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I came across this site almost 4 months ago and decided to give the ACV treatment a go. I had been suffering with a large plantar wart on my right big toe for over 6 years. I had it frozen a couple of times with little effect. I also took the drastic measure of surgery in the hope that this would do the trick. Nope, didn't work either. This option was a painful and costly exercise. So, after reading the articles on this web site I drove to my local supermarket and purchased a bottle of ACV, a roll of medical tape and a bag of cotton wool (the make-up remover balls). I soaked my poor foot in hot water for about 10 minutes (to soften the skin, then dried my foot and got out my trusty corn file and filed down the wart as much as possible. I then soaked the cotton ball in ACV (but you can really use any type of vinegar - I did a couple of times and it still worked)and applied it directly on the wart and secured it with the surgical tape. I did this every night before I went to bed.The soaking, the filing and the rest. And yes, my toe DID initially throb with discomfort at night and it DID initially turn into a white puffy mound, but most importantly, the horrible thing started to shrink and within a fortnight it was half its original size. After 2 weeks, I only filed the wart every second night to expose the little 'roots' and I did away with the pre-soaking altogether at this time also. All in all it took a total of 6-8 weeks to completely rid myself of the wart I did hobble around a little every morning after removing the vinegar-soaked ball, but by 10am each day, the discomfort was gone. I experienced no pain (overnight or the following morning) after the first 2 weeks of treatment. It was worth it, believe me! I can't believe podiatrists charge an arm and a leg for a non-permanent solution, yet vinegar which costs a couple of dollars can stop the virus in its tracks. I even did a preventative overnight treatment a couple of weeks later just to make sure the wart was well and truly gone. This web site is a Godsend! Thanks!!!


For years I had a ton of warts on the heel of my feet. I tried many different home remedies & over the counter products, nothing worked. I suffer from back problems & my Doctor told me to use the foot patches that remove toxins from your Body. I put thwm on one for two nights & noticed on the second night that my warts that I had for years were gone. I had atleast 10 of them one my foot for so long & they all went away. You can see small circles where each wart was though. But I no longer feel any pain or pinching & its been about 6mos & they didn't come back


I suffered with a Planters Wart for 7 months. I used the recommened over the counter wart remover and went to the Podiatrist 2x's a month to have it 'frozen'. Nothing worked. I decided to do nothing for about three weeks. After three weeks, I found spray peroxide and used it (sprayed and wrapped my foot up). AMazingly, my wart was gone in 2 days. I have no pain whatsoever! I highly recommend trying peroxide. To me it was a miracle!!


do any of these remedies work before the wart has ''broken the surface''? I've had one on and off for 5 years... been in and out of dermatologists and podiatrists.... no luck with ANY of the treatments... did chemo, freezing, burning, scraping, luck went ahead and started the Apple cidar vinegar tonight.... it isn't even on an open 'hole' and it kinda stinks already? i couldn't imagine the pain some of you were talking about when they get big and gapping 'holes'...


I am trying to the apple vinegar method with my warts. I have tried everything for the past 7 years, all of the over the counter methods, freezing, burning, and even have had them cut out 6 times. The last time they cut them out they took out about a quarter size of warts and it was DEEP. The pain from all of these was horrible. I am amazed at how quickly the apple venegar is working, yes it hurts but nothing compared to having a huge gaping hole in your foot. We will see if they go away but they already are not as sore to walk on.

Keith Bradbury

I had a plantar wart on my foot for over 30 years and tried everything (Doctor's attempted burning and freezing, as well as scyllic acid). Nothing worked. It felt like I was walking on a pebble some days, a nail on others.

Finally, I put a thin layer of Gorilla Glue over the wart. Gorilla Glue adheres to skin, is waterproof, and suffocates the wart. Within 3 days, this 30 year wart had shrunk considerably, to the point that I cannot see it anymore after I peeled off the glue scab. It's cheap, it's easy, and it WORKS! Gorilla Glue is available in just about ANY hardware store or hardware section.


I have had a planters ward on my foot for 1 1/2 years. Then it spend to about 10 little ones on my pinky toe next to it.I have tried Dr Scholz planter ward freeze off twice with no luck.Went to the doctor and she didn't bother with the small ones and billed my insurance company $200.Finally read your column and decide to do ACV,cotton balls and duct tape.I started 1 week ago and the big one is down to a scab. It is painfull and some days hard to walk on.It's the many little ones that are taken a little time to heal believe it or not.You have to soak everyday .I put on aloe from my plant during the day.I will continue for another week and I hope I will be healed.


so on Monday i finally had a doctors appointment to have my planters warts on my foot removed. but apparently this was not what was going to happen. They froze them with a liquid nitrogen substitute, and they were to fall off in a period of six weeks. i didn't think this was a big deal so i continued my day by going to school. by the last period of the day, my foot felt like it was burning. just a constant burn. it has been like this and it is incredibly painful to walk. it is now Thursday. i decided to look up home remedies because i am not convinced that the freezing will work.

