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To everyone who is removing any Plantar Wart...After you are done filing the wart be sure to WASH THE FILE WITH ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP AND HOT WATER. If you fail to do this the Plantar Wart will come back or spread. If you're using a regular nail file, I suggest just throwing it away. Why have all of your efforts wasted!!!


It has to be fresh off the plant.
NOT a shop bought gel etc.
Squeeze the juice onto the wart daily until it turns black and falls off.Thats all you need to do.TRY IT.
It took me about 3 weeks.
Nothing else works.
Dont waste your money on dodgy chemical remedies.
I normally use it on sunburn so i thought why not try it.
Its not a miracle.Its a natural substance.


I had plantar warts that had spread across the ball of my foot below my left toe. I had the 'mosaic' pattern of 30+ warts that eventually crept up onto my toe and became regular convex warts. My foot looked horrible for many years. I tried every method of removal possible. These methods included store-bought remedies involving acid application and freezing techniques. I also tried home remedies including the duct tape method. Finally I consulted a doctor who tried freezing them (twice) with liquid nitrogen at $80 a session. Nothing worked. Eventually, I discovered my own method that turned out to be dirt-cheap and 100% effective. After observing the doctor's liquid nitrogen technique, I decided to buy two bottles of keyboard dust remover from my local office supply store. If you turn a bottle of dust remover upside-down and pull the trigger, it releases a super-cold gas (and liquid, at times) that you can use to freeze the warts. Simply aim the upside-down can (with straw attached) at the warts and spray for a few seconds until they become visibly frozen. This might hurt a little. WARNING: IT IS POSSIBLE TO GIVE YOURSELF FROSTBITE IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL!! Be sure to aim only at the plantar warts. I did this a few times a week for a month. They vanished. This was a miracle considering I had plantar warts for at least 8 years. BEST REMEDY EVER.

Ibiza Reflexology

Plantar Warts can be easily and effortlessly removed by soaking the foot daily in your own urine which is sterile when it is eliminated and packed full of acids that kill the plantar wart virus - collect morning urine and soak 30 to 60 minutes - soreness will fade and warts die off in a week or two - depending on how pervasive the warts are to begin with.


Yeah, here's my remedy! GO TO THE STORE AND BUY CONTROL W!!!! IT WORKS REALLY WELL!!! I know it's not homemade but within a week my plantar wart was gone!

Dan W.

When I first read on here about Plantar Wart Apple Cider treatment...I thought are you kidding me? However,
This absolutely worked for me with no pain. I am absolutely amazed! I read this post 6 months before I tried it and bought the apple cider vinegar 5 months ago thinking this is a bogus remedy. Having all else failed, I gave it a try. I have been to dermatologists who froze with nitrogen, poisoned with chemicals, trimmed and lasered, etc. over 15+ years, one foot with three warts and they all came back after treatment in the same spots. All I did was trim back the built up callous area around the wart and soaked my foot in pure ACME apple cider vinegar (5% acidity) for 1/2 to 1 hour while sitting at my home office desk working. I can't believe it actually worked.


I dont know how ANY of you guys can do the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment thing..... I went to try it tonight to help get rid of my plantar warts. But I only had it on for 2 hours then I took it off because it is TOOOOOOOOOOO painful. I been in some serious pain for about 30 minutes now from it. I would NOT and I will NOT tell anyone to do this treatment. Everyone says it works, but never says really how painful it is. It's been extremely painful for me! I would rather have the surgery again over trying this Apple Cider Vinegar nonsense.


Ok as I have tired many of the home remedies and I am going to let you know that I have had 3 surgeries on them and also went to the Dr. and had them freeze them and everything. So my aunt told me to try cleaning the area really well and then cutting an acorn in half and putting the juice for the acorn directly on the wart and then covering it with duct tape changing and cleaning it twice a day for about 3-4 days and you will instantly see results of the planter wart going away. Just be careful because the acorn will stain anything (including your foot) but the stain will go away within a few days of not applying it anymore. Just try it for a few days and see the results. I would love to know if you get any relief from this method!


SINGLE TREATMENT CURE: Well I read a few postings and tried the Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV] for about a 2 weeks [day and night]. I keep a cotton ball on it with ACV and taped it to my foot with duct tape. I was fed up and wanted the pain gone. Here is want I did, I got a gallon of White Vinegar and pored 1/2 of it home foot massage [I think any pan you can put your foot in would work as long as the Vinegar is up to almost the ankle]. I then got a needle and used a lighter to sterilize it. After 5 minutes in the vinegar, I stuck the needle in the wart till I hit bottom [felt is stabbing me]. I then moved the top of the needle around in a circle to tear a small hole there. I repeated this in multiple places on the wart so the vinegar could get inside the wart. I did this ever 5 to 10 minutes for an hour keeping my foot in the vinegar except for the needling. My foot felt hot at some point but that OK. After an hour I took my foot out, dried it and then coated the wart with Gorilla glue. It has been a week and I have no pain. I am just waiting for the Gorilla glue to fall off now. Wow try it!!!
PS... I do think the ACV softened the wart but you may just want to do 1.5 hours in white Vinegar instead if you have not done the ACV.

Jean (PA)

Don't listen to anyone who says to treat plantar warts at home. Trust me. I dealt with one for over six weeks. It was excruciating - like scissors stuck in the bottom of my foot. I tried some of these 'home' remedies, but to no avail. I am trooper; I can handle pain. But this was ridiculous. I couldn't walk, let alone do my daily runs. Finally, I went to the doctor. One needle later, he removed the wart, and I was pain free. Of course, the cut had to heal, but two days of that healing vs. all the trouble and pain of trying to get rid of the wart on my own was completely worth it. I don't know who the hell these people are with the home remedies, but they are simply no match to the quick and efficient podiatrist who made me whole again! So beware Internet fools - home remedies when it comes to plantar warts means days and weeks of needless pain. Go to the doctor!

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