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Margie B.

Plantar Wart went completely away in 4 weeks. A year ago I thought I had stepped on a puncture vine or a small piece of glass. Right under my second toe on the ball of my left foot. It hurt a little then each month went by it hurt more until this summer I had to limp and not use my foot. It hurt like hell, like I was stepping on a knife each time I put weight on my foot. I tried Dr. Scholls wart freezing medicine, compund 40 etc. nothing worked.I even went to a clinic doctor and he told me he thought it was a wart. Being a retired operating room nurse I never want to see a Doctor again unless I need to be put back together again or need some emergency drugs, however he did open my eyes as to what it was. I am anti western medicine after what I saw in my career. I knew I could find something natural and found this website, thank the dear Universe-Lord!! Use the organic apple cider vinegar from the health food store. Soak your foot in the vinegar every night for 30 minutes to one hour. Then soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and put it next to the wart(s) with a bandaide, then put duct tape over both and seal it. Wear the duct tape til soaking the nex night. Do the same thing every night. Then when the wart turns black peel that off and start again with the fresh skin underneath, untill it is all gone. After you start it takes about four days before the wart stops hurting like hell. The vinegar may make it hurt worse sometimes and throb because it's killing the little creepy thing. Take some aleve or tylenol pm during that time of sleeping so you can get some sleep. Your wart will absolutely go way. It can not live in an alkaline environment with the ACV. Do this and it WILL WORK. I know how much it hurts and you want to cry and cut your foot off. Do it now and don't wait or spend tons of money seeing Doctors. I am so grateful and feel for you if you are hurting now. Don't wait. Run to the store and get your supplies and start right away, today and then tell everyone you know how your foot healed so you can give others hope and not give all their money to the Doctors who don't fix it anyway. You will be very happy. I love being pain free after a year of misery. Thank you for putting this website together so we can all share. This is not BS or hocus pocus. What a blessing.

Margie B.


I completely empathize with other posters who also experience pain with ACV treatment of warts! I have attempted ACV in the past for a mosaic plantar wart. I kept at it for at least 2 months. I noticed a huge difference, in the size of the wart and if I hadn't dropped out, I probably wouldn't be trying it again now.
I started yesterday with a vinegar soak. Then I applied ACV with a Kleenex covered with duct tape and a sock. A note on the ACV I am using. Because grocery store vinegar is only 5% acetic acid, I decided to play chemist by freeze evaporating the vinegar to make it more concentrated.
Last night, I woke up writhing in bed from the pain. Eventually, I removed the plaster and washed my foot. It continued to throb tenaciously, I barely slept at all. In spite of it all, I exfoliated the wart (with a Ped-Egg) today and reapplied ACV again this afternoon. It is worse than ever. I am trying to stick it out, but this pain is worse than a broken bone!
I found this site as I was searching for an explanation for this pain. Please, if anyone knows the specific cause of the pain, leave a comment.
For other about to embark on wart treatment with ACV, beware and stick to the table vinegar!


I have had plantar warts off and on for many years. To my dismay they can be genetic and my poor little daughter got them too! I have tried every over the counter remedy you can think of and I've even gone the dermatologist route and had mine frozen off before. When my daughter's first plantar wart appeared I dreadded having her to have that painful procedure, so I went old school. Yes the apple cider vinegar method works, the duct tape method works, but with small children its hard to keep up with that so I had to think of something easier...and i came up with good old fashioned crazy glue! Applied the crazy glue to the wart for a week and poof! No more wart!! And for those of you with artificial nails...nail glue works wonders too!!


About 3 months ago I suddenly noticed a total of six small, pebble-like bumps on the bottom of my feet. Instantly I suspected plantar warts, because my entire family had had them years ago and we spent a whole lot of time and money going in and out of the doctor's office to freeze them. It was maddening and terribly expensive for myself, my husband, and four children.

I was determined not to go through that again, so I turned to the Internet and found this site. I already had cotton pads, apple cider vinegar, and duct tape around the house, so I decided to give it a try. I now have only the slightest bit of wart left on one foot, and that's because I am lazy and tired at night; therefore I have only treated my feet twice a week, and several weeks I didn't treat them at all.

I cut some duct tape strips and set them aside (do this first because it's hard to balance a sopping cotton pad on your foot while you're dealing with the sticky duct tape). Then I cut a cosmetic cotton pad into quarters and soaked one quarter per night with vinegar, then taped the very wet pad over the warts. Went to bed.

In the morning the warts were very black. They were very easy to see because the wetness of the pad made the skin around the wart white--sort of like when you soak in the tub too long. The blackness of the wart, caused by the vinegar--likely the acidity--is the key to the success of this method: when the wart turns black you can tell where the wart ends and the healthy skin begins, which makes it so much easier to remove.

Anyway, I sterilized the wart area and a new razor blade with rubbing alcohol then sliced off an ultrathin area of wart. I never made it bleed and never sliced so much that it hurt. It was completely painless.

I kept this up, not as regularly as I should have like I said, but amazingly, five warts disappeared and if I get with it and finish the treatment on the sixth one I'm confident it will soon be gone too.

I will never see another doctor for a plantar's wart. This method is cheap and easy, painless, and it works.


You might think this is totally crazy but it really does work.....
Take a Red Potato and grate it onto a dish, and soak you foot for 20 min a day for 7 days. It takes away the pain also. A friend told me to do this and within 3-4 days it started turning black and came right off on the 7th day.


I have had Planters Warts on my feet when I was a teenager. I would get them from the public swimming pool while taking my swimming lessons. No word of a lie, I went to my doctor and he suggested that I place peanut butter on the warts and have my dog lick it. Appenrently, the dog's saliva has a healing property that kills the root. Thankfully I did have a dog and tried it. It worked everytime!