I saw so many accounts of apple cider vinegar working so i decided what the heck! why not do it. so i am. i just applied it. it is already painful to walk and i am eager to get this going so i don't care if i do it during the day.

I hope this works because i am 16 and a total wimp and i am NOT going to the pediatrist to have them use a scalpel and scrape them out. NO WAY! if anyone thinks they are getting a scalpel anywhere near me the have another thing coming.

Anyways, thank you to everyone for posting about apple cider vinegar. I had it in my home and didn't even have to go out to buy it. :D YAY


Natural REMEDY - completely painless - works like a miracle every single time!!!!!
I had a big plantar wart in my heel about two years ago. After about a year of fighting with it, I had it surgically removed. I was ok for like 4 months, then I noticed another one forming right next to the scar of the previous one. Time passed, it got big and extremelyyyyyyyyy painfullll. I took a vow that I will never go with the surgery again, so I tried banana peel, garlic, apple cider vinegar, duct tape, pineapple, thuja ointment + the thuja pills (From BOIRON - homeopathic treatment for warts). NOTHINGGGGG worked, and not only that those remedies didn't work but i started having more and more. Two weeks ago I ad a total of 7 plantar warts - a big one and 6 little ones around it. I literally could not put my foot on the ground. Anyways - while talking to my grandfather in Bulgaria who is 86 years old - he said the best treatment for plantar warts is PROPOLIS (as in bee propolis) - he said he had a big one in his heel when he was young -and he applied the actual propolis...the raw version directly on the wart and just kept it there. Of course, you cannot find raw propolis here in US at least I didn't find any. So I bought the TINCTURE. IT IS 16 DOLLARS A BOTTLE and is called Y.S. Organic Bee Farms - 70% Ultra Strength Propolis - Full Potency Bioflavonoids.
SOOOO: I applied every morning and every night a goodddd layer of the way..and then I put a gauze pad on top, fix my leg with the ACE elastic bandage to keep the pad in place and then went to sleep or whatever. The next day, the propolis becomes hard..and it forms kinda like a when you remove almost feels like you are removing a very thin layer of your skin..but you are not, don't worry. It just feels like it really really cleans your skin.
I have two weeks since I have been doing that...I have absolutely NO PAIN IN ANY OF MY WARTS ANYMORE. THEY ARE NOT SWALLEN, TENDER ANYMORE....THE LITTLE ONES ARE ALMOST GONE, YOU CAN BARELY SEE THEM, THE BIG ONE IS STILL THERE BUT THERE IS NO MORE PAIN...AND IT HAS SHRUNK IN A WAY THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES. SO I AM GOING TO KEEP APPLYING THE PROPOLIS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS GONE. tHERE IS NO PAIN, NO SMELL, NOTHING, JUST PLAIN MIRACLE. for the ones that are not familiar with propolis this is what the bees use to protect the hives from bacteria, viruses and fungi. It works for them, it definitely works for me. TRY IT, you are not going to regret the 16 dollars plus you don't have to deal with the smell of the ACV. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me..i am available to guide you through this. I promised myself before I sttarted this that IF THIS REMEDY WORKS, i AM GOING TO POST IT EVERYWHERE, SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN AND THE STRUGGLE OR TREATING PLANTAR WARTS ANYMORE.


***UPDATE*** I've been doing the ACV treatment for about 3 weeks now. The first day I applied it, I went about my business, and didn't feel any of the pain that other people talked about (I did it during the day so that I could sleep in case there was pain). At the end of the day I peeled of the bandaid with the cotton ball and the area was very puffy and round, almost looked like a ring of very white skin. After another day or 2 I noticed the black 'seed' showing in the middle of it. I kept up the process, sometimes applying the ACV for a full 24 hours at a time, sometimes only during the day. About a week ago, it stopped looking like a puffy ring of skin. Since I was constantly keeping it moist with the treatment, I decided to give my foot a day off to see what it looked like when it was totally dry. It appeared that several layers of skin had come off, and it was really hard to tell if the black seed was still there. I actually thought it was totally gone, but honestly I'm not sure what it is supposed to look like right after it goes away. Will the skin still be discolored at all? Should it all feel totally soft, or will it still feel somewhat coarse for a little while? Because I have all these questions now, I have started up again, at least once, sometimes twice applying the ACV. I'm so worried that if I stop too soon it will come back like before. Can anyone tell me exactly how I should handle this? Email me if you have suggestions

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