks everyday. Every morning I would wake up I could notice the warts getting darker and darker. It soon reached a point where I could pick them off like scabs...NO PAIN..

Antonio Jimenez

“Plantar Warts Be Gone Treatment”
Last summer I, my wife and son went to a public swimming Pool. Me and my son got plantar warts there after. For months re tried a bunch of over the counter products. It was just a waste of money.

Well, after reading all the natural remedies with lemon skins, vinegar drops and duct tape, it started to sound as though they were trying suffocate the plantar wart.

Well, I ended up going to the dollar store and bought a container big enough to put my foot in and about a half gallon of vinegar. I went home put my foot in the container and filled it with vinegar(don't remember which kind, it was clear). The vinegar went up to ankle fully submerging the plantar wart, which was on the bottom of my foot. I left my foot in the container for about 30 min. I was looking at a 30 minute show, to make the time fly by. When I pulled it out I applied a couple of drops of key lime (don't think this did it but I did do it).
The next day I could see the plantar wart but I could squeeze it now and it was no longer tender and painful (almost like it was dead). Needless to say I did the same for my son and he had the same results. I did nothing else after this. It took about a month to completely disappear and it left no scar.

Neither I nor my son felt any pain after what I call the “Plantar Warts Be Gone Treatment”. Total cost $3.00 and tax at a dollar store. 2 Containers and a half gallon of clear vinegar.

If this helps you, Please spread the word to other forums as these plantar warts are painful. It’s been over 6 months now and no reappearance of any Plantar Warts on me or my son.
My age 36 my son 9

Karen G.

My daughter had several plantar warts on her little toe and we were reluctant to use burning or cutting to remove them because she is on a dance team and didn't want to miss practice. Most home remedies required taping or bandaging something to her toe. Again, that wasn't practical. So we tried putting clear (for cosmetic reasons) nail polish on the warts every night after her bath. Within 2 weeks the warts peeled off without pain, bleeding or any discomfort. It was very easy to do because the brush let you put it exactly where you wanted it and it dried quickly. I was amazed!

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