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I thought I would try and help with these painful plantar warts they are the worst and hurt soo bad... I have had three on the bottom of my foot that was horrible.. I thought they would just go away.... but they didnt! I went to the doctor twice and had them froze, but they still wouldnt go away! i finally went to.the foot doctor he told me to buy duofilm from a drug store.. i found it at bartell drugs for 11.00. bucks.. and seriously it works really really good...believe me i was shocked!! and it doesnt burn or hurt like acv and dyct tape...they were gone in about 2 weeks!! Goodluck, i hope this works for you :)

Amber B.

I have a large plantar's wart about the size of a penny and several tiny ones (about 30) around it. The mother one, as my podiatrist calls it, I've had for about 6 years. It started out small. I ignored it hoping it would go away on it's own. It slowly got bigger over the years and about a year ago I noticed it had spread. The bottom of my foot towards the heal is just covered in plantar's warts. I tried soaking my foot in ACV but didn't really notice any results except for tingling. Then another night, I tried soaking it in peroxide for 15 minutes. Dried it off and went to bed. About 10 minutes later there were stabbing pains in my foot like little needles. Very painful and lasted about 10 minutes. I didn't try that again. Finally went to a dr. The Dr recommended lazer formaldhyde solution. It comes in a roll-on and it dries out the wart and the surrounding skin but doesn't hurt. I was impressed because the throbbing I would experience after going to bed went away almost immediately. I've noticed all of the warts seem to be getting smaller. The large one has turned very black. In the shower, I use one of those foot scrapers and it takes off the dead skin as well as layers of the warts. It's been 3 months. All of the warts are still there but seem to be shallower. I believe in another 2 months most of the small ones will be completely gone. I just wish it would work faster.


I am only submitting this after encouragement from family and friends. I had a cluster of plantar warts on the ball of my left foot for about 3 years (30 or more), I tried every remedy possible - dermatologist visits, duck tape, copper penny, vitamin E, vinegar, over the counter - you name it. I sell BeautiControl and heard about one product good for sunburns - it moisturized the skin so well the skin would heal and not peel, so a friend who got a blister doing the breast cancer 3 day had my cream with her and tried it on her blister - she said it worked and after 2 days the blister was gone. I thought, I might as well give it a shot. I began putting BeautiControl's Dermal Filling Moisture Masque on my plantar warts at night before I went to bed, then in the morning I would scrape them with a Pedi-Egg. It took 2 months and they were completely gone. I wish I had before and after pictures because your mouth would drop, but they were so disgusting I would've never wanted a photo. I am looking forward to going to the pool this summer and not trying to hide my foot! You can purchase this product from any BC Consultant. I can't link my webpage but you can search for Dionitia's beautipage and it should come up. This was not painful and it didn't take long - I wish I had discovered it 3 years ago! Good luck, I know they are uncomfortable and embarrasing!


Don't bother with the very painful ACV or surgery, or burning, freezing or otherwise tormenting yourself. Smother the warts with liquid bandage like Skin Shield, New Skin, etc. Buy it in the first aid aisle of your drugstore and start painting it on. It seals the wart and suffocates it without any pain at all. Super easy and effective.


I've had a pretty small plantar wart on the ball of my foot, right below my big toe, for somewhere between 2 and 4 years now. About 6 months ago, I started the Apple Cider Vinegar home remedy treatment and within about 2 weeks saw amazing results. My wart was gone! Sadly though, since I didn't continue treatment even after the wart was gona to completely kill the virus, it came back. On the bright side, it wasn't nearly as big. It only came back as approximately 10 black specks in the same spot with the raised skin and all. As of tonight I'm starting the treatment again, and I'm hoping to kill the wart again, but this time keep it gone. To treat my wart, this is what I do:
1) I start off by cleaning all of the tools I use such as tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle cutters, and a nail file, by soaking a cotton ball with alcohol and rubbing all of them down very well. Then I wash my hands and my foot (or the area with the wart) to make sure everything is disinfected.
2) Then, I file the area down with a nail file until it is smooth and not raised anymore.
3) Next, I clip off any dead skin surrounding the wart and dig out anything I can.
4) After that, I soak a cotton ball in ACV if I'm wearing it at night (without any shoes) and tape it in place with medical tape. If its daytime, I soak the end of a q-tip in the ACV and hold it on place with a bandaid when I'll be wearing shoes. I always make sure to squeeze out the extra liquid so it doesn't stop the tape/bandaid from sticking and so it doesn't get all over my foot. I try to wear the treatment as much as possible. At night, I always wear a sock to make sure it doesn't come off.
I hope my remedy helped someone in some way. If ACV is going to work for you, you will see results approximately 30-45 minutes after applying the first treatment. Good luck to everyone out there :)


I've read 3 pages of comments and I decided to go with the ACV method. I just applied it about 30 min ago, so far not much discomfort. (I've tried compound w and other store bought wart removals and none worked). I've had one plantar wart for over a year and since then I've gotten about 5 more. So ready for it to be gone. I'm thinking about combining ACV, clear fingernail polish and maybe even the bleach.


I have also been trying store bought wart treatments using salyic acid. Without seeing much progress after a month or so I came to this site. One week ago I started the acv treatment many mentioned and today I noticed the black spots. Yes, there's been some throbbing or occasional ping of sharp pain, but nothing like the consistent pain of walking on the wart prior to acv. I'm able to sleep and walk with the acv and bandaid applied with no increased pain. So happy I learned of acv before going to the Dr and possibly having it frozen.


I had a very painful Planter's Wart on my right foot for about a year. Then I had a corn develop on the left foot. Both were very painful but I just kept putting up with it. Then I had warts develop on both thumbs! One hot summer night we spent about an hour sitting
in our neighbors pool. He had just super-chlorinated as he was having some
problems with it. The next day all my warts and the corn started to dry up and within 2 weeks were gone! A little while after that my daughter noticed
3 Planter's Warts starting on her foot.
She soaked them only a couple of times
in a foot bath with only about a capfull of bleach. They all went away soon after that.

Jacob Meyer

Hey.. I had these warts on the bottom of my toes on my left foot.. well toes then the foot for like 1-2 years... tried everyhitng the garlic.. nothing.. ducttape.. noithing even banana peel... nothing.. So I read about aloe vera but iut has to be the female plant... for some reason.. as I am in tucson az its growing outside my house.. So I chose the female and just kept applying it, and it finally killed them took about a month and a half but not only did it kill the center but no painful burns cuts or rememdies by paying a doctor so much money...!!!!! don't do it!!!!! JUST USE ALOE VERA CUT IN IN HALF LIKE A LEMON, AND APPLY THE GOOEY PART ON THE WART. TAPE IT ON IT YOU HAVE TO... JUST KEEP APPLYING IT AS IT WILL DRY FAST.. THE SLIME AND THE SLIMIER THE BETTER... HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!


Apple Cider Vinegar has been working well for me. I had a 'main' one and a few surrounding. It started to callous but after a few days of the ACV I was able to remove the dead surrounding skin. So far the wart just looks smaller. It hurts some but not too much. I'm nervous about this though. Is it bad to have ACV on the fresh skin underneath the callous?

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