Today, my daughter now has these planter warts for the same reason and she is 6. The option of using the over the counter meds on her sensitive skin aren't an option (they do breakdown the healthy skin surrounding the warts). I went along and did the Peanut Butter test with my Mother in law's dog (whom I have takin in for a few days) and the root of the wart is now surfacing. The best is watching and listening to my daughter laughing histarically while the dog is licking her little toes!

I may consider using the Vinegar remedy next mother in laws dog is old and has really stinky farts! But as an alternative to all these postings...the peanut butter thing works too! :)


I've had one plantar wart on my foot for two years, but didn't realize what it was for about a whole year later. So this wart was growing on my foot and getting deeper and deeper into it without me even knowing.

Since my discovery of my little warty nemesis, I have been using Dr. Scholl's and Compound W's plantar wart pads. I will say that if you choose to use these, they do work, kind of. Dr. Scholl's takes longer but are less likely to slip, which means that they don't kill innocent skin. Compound W is stronger but they are more likely to slip around.

Well anyway, after using these wart pads for about 8 or 9 months, I really was able to get further down to the root of this big wart. Sadly the wart began infecting other areas of my foot, so I've been treating them as well (against the directions of Dr. Sholls, but I'm a risk-taker). They come off pretty easily SO LONG AS YOU DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! I did for one of them and a nice little cluster grew out of that. Treat them quickly, they are easy to get rid of when they're little.

Well anyway, back to the big wart, my arch nemesis!! After months and months of applying the pad, ripping off the pads, apply and rip, etc, I got down to something VERY painful. I had never had any previous discomfort with my wart, but it seemed that the deeper area was connected to something even deeper, and it hurt, A LOT. I tried picking at it but it started to bleed a little and I couldn't work up the courage to pull at it.

I put some more pads on it and let them do their work for a few days, and it was less painful for me to tug at the skin so I just took the tweezers and ripped it off. Yeah that hurt a lot, but I revealed underneath a crater of really red, really painful skin. I mean MAN IT HURT.

I looked online because I was worried if this was a serious situation when I came across the Apple Cider Vinegar fix. I was skeptical but I did go and buy a small bottle of ACV, and an ace bandage. My experience with duct tape is that it's ineffective when applied to skin and just leave you with a sticky gross stuff so the ace bandage would hold the cotton ball in place.

Let me warn you. ACV is not pain free for everyone. When I applied the soaked cottonball....PAIN. It was burning like heck but I kept it on. I woke up several times in the morning because of the pain but I soldiered on through the night. I took it off in the morning and the red spot had turned a dark brown, kind of like a scab color. Walking was pretty difficult, it hurt whenever I stepped on it. But I did this nightly for three more days, until it was pain free and just a hard brown spot.

So I waited. About a week later, after taking a shower, I decided to go at it again with the tweezers. I picked at the brown spot which was absolutely PAINLESS (amazing!) and pumiced the skin underneath. The wart is not completely gone yet...they say its gone when you can see the lines on your skin, but I still see a little circle in the shape that it was before, but this time there is no cauliflower appearance, no raised white skin around it, and NO PAIN. I plan on using the wart pads again to take the next few layers off.

ACV works. I would say you need to get a little ways down in the skin layers before it works, that is to say, don't just put it on top of a previously untreated wart. Just be persistent and don't give up, I wish everyone luck in fighting their warts!


I am a nurse and was not looking forward to bringing my 6 year old daughter in for freezing of her plantar wart. Looked on this site and did the following: Put vaseline on the surrounding tissue with a q-tip, pulled the cotton tip off another q-tip and saturated it in apple cider vinegar, placed on plantar wart each night and covered with bandaid and sock. Took off each morning. Took about 1 month for it to turn black, and has now almost completely fallen off with nice pink tissue underneath. The best part was it was COMPLETELY PAINLESS!!

Lisa G

I read this site and found the cure for plantar warts. My little girl recently got a plantar wart on her foot and I tried over the counter medications that didn't work. I looked on this site and saw the remedy of vinegar and lime juice and soaked her foot initially in vinegar a half hour then took a cotton ball with vinegar and fresh lime juice on it taped it securely over the wart with duct tape and left it on over night. After the first night the wart's root had turned black. I have been continuing the cotton ball procedure every night and sanding down the dead skin....It is working and it is definitely cheaper than those over the counter medicines that don't work..Thank you for this site.


Apple Cider Vinegar. I had no idea what a plantar wart even was when I first got one on my foot. My feet are pretty spotless most of the time so I had to do some research on my own matching symptoms to find out what had afflicted me. None of the options for a cure seemed very quick or appealing to me: Freezing it off, starving it of oxygen, using acids?

I looked into other options, and then came upon these nature-based remedies. I've never tried nature-based remedies and to be honest, I was reallllyyy skeptical. After all, I couldn't even know if any of these people were telling the truth; it's the internet after all. However, as it was only cheap apple cider vinegar, there wasn't really anything to lose, and applying a little bit overnight with a soaked cotton ball under a band-aid didn't sound so bad.

I tried it, and the first night there wasn't really a difference. The area on my foot was pale from being under the band-aid, and it looked damp from the apple cider vinegar. Still, I kept at it.

I didn't even really notice it, but what do you know, within two weeks time the dastardly plantar wart was gone! That thing was so awful--it hurt, it was unattractive, and I had heard stories about plantar warts remaining for years.

I think the time it takes for the vinegar to work varies, but if you keep at it, it could definitely work for you, and there isn't much to lose, anyway. Take it from a cynic who knows.

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