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I had several plantar warts on both feet and tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them including surgery, injections, freezing, duct tape, etc. Nothing worked. Finally I went to a new podiatrist. This Dr. recommended taking BioResponse supplements(DIM 150). My Dr. explained that it's just like taking a high dose of broccoli and you can purchase over the counter. She told me that it has treated all of her patients with plantar warts and gave me some paperwork on various studies. And it CURED me, naturally and painlessly. After 2 months of taking it, the several warts on both of my feet turned black and my skin started to peel them off. I took 6 supplements(of the DIM150) a day(2 pills in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening before food). However, I wouldn't recommend this while on the birthcontrol pill because the treatment is less likely to work. I know you can buy this over the counter at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy or online just type in Bioresponse I got rid of my plantar warts this way 2 years ago and they have yet to come back! So that's why I'm posting this -- to help others who can't get rid of them and to prevent people from going through painful treatments that don't work.


I had a plantar wart for a couple of months and even though it was in the beginning stages, it was already bothering me because it felt like I was walking on a stone all of the time.

I came across this site when I was doing a search on home remedies for plantar warts so I thought I'd give some of these a try before resorting to medications or possibly having it removed.

I did what some other people have done here by putting some Vaseline around the wart and then taking the cotton off of one end of a Q-Tip and soaking it in Apple Cider Vinegar. Then I placed the soaked cotton on the wart and covered it was a Band-Aid. I didn't bother to scrape it every night. I did this twice a day and after a few days, I simply pulled off any of the dead wart that pushed its way up and continued the treatment.

By the eleventh day, the wart was completely gone! I couldn't believe at how quickly the ACV got rid of the wart and it was painless too which is even better. If I ever get another plantar wart, I'll be using ACV to clear it up!


Apple cider vinegar WORKS. And it works well...and best of all, it's hardly $1 at any local grocery store. Before you consider painful, expensive treatments, it is worth it to try the ACV method.

About a year ago I developed a plantar wart on the bottom of my right toe. I have a compromised immune system, but not considering this, I decided to see if it would go away on it's own. A year later, I'm at war with the thing which has doubled in size AND had a baby right in the center of the ball of my foot. I didn't understand how contagious they were until doing more research. Now, I'm a month into vigorous treatment with ACV and for the first time I'm seeing this thing dying off and my foot returning to normal. Here is my treatment summarized:

1. Pull off the end of a q-tip, soak in vinegar, put on wart. Use other end of q-tip to soak up some of the acv so it isn't dripping down your foot.
2. Cover it firmly with either duct tape or water proof tough bandages. WEAR ALL DAY IF YOU CAN STAND IT.
3. Every 24 hours, remove the bandage. Using the edge of a small knife (I used a needle-threader, perfect shape)scrape away any dead skin. If it doesn't scrape away easily, don't scrape at it. Replace a fresh acv soaked cotton piece, re-bandage. Repeat this procedure for 1-3 months..or however long it takes to clear up. Repeat it for another week after that to ensure it doesn't return.

Note: DO NOT touch the wart or any parts of it with your bare hands. Wash your hands properly afterward and disinfect any tools you use every time.


OK, the easiest is neosporin, medical tape, and a band-aid. Just put some neosporin on the wart, cover with a band-aid, and wrap a layer of tape around your foot (for extra security). For the people with ACV remedy, you know how after a while it turns white from the vineger? Well, after one day with the neosporin it turned white. I recommend this to anybody that has a plantar wart. Just reapply every day when you wake up or before you go to work/school.
Hope I helped!

I've had a plantar's wart for 4 years. Doctors used every method at least 3 times each: Digging, burning, laser, freezing, acid, and salt & pepper. None of them kept away the wart. I tried compound w, tape, apple cider vinegar, and various prescription creams. Everything failed. Then I saw about using Gorilla glue and got an idea. I'll use super glue and peel it off when it dried. I did this several times a day, started seeing results. Then I added the use of putting fresh pieces of sliced garlic for 30 minutes on the wart. It's working great, the wart is smooth and turning pink and the black specs are dissapearing. The wart is fading fast. Best of all, it's painless!! Try it


I have had a plantars wart for about seven years now. I've tried it all. Nothing would get rid of it. In the past few months, it's gotten really worse. The pain to walk was almost unbearable at times. I've been a lurker on here for those months and decided to try the ACV method. I cannot believe the pain! Someone said Tylenol or the like would help alleviate the pain. I needed a strong morphine drip, and I've had two children! But, alas. It IS working! This is my fourth day, and I put it on every night. I can't put it on and wear shoes. The pain is just too bad while trying to walk. I've become a firm believer in the ACV, and while it may not work for everyone, it is working for me :-)


I have had my plantars wart for about a year and let me tell you its painfull!! but i heard from a friend that had had two plantars warts before. They are called 'plantars Warts* because the bottom of the plantars wart is a black root that grow into your foot. meaning 'planters wart' haha soo to get rid of mine i started wearing duct tape over mine but i first used ACV then the duct tape for about a week. i then put clear nailpolish over it EVERY single day. I assure bu this works!!! My doctor told me this wouldnt help but when i started doing it and came back when it was all gone he couldnt beleive it and he told me he reccomends it to his other patients with plantars warts!!!!

Tony Howard

I am ex-military and developed plantars wart while serving. I have had them over 10 years.I have done tons of research and tried acv,duct tape,banana peels and many others. I recently found out that they have to be suffocated.I tried the saran wrap.When i would come home from work after showering and soaking my foot,i would wrap my entire foot in saran wrap.IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM.


I've had my plantar wart for a while. I showed my friend and she told me her and my other friend had them before.
They told me that all they did was put clear nailpolish over the plantar wart.
So, I tried it. I can see it starting to die already, and it's only been about three days. It's absolutely painless!
The way it works is that the nail polish suffocates the wart.
Try this, trust me!


I had a very stubborn and painful plantar wart for 5 years which did not respond to any home treatments or over the counter treatments (acid/freeze away). With no results on my own, I decided to enlist the help of a podiatrist. The course of treatment was two fold- he zapped the wart with the pulse dye laser during one session and then 2 - 3 weeks later I came back and had the wart 'painted' with beetle venom (canthrone - from the blister beetle). In total I had 3 venom sessions and about 5 laser sessions. There was no one treatment that worked for me, however by combining the two treatments, I finally found relief. My foot wart free for over 3 years now and the skin at the wart site looks almost seamless.

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