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Apple cider vinegar, pull the cotton off of one side of a q-tip and put it on the plantars wart, use the other end of the q-tip and dip in the apple cider vinegar then wet the dry piece of cotton that's on the wart with the wet end of the q-tip, then cover with a band aid. Do this every night for six weeks, but remember to do it before bed, then remove the band aid and cotton piece in the morning. I am 14 and have had a few Palmer and plantar warts, and this has helped, if the wary doesn't go away within the 6 weeks, continue the treatment until the wart is done


I'm only 14 years of age but last year I had gotten a plantar wart on the side of my toe. I wasn't quite sure what it was when I first got it so I had left it for a week but as it developed it started gradually becoming more and more painful. It would rub against my other toe and cause pain (making it hard to do daily activities) & also made my toe seem a weird shape. So I decided to try and fix it myself. I had scratched the skin covering the wart and discovered all the roots inside. With a pair of tweezers I pulled them out. It did bleed a little but I did it slowly and over a course of 2 days, and the next day it was completely gone.

Jack Gray

White vinegar. I soaked my plantar wart affected foot in white vinegar whenever possible for a bit over a week. The warts disappeared and have not come back after years. I had the wart over a year before trying this. Worth a try.


I just successfully removed my plantar wart that has been there for more than 4 years so I thought I share my tip, hope it would help.

I have tried Compound W freezer and it did not help at all. I went to have my plantar wart removed (surgery) and it came back just within 1 week (that's because the wart is the result of a virus-HPV and I probably have a weak immune system). At this point, I just learn to live with it. However, it gets dirty so I bought the Dr. Scholl's padding roll just to cover it up (normal band aid felt right off because it can't stick)-for the sole purpose of not getting the wart dirtier than it already is. I started to wear Nike shoes because it adds more cushion instead of wearing flat sole shoes.

After 2-3 months, I notice that whenever I changed the pad on my feet, it peels the wart off little by little (I guess you can compare it to the duck-tape method). And about 4 Months later, the wart is completely gone!! I am just in joy right now because my feet has never felt so alive!!

Also note that I don't change the pad everyday! I left it on as long as it lasts (even after shower, if it still sticks, I left it there). I know this is not the cleanest/most sterile way to do it but I learn that the longer it stays on, the more (of the wart) it peels off. So it might gets smelly but bear with it.

Just thought to share it with you. This method is probably the laziest because you dont have to wait or soak your feet or do anything. Just leave the pad on, wear thick sole shoes, change the pad once every 2-3 days and wait for the magic. I hope it works on yours too.


Plantars warts are the worst. I had several for about 5 years on my R foot, then I got one on my R 2nd toe (it looked like a tumor). I tried everything under the sun (ACV, gorrilla glue, tape, salt water, cutting at it, vitamins/zinc, cantharadin that I bought from a canadian pharmacy, etc.) What finally cured it was a specific highly competent dermatologist. I went to multiple doctors and a podiatrist prior to her with no success. This doctor used cantharadin plus and freezing. The cantharadin blistered up the warts and then the freezing blasted the virus from the outside. I had used cantharadin and had tried freezing before but not with such a good doctor. She was EXTREMELY aggressive with the freezing, it hurt so bad but pain is ok if you think you are making progress. She only was so aggressive b/c I told her I wanted that level of approach. So without summarizing my whole experience, it was a very competent doctor at the end of the day that helped (fortunately I had already hit my deductible b/c she was expensive). Remember all docs are not created equal, ideally find one that at least uses cantharadin or some more progressive approach, not just acid pads, that shits dumb it spread mine. I had tears in my eyes when they were gone it had given me so much frustration.. Having a party to celebrate their demise soon!

Mr. Nomorewart

I'm a 44 year old male. Had a wart on the bottom of my third toe for 5 months. First month used salicylic pads as I thought it was a corn, no sign of wart. Second month revealed it as a wart continued to use salicylic pads. It only helped lessen the pain. Moved onto apple vinegar cider for two weeks which caused terrible pain. Moved onto banana peel for 1 1/2 months, about 5 times in total and each time it killed off the top of the wart only to find it growing under the blackened scab. Tried a hot needle at the center of it, nothing but another scab and another wart growing underneath that. Went onto freezing methods, zero results except for pain. Tried colorless iodine, tea tree oil, vitamin E, hydrogen peroxide, castor oil, epson salt baths, crushed echinacea, nothing. Finally after 4 months of doing this, decided to attack it internally, 2 multi-vitamins and 600mg of Tagamet a day with echinaceas capsules at morning lunch and dinner. After a month the pain subsided and I could walk pain free. About a week later I still noticed the cauliflower appearance, it was white with black dots. I also noticed some dead skin around it and went to remove it and the wart pulled right out leaving an empty socket, no blood. It was about 3/16' in diameter. The next day the socket was gone with new skin growing in. There is a lot of strains of this virus, bottom line for me it really needs to be attacked internally.


I had plantar warts on both feet which I ignored for years. One grew to the size of a half dollar and began to be painful so I figured it was time to do something about them. A friend of mine was selling various products containing tee tree oil and suggested I try it. Bought some pure Austrailian TT oil and applied it. After one month or so, the warts completely disappeared, leaving healthy tissue, and have never returned. Same result for a painful dime size wart on the edge of my thumb, the result of buffing jewelry and heat created by the variously polishing compounds.


I don't have a remedy. I just need advice on how to get rid of them. My son has them on both feet. He had two on each foot at first. Had the Dr freeze them off. One went away from each foot. That leaves one on each foot and another that has come up. Had them frozen again yesterday. Their talking if this doesn't work their gonna send us to a foot Dr an they'll cut them out. I don't want to see him go through that. The freezing was painful enough. Any suggestions on what would work.


FIXED - Plantar wart on mid section of left big toe. Completely removed.

DETAILS: I had a plantar wart on my big toe for approximatly 2 years. It was circular and 2.5cm in diameter. Previous treatments included 6 liquid nitrogen freezes and 2 months of salacilic acid treatment changed daily. These did not work and were recomended by gps.

FIX: Finaly I had enough and went straight to a podiatrist (highly recomended). To treat it, she applied a thin layer of silver nitrate followed by a large application of salicilic acid paste over the top. This was covered and left for 5 days. It was then left for 2 days and the dead skin was removed by PODIATRIST. Do not try and rempve it yourself, it will bleed and spread.

After only 2 of these treatments the wart wad completely gone. Hope this helps.


I had a Plantar Wart for about a year, right under my little toe. I play soccer, so it was painful when I was sprinting because the pressure would all go on the upper area of my foot. So one day I got some tweezers, and paper towels. I pulled up every root and basically put a band-aid on it. A few days later it was gone.

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