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Its Christen again, and I have some great news. After approximately three days of using ACV on my plantar wart, I have been able to remove it. I kept the treatment on as much as I could, but I don't remember keeping it on all night. I would almost constantly change it, and I almost always kept it covered with some type of tape. I would pull any dead skin off that I could and I filed it down several times using a regular nail file. Finally, today, I was messing with it using a pair of tweezers. I would get under it and push it opposite of where it was growing. It starting detatching from my foot, and after messing with it for about a minute, it came out all in one piece. It was painless! I highly recommend using apple cider vinegar to anyone who has a plantar wart that they want to get rid of. Although I did go through some pain and discomfort, I would definitely say it was all worth it in the end. Of course it may not work with all people, but I've seen very few stories where it did not. I'm still treating the hole in my foot with the ACV treatment to make sure that the virus is completely dead, and to ensure that I don't get anymore annoying, painful, and embarassing warts.


I have had a plantars wart on the ball of my right foot for some time now. I didn't mess with it at first, but after nearly a year, I was tired of waiting and wanted it to be gone. For awhile, I just picked at it with nail tools (tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, ect.) to no avail. I never got the whole thing out because I would always wimp out when it became too painful. Recently, I heard about the ACV (apple cider vinegar) and since I had heard so many success stories, I decided I would try it for myself. I got a small bottle of ACV, bandaids, and cotton balls. I cut a cotton ball into small pieces, just enough to cover the wart. I soaked it in the ACV and put it right on top of the wart. After that, I took and bandaid and secured it tightly to my foot. I just started doing this today and already, I can see the white puffy part around the edges of the wart that people talk about, and it also looked smaller as well. As of right now I have the treatment on my foot, and its definitely not comfortable. I can say it is somewhat painful, but I'm sure the pain varies from person to person. It may hurt me, but someone else may feel no pain at all. Its been pulsatin rapidly, and within the last 4-5 minutes, its become a steady burning/painful sensation. I'm afriad I'll lose sleep over it, but I'm willing. I'm ready to get rid of this, and not have to worry about it ever again! I'll post an update when I know whether this really works or not. Stay tuned!

Wart Free

I resisted the urge to post on my facebook page:'I JUST GOT RID OF MY PLANTARS WART'! I figured this was a more appropriate forum :). I used the apple cider vinegar, cotton, duct tape so many people have used here. One additional thing I did was after the scraping off routine at night, I soaked the tool in bleach and water overnight so I wouldn't reinfect anything. This really works. Be diligent, keep at it, you will see results a few days!

Terri N

I had a planter wart for about 7 mos. During my research on here I was not real thrilled to do this so called ACV remedy. In looking further there was one posting that mentioned PROPOLIS from bees. I bought the 70% solution online for $16.00 including shipping. This was by far the best remedy. All I did was shower - file down the area with a pumus stone, apply solution, cover with a bandage, repeated only once a day for 4 days and that was it - after 4 days it was gone. I am so thrilled I can't even begin to tell you! I read horror story after horror story of pain and duct tape on here for weeks on end. Screw that I am glad I saw that one posting for the Propolis. I am so grateful to you - whoever you are!

People don't waste your time with all that duct tape, gorilla glue, and ACV pain. BUY PROPOLIS 70% you will not regret it.

PS Do not spill this stuff as it stains! I learned that the hardway! lol


I had a huge plantars wart. I have had it for over 6 years. I have tried everything to get rid of it. I have probably spent $1,000 on doctors visits and medicines, seriously. After finding this website, I tried apple cider, but it was very painful and gross. I couldn't keep it up for more than a week. I have tried duct tape many times, but I cannot keep the tape on my foot - I am very active and it just keeps coming off. So, I bought the Gorilla Glue, quick drying variety. It comes in a small bottle like super glue. I kept putting it on the wart for over a month. Every time it came off, I reapplied. My warts are gone, it is seriously a miracle. I keep waiting for the beast to come back, it has been over a month and nothing. Thank you for this website!


O my God!! i cannot believe the magic applic cider vinegar does!!!
After reading all of your posts...i was like...i have nothing to lose if i try it...i did left a cotton ball on my wart over night(tape around it so it wouldnt fall) and its been 2 days and i am on the lasat stage to get it removed!i no longer have pain and i cant believe it is 95 % gone....stop suffering and give this a try...dont waste any time or more money into getting rid of this gross wart!!!!!!!!!!trust me, its awesome!


I've had a plantar wart on my heel for about 4 years. I've seen 3 doctors. One tried half a dozen times to freeze freeze it off. Then I went to a podiatrist who surgically cut it out. I had an open wound for several weeks until it healed... but the wart came back. The same doctor then tried the laser treatment. It turned black and I thought this got it, but it came back. Went to a different podiatrist who told me to try topical treatments at night, then he trimmed every 3-4 weeks, and I kept applying 15% salacilic acid at night. Nothing. After explaining everything I have tried, THIS DOCTOR TOLD ME TO TRY DUCT TAPE and explained how it worked.. which it didn't. I finally had given up, when I googled 'Home Remedies Plantar Warts'.

