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I have had a plantar wart on my right foot for over five years. I was a modern dancer for years (this is done barefoot) and picked it up from the floor. This happened in the past, but I was always able to get rid of those warts by putting Vitamin E on them.

This time, I have tried Vitamin E, over-the-counter products (acid and freezing), tea tree oil, garlic, duct tape, etc. My obstacle was not so much that none of these worked, because they might have, but it was in sticking with one of them. I couldn't see any progress, or it would stop hurting, so I would sort of forget. The wart is now about the size of the pad of my thumb-BIG. ANNOYING. MY NEMESIS. I HAD THIS WART THROUGH MY PREGNANCY.

Now I am using Apple Cider Vinegar. I am filing the wart at night with a Ped-Egg (a gift from my husband from the As Seen On Television store-I love my husband) and then putting a cotton ball soaked in ACV on the wart with a band-aid while I sleep. I am then wetting the pad of a new band-aid with ACV in the morning and wearing that during the day.

The first morning I did this I saw the black dots, and now I am seeing real progress. The progress is addictive, and I have been treating the wart faithfully. It is sore but manageable. I think the whole process will take a couple months, but I am in it for the long haul now. Die, wart, die.


At first I thought I stepped on a sea urchin when I got the wart. I'm in the water all the time, on boats, around pools, on the beach. I'm a scuba instructor and a surfer. I got really worried when I could barely walk on my foot because the wart was getting big and I was not at all keen on having it cut off since I have no insurance and can't afford the time off my feet. I friend of mine got them all the time and she suggested this remedy which seems to work like a charm. But you have to be diligent about it:

Salicylic acid is key. After a shower or soaking your feet at night, use a pumice stone to scrub off any excess skin and scrub hard. Then crush up some aspirin and add enough water to make it pasty. Apply the paste to the wart(s) then use one of those spot bandages to cover it up. Leave it on while sleeping, take it off when you wake up, then use tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil throughout the day after your feet get wet. I use Burt's Bee's Wax Herbal Blemish Stick, it has all those oils plus salicylic acid throughout the day. All this has been working so far but I understand I have to be religious about the treatment for she said two weeks otherwise the virus comes back. Beats the heel out cutting them out or freezing them...


I have had a plantar wart on the heal of my foot for a few months now. I cried with the pain of it, limped around and suffered with it everyday.

I decided to do a search on the web and found this great site. Thank you so much for the information about the vinegar.

I have soaked my foot in the vinegar for 30 minutes, then taped it up. I am also taking the supplement L-Lysine (500 mg twice per day on empty stomach). At night I soak a cotton ball with vinegar and tape it to my foot. I can now stand on my foot with comfort!!!



i have a plantar wart on my right foot that i've had since about may. i thought there was something in my foot at first so i didn't start any remedy until july. i tried the liquid wart remover stuff from a drugstore with no results. i then tried freezing the wart with over the counter stuff with no result. i then read a few diff. websites that said to use apple cider vinegar. i soaked a cotton ball in ACV and duct taped it to my foot at night. i did notice a change in the wart. it turned black and i was able to pick some of the wart out. the only problem was that i would wake up every night at 2 in the morning with throbbing pain! it woke me up out of my sleep!!!! i kept this up for a few nights but i typically work day shift so i had to stop treatment because i needed to sleep! i don't know if the pain was from the wart dying or from the ACV eating away at my skin!! has anyone else experienced this pain with this treatment? i am now scheduled to have the wart surgically removed but i really don't want to that route. im sure that will be extremely painful not to mention the deductible and copays i'll incur from my insurance. any input would be greatly appreciated!


Treatment for plantar wart which worked for me

1) dipped my feet daily in extremely hot water for ten minutes before sleeping.

2) rubbed the wart daily with garlic clove and also taped garlic clove on wart for two days every week.

3) a coat of salicylic acid 16% daily in morning.

4) every night ten min of meditation -> visualising that a white light passing through my body and healing particular wart points on my foot.

Within a week all of plantar wart were extremely dry and started shrinkin and no pain there.

Showed it to doctor and he said all plantar warts are dying and my immunity system is kicking them out now :)


I have had Plantar warts for 6 years! The only thing that has been helping them is to go to the doctor and have them all frozen and also treated with an anti-viral liquid that he puts on after freezing. As a warning, the anti-viral liquid is very potent and can't be used when pregnant or becoming pregnant.
I went to see the Doctor every 2 weeks. In between however, I used Dr. Scholls liquid salicylic acid every day and covered it with duct tape. I got a little razor from the doctor (surgical cutting blade) and cut it down every 3-4 days. My warts for the first time have actually died off by about 80% and the other 20% are still in progress!!!!! FINALLY!!!!
My Doctor has been stunned with the progress! But it has taken 2 1/2 months, so be patient! At least it worked.


I read several of the remedies on this site, but I had to share my own experience as well.