I've been doing the apple cider vinegar thing as much as I can stand. I still have a lot of pain, but when it gets to be too much, I take it off, rinse and wash, and wait until next night. It's working!! I have a huge black oval right in the center of it. The ACV is really killing it. I'm not sure how much longer the pain will last, but I'm going to keep doing this until it's gone. I've had this wart for 5 years, and am so happy that it's finally going away.

I think the cutting it out and scraping actually may have made the darn thing grow bigger (spreading virus). Now that I see the size and shape of it (the black part), it's clear they didn't cut the whole thing out - or it came back and spread to a bigger area. I take Tylenol for pain.

Last night I only made it until 3:00 am. I took off cotton ball, rinsed and washed it, took some more Tylenol and fell back asleep in about an hour. The night before I made it to 5:00. At 3:00 I noticed a piece of it starting to flake away and it's turning a more solid black.

Thank God for this site. 3 doctors, freezing, cutting, lasering, topical, and finally duct tape were what they did/recommended and nothing worked. ACV is working!! Just do as much as you can take, then wait and try some more. It really works. Good luck, and thanks everyone else for posting here!


well after reading the acv treament for plantar warts i decided to give it a try.
First off let me say i've had this thing for about 8 years now. i thought it was just a stubborn callus that kept growing back. i would cut the callus off about once a month when it became painfull to walk on, then it would start to develp again. after some research i was convinced it was a plantar wart.
After starting with Dr. Scholls stuff and no results i tryed the acv. First i trimmed it back as far as i could with a blade without getting the other skin. Then i applied some essential lavender oil and covered it with a bandaid. I left that all day, then that night about 11:30 i washed my foot and applied the cotton with the apple cider vinegar and wrapped it in duct tape. WOW i woke up at 2:30 in the morning in the Worst pain! I had to take off the tape, but still had terrible pain all night. My foot was white around the site of the wart and it appeared tunnell like so i figured it was working.
Day 2
I decided that i would apply the acv again at 11:00 A.M. Pain once again immediatly, could hardly walk but still kept it on for about 2 hrs. After removal i washed my foot and applied the lavender oil, this seemed to soothe it a bit, and i had read that lavender kills the wart. That night i applied the acv again and this was the worst pain yet. I practically cryed and after having 3 kids naturally that is saying alot! Kept in on for 2 hrs then removed and washed foot and re applied lavender. Upon further inspection of my foot i noticed some reddish black dots had formed around the center of the wart. Wow i thought this better be working.
Day 3
More red black dots around wart. Applied the lavender oil and bandaid all day then at night the acv again, this time very little pain.Almost nothing compared to the night before.
Day 4
Lavender oil again and then came home and applied the acv, this time NO pain...Wow. Wart is almost all black.A little tender if i push on it, but i will continue the oil and acv till gone. I'm almost sure this thing is dying or dead since i feel no more pain.
for those of you that are having pain stick with it for at least 3 days before you ditch the acv, it really works! I might add my wart was not big at all maybe the size of a dime. Who thought something so small could be so painfull. I am so thrilled with the progress and glad i wrked thru the ready tho it is sick pain but well worth it. Just be patient. Good Luck


I'm not sure if anyone has ever attempted this at home on their own, but I was able to surgically remove a 1cm plantar wart from the pad of my foot with my bare hands. After a few weeks of applying salic acid from acne pads I had, I decided enough was enough and I wanted the little devil out.

After just getting out of the shower I sat down and began scraping and pinching at the plantar wart which at first was deep in the skin and flush with the rest of my foot. After about 5-10 minutes of aggressive pinching and pulling, manipulating it to the surface as if it were a pimple; I had forced the wart to the surface, with it now appearing like a sizable pimple or cyst.

At this point I was able to grip it tightly with the nail of my thumb and index finger and literally ripped it from my foot completely intact leaving a small hole in my foot that I cleaned out, treated with antibacterial ointment and finally bandaged with gauze and tape.

Hope this helps anyone brave enough to attempt such an aggressive home remedy.


my plantars warts were so bad( whole ball of foot was covered and spreading rapidly to sides and heel) podiatrist said i would have to go to dermatologist he couldn't help me anymore (after years of treament)he said derm. would have to inject warts with yeast to kill them off. before i could go i had an attack of diverticulitis and had to go on flaygl(intestinal antibiotic-p.s. avoid this antibiotic if possible-side effects are horrific) after i killed every living bacteria in my intestinal tract i went on florastor(its all natural yeast based, available at most drug stores) and bought a high quality probiotic, after one week i noticed every last plantars wart was gone!!! the florastor is a little pricey($50 for 50 capsule) and i took 2 a day along with the max dose of probiotics but all in all still cheaper than my copay for derm and added benefit of keeping my intestinal tract healthy and functioning!!!if anyone tries this and it works i would like to hear about it email me at

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