I have had my plantar warts for an excess of three years now and have tried most everything short of going to the doctor to have them cut out. They covered close to 2 square inches of skin on the bottom of my foot. I ignored them for a long time hoping they would just go away, but I only got more and more until they became mosaic warts - sprouting almost on top of each other and getting so big that walking was becoming more than a little uncomfortable.

I started with over the counter methods - namely the freeze 'em off methods. All this did for me was cause the skin around the warts to die - never killed a wart. I started with this method when I just had a few warts and it didn't work. By the time I had more than I could count, I knew going back to this wasn't even a viable option.

Next, I tried apple cider vinegar - took a cotton ball, soaked it and used a bandage to apply it to my foot. I changed the bandage daily (sometimes more than once a day) with fresh ACV and did this for approximately 4-6 months. Apparently this works for some people, but it did nothing for me but inflame the skin around the warts. It began to sting and was more uncomfortable than having the warts, so I finally gave up after putting myself through the misery of the stinging for months.

Of course, I also tried the old cut them out yourself method. I dug and dug at those warts with manicure tools (this is NOT recommended as you could give yourself infections, etc.). I was desperate, though!

Finally, what worked for me seems to work for some and not others. I was very skeptical of the duct tape remedy as no one knows exactly why it works, but after reading an actual medical study where there were proven results, I decided to give it a try.

I used plain old gray duct tape - the tape I used was REALLY old, probably had been sitting in our closet for 5 years or who knows how long. I finally have made progress on ridding myself of the warts - I'm down to under a square inch now and making good progress. I've been using the tape for about a month or so now and have gotten that far! I use a pumice stone after removing the tape about once a week (usually after a shower) to file the warts down. Given that I tried other remedies for up to 6 months with no results, I am very excited about this.

A few tips:
1. Don't wait too long to treat your warts or you will have more than you can handle before you know it.
2. If one remedy doesn't work for you, don't give up - just try another. I wonder if body chemistry doesn't play a role in what will work.
3. If using the duct tape method, I found that wrapping some non-adhesive bandage around the area will keep the tape from sticking too your shoes or socks. It can really cause damage if you have to wear the tape for too long.
4. Just a word of warning - when taking the tape off (mine slides and I usually have to take it off daily and reapply) it can kill the surrounding skin leaving you with a terrible odor. It goes away as soon as the skin dries out, but I don't want you to be alarmed.


Put about 2 drops worth of tea tree oil onto a Q-tip and rub it on the wart. Refrain from touching the part of your foot to anything else until the oil has absorbed into the skin (approximately 10 minutes or so). Repeat as necessary. Works like a charm :)

Phillip Crankton

Duct tape, ACV, orange peels, nothing worked. I had been viciously battling PW for over 6 months. Sometimes it got so bad that my foot was no longer recognizable as human. Until a family dinner earlier in the month, I thought all hope was lost. ACV had reduced my PW's to a manageable level, but it still hurt to get out of bed each morning. At the dinner my Ked's had taken what seem to be a painful choke hold on my warts. Wincing behind the pain, I manage to finish my meal. I excused myself from the table and snuck into the kitchen to grab a paring knife. I spent the remainder of the night bleeding previously while stopping my operation to take another bump off my fav whiskey. Happy to say that I can enjoy life like a normal human being. So for all out there looking for a last ditch effort.... this is it. Time to man up and slice them suckers out.

Karen White

I had been battling plantars warts for 4 months. I had three small ones on my toes and two larger ones (the size of pencil erasers) which were side by side on the ball of my foot. In May I began noticing them and tried to use over the counter meds, then in June I started going to a pediotrist. All summer I battled with them and got to where I could hardly walk and nothing was working. Then finally on Friday, October 10, I was lead to this website where I began reading about the Apple Cidar Vinegar method. The next morning I went and bought my supplies: ACV, cotton balls, and duct tape. Immediately I started using the cotton balls soaked in the ACV. I did not tape a whole cotton ball, but I would pull off enough to cover the wart with a little extra, then taped it to the wart making sure that it was sealed off well. Then I wore socks. I did this method every night after showering and did not remove any of it until the following night for a shower. After doing this for 2 days, I was able to remove some of the smaller warts. Then by the following Tuesday (5 days) the larger warts were causing me much pain - I was reduced to tears, but that evening I was able to remove one of the larger warts and the next night I got the other one. This was not the end. I continued using the apple cider vinegar for 2 1/2 weeks total due to there being imbedded roots in my foot. Each night I worked on my feet pulling off the dead skin and any roots or remaining wart that the cidar might have drawn out. Your foot will look like you are pickling it, the skin will sort of flake off around the wart, and sometimes there is a lot of pain during the day (I suppose this is when the ACV is doing its magic). Now my feet feel brand new and I am able to get around wonderfully. Thank you Angel of God!

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